Poy – Big Black Cock

After a few clips of hung Poy posing seductively and slowly jerking off, she introduces herself in English. She’s a dark-skinned Thai trans but looks nothing like an American black trans girl of African Thai either (yet that’s most likely her true ethnic origin). But she does have an enormous dusky dick swinging beneath the hem of her red skirt.

This huge wang she’s stroking is uncut and she’s asking you to come suck it. Deep throating would not be an easy task. This scene focuses so much on Poy’s huge dick that it takes about two minutes for me to realize she has a pretty smile and nice long hair. Once she gets her skirt off, everything below her waist is bare.

She still has on a black top covering a rather large bosom. Her ass is small and curvy we see as she stands upon her bed. But we’re soon back to the focus on Poy’s schlong. Finally a few minutes into the scene, Poy bares and caresses her big boobs while her fap session continues. The head of her rod oozes copious amounts of pre-cum. Once her big tits are revealed, they’re clearly capped with cute little nipples. Auto focus pretty much spoils the effect of Poy’s cum shot, but apologies are made. I’m willing to forgive LadyboyCrush.com because there’s a huge archive of content.

Plus, this site is part of the LadyboyGold.com network. That means full access to a truly astounding amount of Thai trans content. By the way, the easiest way to browse what the full network has to offer is to run through LadyboyTube.com!

Amy In: Pretty Eyes Black Babydoll Bareback

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There’s something bizarre to me about this Ladyboys Fucked Bareback update but I love it. The photo set is good but the video is incredible. When I saw Amy’s pictures I had a feeling this would be my determination after watching the full-length scene. She looks exquisite from head to toe with one natural breast in her hand and the head of her cock peeping through the sheer fabric of her babydoll. I could do without the blue contacts but I fully understand the East meets West appeal. With or without them it’s plain to see that this model is absolutely gorgeous!

Sample Photo Gallery

She pulls her rather long and rapidly stiffening uncut cock from her panties and strokes it firmly. It’s quite a mouthful with a slightly downward curve. She has smooth looking legs and dainty feet and when she sits back into the sofa, her little pucker is clearly visible. I notice a spot of pre-cum on her thigh as she masturbates intently and I know she’s horny as fuck! Her pecker is getting even more stiff beneath her flat pierced tummy. Aside from her luxurious long hair, her nipples, cock and balls are her darkest parts.


Between about the 4th and 5th minute, it’s obvious that something has captured Amy’s attention. I know it’s a nice male cock about to enter the frame and I’m anxious to see how Amy handles it. Although the male model remains private, I know that cock so well it’s as if I’ve sucked it myself. It’s quite thick but Amy manages to suck that erection to the base.


After a long and intense blowjob, Amy and her partner rub their stiff cocks together. Soon afterward he’s fucking her bareback in the missionary position! Amy strokes her big tool until she shoots a big load of creamy white cum but this torrid ladyboysfuckedbareback.com railing is far from finished yet. The stud pulls out his hard cock as they switch positions from missionary to doggy-style. The POV cock then continues to fuck her until he pulls out and cums all over Amy’s sweet ass. This update is yet another ladyboygold.com network scorcher.


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Double Creampie Threeway: Jonelle Brooks, Kartoon

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Double Creampie Threeway is a scorching hot bareback video and photo set on ladyboygold.com! I don’t really get it when people think that Jonelle Brooks of Native-American and Hungarian heritage is Asian or Latinx, but then again, she did relocate to Thailand to teach kids English and to prepare to wed her longtime love, Trevor. Then it makes sense, especially for newer fans of this porn icon. If you’re like me however, you’ve seen them on jonellebrooks.com a gazillion times in hardcore action and know something a thing or two history and exciting lives.

