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The official synopsis reads: When you cum over, bombshell Kylie Maria is ready to give you the girlfriend experience of your life. Your sex kitten sure is sweet, but she’s got a darker side too that she wants to share. She’s wearing a completely see through, fishnet dress, and you can’t take your eyes off her humongous, perfect breasts. Then again, she’s so sexy everywhere that you can’t even decide where to look. She leads you into the kitchen to whip something up to whet your appetite. She pulls out her huge titties and starts massaging them. She bends over the counter, pushing her black thong to the side, and spreads her luscious ass cheeks apart.

Her delicious booty pokes out, and her sexy girl dick hangs down between her legs. She’s got one last treat for you, she teases, as she shakes her love stick in your face. You look up and immediately latch onto her she cock. Make sure you lick her balls too! Looking up from below on your knees, you can see everything. Her juicy hole clenches while she jerks and pumps her hips. Suddenly, your dream queen is sitting before you, with her wrists and ankles handcuffed. She desperately wants to jerk off for you, but she is all tied up! After struggling to free herself, she crawls toward you on the ground.

Face down and ass up on the floor, she pumps her big clitty in her manicured hand. She’s so turned on that she drips precum, even helping herself to a taste. Finally, she sits back at the kitchen table and squeezes out a messy orgasm for you to lick up. Bon appetit!

It’s most likely Eddie who wrote the description of the latest Kylie Maria video trailer. It’s on the “Trailers” link on the landing page of The synopsis is almost as arousing as watching Kylie and seeing her pictures! The stunning AVN Award Winner and owner of needs no room for introduction this time around.

I love the hot music that doesn’t keep running after it’s time to stop. The slow motion sequences compliment Kylie’s beauty and her full nudity is sure to do the trick at the end of this blazing hot update. If you haven’t gotten your fill of this top model yet, it’s time to get to

Shemale.XXX – Enticing Kylie Maria Returns!

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Whenever beautiful Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 winner for “Best Solo Model” Kylie Maria makes an appearance on a porn site other than her own great one, I think of it as more of a major event than just a shoot. It doesn’t matter that it seems like a gorgeous new trans star enters the adult industry every day. Kylie is the type of young megastar that creates a stir wherever she goes.

You’ve seen the trailer and now you simply must see what producer Radius Dark has done with the full-length scene and the entire photo set! This one sent a few videos on the way to my tablet into the trash bin because it raised the bar so high.

The official synopsis on Shemale.XXX reads: Dressed in hot revealing gothic swimsuit Kylie Maria certainly looks like the fierce and happy one. Getting naked she slowly reveals her assets one by one until she goes completely naked and is jacking off her throbbing cock.

Her photographer wrote in her on-site profile, “I really enjoyed working with Kylie Maria when she came down from the Philly area. Very fun and easy to work with girl, within minutes of meeting we were comfortable with each other.”

“She has great enthusiasm in front of the camera and is practically bursting with sexual energy. I’m really hoping she’ll come back soon as I have a couple guys begging to come and get freaky with her, and I’d love to get them all on camera.”

I can’t top that but I’d like to add a few horny thoughts and facts. This is Kylie’s 10th set on Shemale.XXX and her body of work also includes some killer hardcore scenes. You can get more of this stunner on and on

Don’t forget about her phenomenal official website KylieMaria.XXX!


Kylie Maria & Tyra Scott on Pure-TS

The superstars in “Superstar Snow Bunnies Crave Butt Sex” both have their own fantastic individual websites because well, they are indeed superstars. In alphabetical order, they’re and The prolific porn king Christian XXX of Pure-TS gives us the set-up on his site as “Kylie Maria and Tyra Scott are watching a movie on a cold night while Christian is asleep, of course. As they warm each other up, they start to get horny. As things heat up, they both crave cock, so they wake Christian up and he dicks them both down properly.” The chemistry between Kylie and Tyra as they cuddle and kiss is magical. When they wake Christian up, he’s not only unexpectly not grumpy, but he’s already sporting a huge boner. “It looks like somebody’s been having a good dream,” purrs Tyra while he devours her big tits. Meanwhile, Kylie grabs the base of his erection and Tyra swoops down on it face first. If you didn’t already think that this is the luckiest man in porn, wait until you see both girls sharing his massive dick. After sucking Kylie’s cock hard and getting a handjob/blowjob from Tyra, Kylie settles down on Christian’s member. Tyra spanks Kylie’s bouncing butt and plays with herself while patiently awaiting her turn to get railed bareback. If you’re hoping for more transbian action in this threesome, you’re going to get it. Tyra sucks Kylie’s stiff rod while jousting up and down on Christian’s big dick and the kissing is also an immense pleasure to watch. I don’t know how anyone who loves transsexual porn could resist joining Pure-TS to see this. This is as good as it gets.

