VRBtrans – Kimber Fully Exposed

Kimber Lee is so hot, am I right? She’s actually one of the hottest TS VR Porn stars in the business and, let’s be fair, we’ve all dreamt to fuck her one day. Her full lips are LEGENDARY both with and without the cock between them, her boobs are pretty epic, doesn’t matter if she’s or she’s not wearing some sexy bra and I wish I knew how to make your ass so soft and firm like hers. She’s one of these girls who’s joined the VR Porn business from the love for fucking, and not just to make shitload of money. She’s horny 24/7 and if you’re lucky enough to have her around when she’s in the mood, you can surely count on some blowjob, handjob or maybe even anal, if can behave and will please this sexy mistress. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the modern technology and Transsexual Virtual Reality Porn, you don’t need any luck to check her out anymore, since she’s finally became fully exposed in front of the VR Bangers Trans’ camera!

Solo masturbation scenes are the most popular ones among our fans, since even though all the TS VR Porn is very intimate and immersive, these ones make you feel like you’ve really been there even more! It’s just you, sexy actress and a camera lens between you, but it’s very easy to forget about it when you’re wearing some VR Goggles like Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR, Daydream or a smartphone with Google Cardboard headset. Furthermore, thanks to the realistic head tracking technology, you can now check her out from every angle, and our immersive binaural sound will make you hear her moans and groans better than ever before – no matter if you’re online or offline, since you can always download our true 360°/180° stereoscopic virtual reality 3D videos in 4K resolution for later!

In the newest VRBtrans.com scene with Kimber Lee, we’ve crossed some boundaries of intimacy, allowing the girl to blossom like a flower and to show herself from the best possible side. When talking about such a pro like Kimber Lee, you know you can expect a lot from her, and that today both you and her will cum with the hot load, maybe even more than once. In the movie, even though she’s not wearing any clothes for too long, she’s prepared some sexy black lingerie to spice things up – damn, this girl surely knows how much you want her and will not hesitate to use this knowledge to get the control over your dick. She’s aware that you’re thinking of her right now, with your rod in your hand, and she’s only wondering how much more does she have to show you, to make you cum with your jizz.

So how’s it gonna be? Both we and Kimber know that you’re here to have some fun with her. Don’t make her wait any longer and watch the newest VRBtrans.com’s Virtual Reality Porn scene and visit the official site of this Bavarian superstar on TS-Kimberlee.com!

TransAngels: Dinner Party Delight

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Kimberlee’s husband is as boring as she is hot, and tonight’s hired help, Damien Stone, is a buff stud with a huge cock. While he’s whipping up some cream in the kitchen, Kimberlee throws caution to the wind and starts sucking Damien’s cock just feet from her husband and his friends! Damien drops to his knees to get a taste of this busty housewife’s t-girl dick before bending her over the kitchen counter for some deep anal pounding. After making sure to lick up every drop of Damien’s cum off her big tits, Kimberly treats her husband’s friends to some fresh cream, in the nude!

How’s that for a TransAngels.com description? It sounds pretty much perfect to me. As if I needed more reason to check out this update for myself. Here we go again with the high productions this site has become well known for. Producer/Director pulled out all the stops for gorgeous Kimberlee and handsome Damien with a cinematic set-up and a plot that’s really not so far-fetched. Would it really be beyond the realm of possibility for a chef to fall in lust with a fox like Kimberlee.

Not only do these actors not embarrass themselves, they’re really quite good in their performances. The one thing I find ironic about that is as a huge fan of TS-Kimberlee.com who never missed and update, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her talents this deeply explored. Don’t get me wrong, she’s always animated in her scenes and there are plot-driven scenes there. This TransAngels.com scenario is more fleshed out like a special feature film. That’s because it pretty much is one!

Now about the sex. It’s fantastic as it always is with Kimberlee. But Damien is who I’m impressed with for the first time. Damien is a Bay Area male dancer new to trans porn and he’s the perfect beefy, masculine counterpart to Kimberlee’s soft femininity. As far as TransAngels.com porn and ALL the new porn in the year 2018, this scene is amongst the best of the best.

TS Kimber Lee: Kimberlee and Eric

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The Bavarian beauty Kimberlee makes a killer hardcore scene with my personal favorite TGirls Network male model ever. I don’t even normally find buff guys to be my type. I’m more into twinks and femboys and this man is one of the exceptions to that rule. He’s build like a 300 film CGI character come to life. When you put that together with the petite yet busty frame of the gorgeous model behind TS-Kimberlee.com, what you have is a dual display of anatomical excellence! “Baby, are you sleeping?” Kimberly asks the man in bed she spent the night with. She hops on the bed in a matching bra and panty set and tall pumps playfully and the man begins to stir.

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Kimberlee gives us a conspiratory signal to be quiet as she awakens him. Her pretty face and full breasts are a pleasure to see and fondle as he gets his bearings. Kimberlee throws back the sheets and the Adonis is sporting a big morning erection. Kimberlee says good morning to the cock also and gives it a few firm shakes. After getting some help in removing her bra, Kimberlee kicks off her shoes and stretches out to give the stud a blowjob. Kimberlee’s full lips look like they were simply made for sucking cock. She also uses her small hand to pump the thick shaft and then she takes a brief break to remove her panties.

