Beautiful Mia B’s Big Cock!

Mia B is staring at you, but you don’t see that until Omar Wax runs his camera lens from her high heels and up her fabulous form to her mischievously pretty face. She takes hold of both plump, protuberant butt cheeks and squeezes them firmly. She makes them jiggle and begins lowering her one-piece, displaying her huge set of knockers on

Then she straddles the sofa, wiggles a bit more and lowers the garment down her thighs. This is a killer tease because you don’t catch a glimpse of the low-hanging goodies between her thunder thighs until about 4 minutes in. She’s standing again but she’s back on the couch again with her bare bottom facing you as she discards the Baewatch swimsuit.

About halfway into the scene, Mia gets a tight zoom while bent over. It’s all there for the taking and she lays on her side for a few moments with her cock poking out from between her thighs. Then she sits up facing you and makes her dick harden. Another tight zoom shows Mia stroking her cock with her magnificent mams in the frame. She’s jerking off with her cock head pointing toward the ceiling. Her cock seems massive when it’s directly in front of your face.

Next, Mia beats off in a wide angle profile view and the sounds of her oil-slicked pumping hand are clearly audible. Then she’s in full frontal fap mode again, this time captured from head to toe in the frame. I don’t hear any porn playing in the background and Mia doesn’t seem to be looking at anything in particular. I’m thinking she’s simply turned on by the thought of fans seeing her masturbating once again.

Whatever the case may be, she’s aroused to the point of no return as far as holding out goes. Mia explodes in orgasm and thick rivulets of creamy cum pour across her stroking hand. She has the most interesting technique that doesn’t require great speed – just firm, steady stroking until she reaches her climax.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on
You can Watch the Free Trailer on

Black TGirls Model of the Month April Mia B

The absolutely ravishing Mia B of Texas made her Black TGirls debut last month in an explosive hardcore set with Soldier Boi. She was so stunning and fresh, I wondered why I didn’t recognize her from anywhere. As it turns out, her first solo set went up after her hardcore scene getting railed. Mia also earned the fully deserved title of Model of the Month award for April of 2016. This time around her photographer Omar Wax films Mia floating the stairs wearing all red, a bra and panty set and a short satin robe. She turns to give you a view of her heart-shaped bottom and adjusts her panty to accentuate its fullness. Mia loses the robe and bra to reveal her lovely hormone breasts. When Mr. Wax zooms in, you can make out the outline of her cock through her slightly sheer panties. She rubs her bulge with both hands and then teases by not showing all of her goodies just yet. Another butt show follows, proceeded by the reveal of her expanding erection. She shifts her hips to make it swing this way and that. Then Mia sits on the steps to remove her panties. She moves through a variety of tantalizing poses and when she stands up again, her hardon stands straight out from her luscious loins. Enter Black TGirls and Download or Stream this gorgeous Grooby newbie.