Sample Photo Gallery 

Kartoon’s tight ass is loaded up with two creampies during this hot TS and POV threesome! The scene opens with Kartoon posing and stroking solo before she’s sucking girl cock and guy cock. She moves back and forth, slurping on one while her hand strokes the other. Next both trans girls please the POV orally. Kartoon is laid back and her backdoor is lubed up. The POV is first inside Kartoon. With her snug butt is stuffed with dick Kartoon licks on Jonelle’s nipples. With her backdoor stretched, it’s now Jonelle’s turn. She jackhammers into Kartoon, giving a world class fucking. The POV brings his cock to Kartoon’s mouth completing the spit-roasting. Plenty of gapes and ass-to-mouths as the couple takes turns fucking Kartoon. All the attention brings Kartoon to ecstasy. Kartoon’s cock is stroked, and she sperms all over herself while being barebacked. As she orgasms, Kartoon’s rosebud winks open and both Jonelle and the POV unload inside of Kartoon’s willing opening. The sperm is pushed inside Kartoon giving a proper breeding. What I especially love about this scene is the rare sight of her fucking another trans girl silly. Kartoon is not just another Thai model out there trying to make it. The 5’7″ (170cm), 132 lbs (60kg), 36A-28-36 star from Pattaya with her 6.5 inch cock and tight body is a major That trans model. Also check out the updates on ladyboytube.com.


Benzey – Oiled Cock and Jizz Mouthful & A Threesome

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The lucky producer who fucks beautiful Benzy twice on ladyboyvice.com says, “The previous times I spent time with Benzey were good enough for me to give her another buzz. She was the first ladyboy on my to do list and she didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t have imagined a warmer welcome back to this country. She reminded me of what I had been missing and I knew right then that my time here would be too short. Benzey’s sweet demeanor almost made me feel guilty when I saw her face twitch when I pushed too hard too quickly. I wanted to glaze her face in the end and hurt her cute puppy eyes with my sperm. The guilt trip made me hold back and go for a bit more controlled creaming of mouth and her cock which she was stroking for me. Something tells me I’m not done with her.” I’m not done with the incredible bareback scenes on this site and keep going back for more. As promised, he brought Benzy back to follow up Oiled Cock and Jizz Mouthful with her hot friend Aisha in Two Ladyboy Blowjob! He says about this video, “I was feeling particularly evil horny after I got drunk at a bar. Thought I was in for a nice long night with this cute girl I had been buying drinks, but when the time came to move on the next stage it turned out we both had very different intentions and I ended up empty handed. So I rang Benzey and told her about my appetite. She suggested she’d bring a friend and I agreed. Once they showed up I felt intimidated, Benzey is already a strong tall girl, but her friend Aisha was plain big with a fat cock. Whereas usually I slap the cuffs on to turn me on, this time I did it for my own protection just to make sure they wouldn’t attack me. Watch them suck my cock in a double blowjob!” It’s hard to say which scene I like better with the BDSM content of the solo with Benzy and the hardcore lesbian content in the second video. Luckily I don’t have to choose, nor do you! Stream or download on ladyboyvice.com and don’t forget to check out more trailers on ladyboytube.com which is also part of the ladyboygold.com network!

MP4 Trailers

Emmy POV in The Garden

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21 year old Emmy is a 5’8″ (173 cm), 121 lbs (55 kg), 34D-26-34 cabaret dancer with follow-up performance to a debut hardcore scene I loved on Ladyboy Gold. The official description makes things seem more lewd than the actually scene is. It’s not like I’ve never seen a hot girl with a 6.5″ cock pee before. What I loved about this scene is for one is the solo build-up before her partner arrives in the outdoor setting. Petite Emmy looks adorable with her big knockers busting out of her summer dress. Going commando today, she sits on a bench to expose her flaccid cock and smooth ball sack. When she masturbates to erection, the head of her in-cut cock looks as smooth as glass. I’ve never seen a more flawless ass and Emmy has a really nice set of legs, too. After about 4 minutes when she kneels down in the grass, I know that another cock is going to enter the frame. Emmy makes a great POV display of sucking the man’s short yet thick spike. Then she moves to another area of the garden to pee. Her man has been jerking off watching Emmy pee and is ready to cum. Emmy bends over with her perfect ass in the air and the The POV dude shoots his load, spraying directly at Emmy’s darling rosebud. The creampie concludes this outdoor episode. Another great thing is that Ladyboy Gold is a network that comes with more terrific sites including Ladyboy Tube which seems to be adding more trans niches as time goes by.

