TGirls.Porn: Demi The Human & Lily Demure

Description: Oh my, looks like someone dropped a cute bomb in here! ADORABLE duo Demi The Human & Lily Demure are two friends with serious benefits, bringing the heat and rocking your world in a smoldering fuck scene brought to us by Grooby maestro Radius Dark. They don’t get much better than this…..strap in!

I just raved about Demi on May 19th about “Grooby Girls Meet Demi The Human” and producer Radius Dark mentioned that Lily Demure turned him on to Demi. Before this explosive TGirls.Porn scene, I’d seen both models individually on my favorite webcam site on and

I never thought I’d see them in a professional studio video and photo set with the production values of TGirls.Porn. Seeing the best trans porn stars live and in the studio are two totally different types of experiences.

There’s no plot set up when this video begins. Demi and Lily are in lingerie kneeling on a bed and Lily has a hardon emerging from her thighs. The girls proceed with mutual breast admiration and Lily gives Demi a blowjob.

Mr. Dark shoots this footage in profile and POV formats. Lily’s cock sucking is captured in the same ways. She’s got some serious skills at it too! Now lit’s get down to the fucking.

Demi is a total bottom in this scene and she slowly lowers her ass on Lily’s erection. Now Lily makes a lot of upward thrusts, but Demi hoists her butt on Lily’s dick with wild abandon! They then move from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl fucking.

You get a full sense of the way Lily drills during the doggy style sequence and she’s like a jackhammer. Lily’s missionary position fucking is more powerful yet! She keeps at it until she withdraws to spray her cum across Demi’s tummy and cock shaft.

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