Trans500 Kylie Maria Christmas

I don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to porn. That said, Kylie Maria Christmas on Trans500 in the I Kill It TS branch of the network cracked me up inside. It doesn’t matter which part of the site you join. You get all the content from the network with your subscription and it’s now fully downloadable. I chose the following photos from a 700+ set. Click on them for Video and sample Gallery Previews. The scene begins with Ramon giving his best friend Castro a Christmas gift. Ramon is known for humor, but I didn’t know that super cute Castro is so funny. The gift is a Santa suit that fits with Ramon’s plan to pick up girls. When Kylie saunters by, the guys follow her and introduce themselves. She finds it sweet that they’re doing something wonderful for the community as Santas and invites them home for a drink to reward them with. She changes out of the red dress and heels she looked devastating in when they met on the street. When she returns in her adorable holiday outfit, she’s amazed by the size of their cocks as the rest of the porn world is. Ramon’s monster cock is the first one she tries to suck on and he encourages her to try and take both in her mouth at the same time. Skipping forward into this 32 minute scene, I was amazed by the railing Kylie took by both ridiculously endowed men. Kylie cums pretty hard before she gets her big facial, but I imagine she must have been walking funny for days after this scene was filmed. This beauty is one of my all-time favorites in the adult industry and you really ought to check out her KylieMaria.XXX website and if you want to see her performing live, go to room=kyliemaria on Chaturbate.

Transsexual Cheerleaders #16: Kylie Maria, Chad Diamond

Scene #01 of Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 stars Kylie Maria of and prolific Chad Diamond. Chad is hilarious as usual as a coach who doesn’t want to give in to Affirmative Action pressure to admit genetic girls to his cheerleading squad for the West Hollywood Christmas Parade. But he’s so excited when Kylie lifts the hem of her jersey dress to reveal that she’s been hiding a cock underneath. It’s raging hard and the coach can’t resist leaning over to suck on it. She gets her cheerleading outfit off while getting blown. The coach beats off while sucking Kylie’s dick and develops an erection also. Kylie hops on top on him for a 69, looking absolutely gorgeous I might add, as she sucks his big schlong and tea bags his balls. Next, the coach gives his auditioning cheerleader a standing skull fuck and a tittie-fuck! Kylie plays with her boner while getting a missionary position railing next. Then he sinks his long rod in and out of her tightness in the doggy style position. This hardcore scene isn’t bareback, but I can barely see Chad’s condom until I see the closeup footage. I think you’ll be paying too much attention to Kylie’s amazing ass and hard spike to let the jimmy hat bother you. Things get a little rough when the coach pins Kylie’s wrists behind her back. He kind of chokes her a little while fucking her side saddle, but he kisses her to. It’s not BDSM, just a good hard fuck! And Kylie’s erection isn’t about to deflate during the entire scene. Her stiff cock bobs and sways this way and that during the reverse cowgirl ride and she suddenly sinks to the floor for a big facial. See more previews of Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 on Devil’s Film.

KylieMaria.XXX Toke & Stroke

Original photos of approx. 3264 x 4928 px have been reduced for this post.

Spark up! 420 represent! Kylie lights up a doobie and takes a few puffs in her new Toke & Stroke video. She offers you some, but if you don’t want it, she’ll give it to someone else. Are we still talking about weed here? I think not. What we’re talking about is the stunning hostess of KylieMaria.XXX stripping to soft music that actually makes me feel a little high. She bends ove backwards for you in this one, literally. Then she toys with her tight little rosebud while staring at you with her spectacles on. Actually she goes in pretty deep then spreads and cups her ever so ample cheeks. Got the munchies yet? How would you like to feast on Kylie’s raging hard cock to satisfy that need? She switches hands while playing with her pretty pecker. Her smooth balls are drawn up tight and her full breasts are fully exposed. Her long legs are encased in long socks the whole time. If you prefer seeing them bare, you’ll get plenty of that too on KylieMaria.XXX. This video has a slightly hazy hue, but it’s still HD crisp and clear. Don’t miss it and don’t be a bogart. I want some, too! You can also watch Kylie LIVE in room=KylieMaria on Chaturbate!