Many & Nenynan – Schoolgirl Bareback Threesome

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With 13 Ladyboy Gold network performances under her belt, 22 year old, 5’6″ (167 cm), 121 lbs (55 kg), 32A-26-33, 6″ redhead Many’s body is all natural and her body is slender, which makes her cock look even bigger and more scrumptious as it swings between her thighs. Many loves to eat cum. The taste of salty seed on her tongue drives Many wild with lust. 20 year old 5’5″ (165 cm), 99 lbs (45 kg), 30A-24-30, 6″ short-haired brunette Nenynan is one of the tiniest femboys on the Ladyboy Gold network. Her body is gorgeous with a clear complexion and her cock is an amazing cum-rocket – oversize for her petite frame.

This is the stuff dreams are made of – two waif femboy schoolgirls, both drilled bareback, ending with a big load of spunk in both their mouths! Many and her girlfriend Nenynan are in bed, with no panties under their ultra sexy gogo schoolgirl outfits. First enjoy them putting on a show teasing you with. Both girls suck each other’s stiff cocks and Many and Nenynan also take turns servicing the POV cock provided by Christian XXX of Pure-TS. They alternate with one’s mouth on the tip and the other mouth lapping the underside of the balls. The girls are falling in cock-lust and want to be fucked together. Many and Nenynan bend over doggystyle on the bed. Their miniskirts above their waists and little butts are ripe and ready. Nenynan gets first try, her delicate hole fully stretched by the bareback intruder. Many waits in anticipation for her turn to ride which is soon to come. The cock slides out of Nenynan and into Many. Next the girls take turns being fucked missionary style with their diminutive slim legs, clad in fishnet stockings, high in the air. Both girls are gaping and stretched to their limit. When one girl is fucked, the other girl nibbles on her girlfriend’s cock. The girls take turns sucking the POV dick together then take turns riding cowgirl. Tiny girl titties and hard cocks bounce everywhere as the girls impale themselves. They’re both well fucked and ready to cum. The girls get into a jerkoff contest together taking aim for the POV cock. Many is first to cum, stringy ropes of her cum all over the cock. Nenynan cums after and it’s an impressive load for such a little girl. Multiple ropes of cum paint the POV’s dick. It’s time to feed the girls and both open their mouths for the POV cumshot. It’s a huge load and after the POV cock finishes both girls mouths are a mess of gooey white jizz. For more previews, visit Ladyboy Tube.

Noon in Bottom and Top on Ladyboy Vice

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The prolific Ladyboy Vice tourist recently said, “The first time I was in Pattaya, I honestly had no idea what a ladyboy was, I was new to Thai girls, I wasn’t really familiar with boys who look like girls. One night I was not drunker than normal, but drunk all the same and was approached by Noon, a big confident woman I thought, so after making out and going back to my room, I was confused by what she said when she asked if it was ok she was a ladyboy and if she could fuck me. I’ll spare you all the in betweens, but we ended up having her tie my hands behind my back and raping me bareback because that is the only way we could pretend it was involuntary and it wouldn’t be my fault if I had sex with a ladyboy. Horny as I was, I let her have her way, and she made me an animal. Look what she turned me into, I’m making ladyboy porn now because of her. When I finally bumped into her again about six years later, I made sure there would be no goodbyes before her and I made a video to share with the world her amazing cock and unparalleled sex drive.” Well, I’m not going to spare you all the in betweens like he did. Whatever the tourist did to Noon before the video began had her huge cock raging hard. Perhaps just seeing him naked and making himself just as hard did it to her. The anticipation of being fucked hard soon could have done it for Noon. She stayed erect and kept playing with herself the entire time the man fucked her bareback. Noon’s climax produced what might be the biggest trans cumshot I’ve seen in 2016. Shortly after the first half of the scene, Noon had her long-time “friend” on his hands and knees ready to get railed. I’d have thought she’d have been done for the shoot, but it’s an incredibly nice tourist ass she’s about to penetrate and creampie. Ladyboy Noon Bottom and Top could be my favorite Ladyboy Vice scene to date. Unlock your pass to ten exclusive Ladyboy Gold Network websites including Ladyboy Tube.

Nutty on Ladyboy Tube

Since I already downloaded the full-length 9:24 minute video “Nutty Schoolgirl Fap” from Ladyboy Gold, I went to see if there was any promo material to share with you. Unfortunately there’s none up yet since it’s too new. But the good news is that you can watch a 6 minute video preview of the scene on the landing page of Ladyboy Tube! When you get there, you might be astounded by the amount of and variety of movie content there. You”ll find both professional models and amateurs in categories outside of the Kathoey range you might have expected. Back to Nutty though, she’s a 5’7″ (172 cm) cutie pie with an adorable femoby look. But Nutty is a full-time transsexual on hormones. Her small breasts are lactating. There’s just not much fatty tissue because her transition is so recent and she’s so lean. Nutty has a spectacular 6″ (15.2 cm) uncut cock that she strokes furiously while obviously watching porn. There’s no big, explosive cumshot, but a nice stream of clear juice flows from her pretty dick before the video fades out. Watch the Nutty video preview on Ladyboy Tube and I highly recommend that you join the network.

TS Raw: Fernanda Diaz in Pink Bikini Bareback Ride

The Ladyboy Gold network features at least 8 brand new exclusive updates per week. One of those updates is from one of my favorite new websites, TS Raw. Fernanda Diaz aka Fernanda Cristine was born in São José dos Campos, Brazil and currently resides in Rio de Janeiro. She’s one of my favorite performers and she has a most perverted new photo set and hardcore video on TS Raw. Fernanda pees when the video opens, but soon she’s posing on the bed and stripping out of her pink bikini. Some mystery man fondles her big tits while she undresses. Fernanda bends over teasingly, exposing her round curvy ass to the lucky stranger. She gets an instant erection from his finger slipping inside her. Fernanda gets her big cock stroked as she writhes and gyrates on her knees. Then the man’s big stiff dick appears before her smiling face. Fernanda’s prick points up from her loins as she performs an aggressive blowjob and handjob. Next, she hovers over the guy to rub their stiff pricks together. She’s more hung than her partner Raj, but that’s often the case when Fernada stars in a hardcore scene. In less than the midway point, the man gets to fuck one of the most remarkable asses I’ve ever seen in porn bareback. It’s a wild doggystyle ride that evolves into the reverse cowgirl position with a full-frontal view of Fernanda’s big breasts bouncing and her huge, hard cock flopping around all over the place. She switches into cowgirl so we can see her amazing ass getting pounded again. Then she stares at us directly as she gets banged side saddle. Now she’s getting railed completely nude while stroking her large boner. The view of Fernada squeezing her dick between her tanned thighs while getting fucked is just insane! She’s on her other side for the next side saddle ride beating off until she cums, blasting a creamy white load of cum across her tight tummy. Raj shoots his spunk across Fernanda’s big breasts. Don’t miss this torrid scene on TS Raw! You can also find “Pink Bikini Bareback Ride” on Ladyboy Tube which is part of the Ladyboy Gold network.

Yoko on Ladyboy Gold

“Ball Tie Sperm Release” on Ladyboy Gold starts off with 20 year old, 5’6″ (170cm), 125lbs (56kg), 34D-26-35, 5.5″ (14cm) Yoko in pigtails and in a bikini. You can watch a 3 minute Video Preview on Ladyboy Tube. But what happens after the preview ends? The scene reopens with Yoko in a sheer white negligee with a dildo and she starts sucking on it. You get a pretty good idea of her cocksucking skills before she starts jerking off again. The sheer force of her cumshot is so hot to watch you might want to play it over again. And again.