Kylie Maria and Deepdicc

I’m obviously not the only one who thought that a transsexual video on Blacks On Boys would cause major controversy. But while watching the video, the only issue I had with this porn fantasy with was that even a transsexual as hot as the hostess of can never or should ever surprise men who think we’re cisgender females. No TS on the planet should be required to tell anyone that they weren’t born genetically female unless they’re getting involved romantically or sexually with someone who doesn’t know. Aside from the plot development, this scene is absolutely on fire. Kylie Maria has been seeing Deepdicc for six months, and things are starting to get intimate. Before it actually goes down, though, Kylie needs to tell Deep something personal. Deep can’t figure out what it might be an finds out what her secret is. I didn’t see this transgender content coming from the Dogfart Network, let alone one of my favorite TS porn stars on Blacks on Boys, but I’m sure glad that I did. I like interracial porn a lot and the Dogfart Network has featured this niche since before I began watching adult entertainment videos. That’s over 20 years of IR hardcore. That said, with their huge archive of content, not all of the movies are in HD formats, but many new ones come with a Full HD option. But the other formats look pretty good too and you can still enjoy all the old content. There’s also the option to download files for mobile devices and mostly hi-res images you can save in Zip files. Interracial porn on all the network’s sites isn’t always their main focus. There are 21 straight sites (including a behind-the-scenes one) and two gay sites. Not all of them are updating and some are just rotating their content, but many still add new porn on a regular basis. You’ll be getting something new across the network multiple times a week. In the model section, most of the hot girls are white, but you’ll find plenty of gorgeous blacks chicks, Asians and Latinas, too. The biggest site is Blacks On Blondes which is one of the oldest hardcore interracial sites out there and a comprehensive look at what the Dogfart Network is all about (even if the girls aren’t just blondes anymore). The network has expanded since the launch of Blacks on Blondes to include Cuckold Sessions (white guys naked and submissive while their female partners suck and fuck black guys), Zebra Girls (interracial lesbian action), Ruth Blackwell (Ruth tries to have a black offspring, one creampie at a time) and Wife Writing (white wives get black ink all over their bodies and black dicks inside them). You have the ability to add the scenes to a special favorites section and you can also comment on them and give a rating of your own. Take the Dogfart Network Tour!

Kylie Maria in POV with Christian XXX

You can see from the first photo above how the gorgeous hostess of enters the bedroom. “I kinda wanna put that big cock in mouth,” she says and then we see it. You can see that it’s gigantic. Kylie goes about sucking it with her own dick raging between her sexy legs. She looks into your eyes often while on her knees as that’s what POV (point-of-view) videos are all about. After Kylie and the host of Pure-TS move onto the bed, she rubs her erection against his, spritzes on some lubricant and soon she’s riding the porn king’s mammoth organ bareback. Christian strokes Kylie’s boner while she rides him and her hard spike stands straight up at times and bobs around this way and that. This is a 24 minute scene so you might cum while they’re fucking in the reverse cowgirl or missionary position. But I think you’ll enjoy it more if you wait until Kylie shoots her spunk wiht her big breasts heaving before you release yours. Christian waited until Kylie climaxed before pulling out and blasting his cum on her pierced tongue. I had to reduce the original photos here because the actual sizes (approx. 2592×4068 px) are enormous!

Kylie Maria Self Facial Fun Time


Self Facial Fun Time opens with Kylie Maria lying on her back wearing just a t-shirt with her large breasts exposed. She’s wearing panties also, but they’re pulled to the side because she’s stroking her stiff cock. While moaning loudly, she jacks off furiously. I’m not giving anything away as you can see from the title and it’s shown on the video preview on There’s an brief instant replay of her climax and it’s a big finish. There’s one little detail I’m not going to mention that I found fascinating, but I’ll wait until you see it and feel free to make a comment. The only thing I didn’t get was how someone so gorgeous and sought after would have to do something so many others would have jumped at the chance to do. Oh yeah, because she’s a major porn star and her fans wanted to see this. I knew there was a good reason. There’s nothing extraordinarily narcissistic about this solo scene. It’s just a beautiful transsexual showing the range of her flexibility while masturbating until she fires a big cumshot into her mouth and across her face. There’s no corny, “Look at how sexy I am,” footage. We already know that. Kylie Maria never needs to do that sort of thing. She’s too down to earth and modest. That’s the general vibe I get while watching all of her porn. It’s quite refreshing.

Kylie Corseted on

If you haven’t been keeping up with Kylie Maria who launched her official website last year, you’ve been missing out on some primo porn. At first I was thinking “Kylie Bounce in Slow Motion” was too short. But then I watched the longer “Corseted Kylie” and to say it’s fulfilling would be a major understatement. It’s also shot in a webcam style, yet with HD quality. Between stroking her stiff cock, Kylie makes it bounce up and down with her full, blue-veined tits resting above her white corset. A piano plays in the background and it quiets down a bit so you can hear Kylie moaning while she beats off. The video ends with a nice cumshot and Kylie tastes some of her nectar. There’s a little unusual editing with repeat footage, but it’s a sweet update to follow her recent hardcore performances. My only complaint was if I were filming a performer this hot, I would have captured her full body – not just from her lovely face to her bobbing prick. Her legs are too gorgeous to leave out in my humble opinion. But when you see the photo set, there she is with an enormous set of full body images. We’re talking over 130 of them! The original dimensions of the photo below are 2407×3259 px! If you’re one of Kylie’s many die-hard fans, some of these babies make fabulous wallpapers. Take the KylieMaria.XXX tour to see more.

Kylie Maria – Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose 2

After a romantic dinner, Gabriel D’Alessandro waits for Kylie Maria to come to bed in her super sexy little thot outfit in Scene #04 of Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02. When he lifts up her tartan plaid skirt while they’re making out, her cock is raging beneath her fishnet pantyhose and he begins licking it through the black fabric. Next thing you know, he’s naked and jerking their erections together as they kiss. He stands up on the bed and Kylie gives him a jerking and a blowjob with her lovely breasts fully exposed. Kylie gets her salad tossed after Gabe tears an opening in her hosiery. She’s in the perfect position to get fucked in so we can see her incredible ass getting pounded. Next, she takes a missionary position railing and Gabe tears another hole in Kylie’s pantyhose. This way he can stroke her hard dick while fucking her. Kylie’s tits bob and sway all over the place as she moans and whimpers. I don’t want to give too much away, but this is one of the best performances from the veteran male star and the hostess of KYLIEMARIA.XXX! Between TsDreamland and CaramelsTGirls, I’ve given my input about every scene of Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02 from Devil’s Film. I guess you can say I really liked it! 500+ hi-res photos compliment the Tranny Pros video.

Kylie Maria, Holly Parker and Christian

Here are 7 original size photos from the 190+ image set on KylieMaria.XXX that accompanies the 29 minute “Schoolgirls Kylie & Holly Will Do Anything For An A” video. Professor Christian XXX of Pure-TS has Kylie Maria under his desk sucking his huge cock while unsuspecting Holly of begs for a big bump from her current GPA. It’s one of the best threesomes online and I highly recommend that you check it out. “I’m so excited, I’ve finally got my own place where I can interact with all my fans!” said Kylie Maria in December, 2014. “In addition to all the great content I have planned, I also will available to answer questions from fans and keep you up to date on my life in the porn industry with the kind of personal perspective you won’t find on other mega porn sites.”You can watch the Video Preview and more on KylieMaria.XXX now!

Kylie Maria Returns To Shemale Yum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native Kylie Maria, with her girl-next-door looks and sweet disposition, is one of my all-time TS performers and cam models and she’s relatively new to the adult industry.

This beautiful Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native once said, “I like all types of guys, main thing is that I have to click with a guys personality. I like when it feels like we are best friends more than boyfriend, girlfriend. There’s a lot of personality traits that attract me and not every guy has every one I like all wrapped in one. Most important is you have to be chill and funny and joke around with me.” This beautiful Shemale Yum ginger is also a bottom, guys. 😉 See for yourself on!

Transsexual Babysitters #26 DVD

The time-tested classic cheerleader porn theme has worked successfully with hot young genetic females time and time again. In 2006, Devil’s Film decided they could produce a great film featuring stunning transsexuals. The rest is history. The 2013 AEBN VOD Award winning “Best Transsexual Series” continues with Transsexual Babysitters #26 featuring Riley Quinn, Kyle Maria, Penny Tyler, Mia Davina, Spencer Fox, Smith and Christian XXX! Here are some sample photo galleries in the order of scenes (not including the behind the scenes bonus featuring Amy Daly):

Transsexual Babysitters #26 is available now for download and streaming! Watch the trailers.