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If you haven’t read any of my numerous raves about her or visited TS-Kimberlee.com, you might not know that she’s tremendously well hung. Once she’s gloriously nude, her cock begins to swell. Finally the man’s red condom-sheathed prick is easing inside her from behind. Doggystyle sex follows a side saddle railing. It’s a rough ride but Kimberlee manages to jack her hips back hard against the big man’s powerful lunges!


The another position change follows and Kimberlee ride’s her lover’s dick with her own big sex organ slapping against his abs. Kimberlee also gets fucked in the missionary position. There was no way I was going to miss this super sexy update!


TS Kimber Lee: Cum On The Couch

MP4 Trailer

Sometimes I spell one of the world’s sexiest trans model’s name Kimber Lee and Kimberlee at other times. I just do whatever it takes to get my friends to witness all the updates on TS-Kimberlee. I love the two new Pink Door 2 and Cum On The Couch updates, but I find that the later is slightly hotter – just slightly! Perhaps it’s because Coco Cola an iconic symbol and also because she looks phenomenal in red.

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This solo masturbation scene involves Kimberlee stripping to a cool soundtrack in a sparsely yet tastefully living room area. Everything about the Bavarian beauty is petite except for her tits and dick. The first sequence is breast exposure and caressing. Kimberlee is standing when she pops the snaps loose on the lower panel of her swimsuit to let her cock and balls spill out. The couch is really a chair but who cares about details in cases like these? Kimberlee keeps you distracted from titles to stroke her massive prick furiously!

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She pauses to present her lovely bottom and proceeds with a finger banging show. Kimberly is a notoriously heavy cummer and she strikes again her with her artillery by shooting a big bead of creamy white cum. She rubs out the rest of her nectar slowly and some of it gets on her swimsuit and one of her bare feet. Kimberlee uses her left hand to scoop up some of her cream for a taste and a bit of it spills across her bosom.

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KimberLee & Trevor

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I couldn’t resist throwing in a scene trailer of beautiful Bavarian KimberLee stroking her massive member in that Sexy Suit update. But today’s focus is on her latest hardcore scene with handsome Trevor Brooks. You may have seen them in the amazing performance, “The Red Light” from January 2017. Their sucking and fucking in that torrid scene was so nice, we wanted to see it twice – but in an all new setting. KimberLee gives Trevor a call to get more of what she got their first time while wearing see-through lingerie and a mischievous look on her face. “Did you like my big clit last time,” she asks once he’s inside her place. From what I remember he absolutely loved it! After kissing her full lips, he moves downward to devour her big breasts. Trevor’s big cock is semi-erect when KimberLee withdraws it from his jeans. A good sucking makes it raging hard. There’s POV footage of this blowjob also that frame KimberLee’s lovely face wonderfully. When she rises, Kimberly helps her shed all of her clothing and she perches her hot body on a table. It might as well be the dinners table with KimberLee’s sexy bottom as the main coarse. A bit later, Kimberlee props an ankle on Trevor’s shoulder and gets a tremendous railing while laying back on the table. She gets fucked doggy style also while standing! I’ll let you see how this all plays out on ts-kimberlee.com with something to think about. If the name Brooks sounds familiar to you or the sexy stud that KimberLee gets pounded by, he shares his last name and several torrid hardcore scenes with another hot star on the tgirl-network. That’s something to consider when you subscribe.

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TS KimberLee

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TS-Kimberlee looks exquisite entering the bathing area naked and alone. She tests the water and slips into the tub. Kimbelee’s full breasts are exposed above the sudsy water as she runs her hands across her body. She stands up to dry herself off with a thirsty towel and emerges from the tub. Then she steps into a skimpy panty and fastens on a brassiere. Kimberlee enters the bedroom next and kisses Mark who’s sleeping in the bed. He’s wearing briefs and his bulge swells as she rubs his bulge. Mark’s cock is raging hard soon after Kimberlee begins giving him a blowjob. See makes an exemplary show of cock sucking and when Mark awakens, he helps Kimberlee remove her bra. They kiss passionatley and she goes back to sucking his big dick. Then she lies back on the bed to remove her panties. She resumes sucking him and soon she’s on her hands and knees on the bed. I can’t remember Kimberlee ever taking such a hard pounding. While fucking in the missionary position, Kimberlee strokes her big hard cock and Mark takes time to help with that while railing her. There’s reverse cowgirl riding and more doggy ramming. But if you are the jealous type, you might prefer seeing Kimberlee’s “Wall” solo masturbation scene first. This model is so gorgeous, you might actually feel physical pain while watching her in motion. On top of being painfully pretty, she’s also hung like nobody’s business. All of the action in the wall video displays Kimberlee masturbation on a beige leather chaise. Once she’s fully aroused, she makes her big dance within three minutes of this scene in a way that I would have thought impossible. It happens again in tight closeup footage about two miuntes later. I noticed she’s a lefty when she jerked her erection frantically until warm jets of creamy white cum exploded from her swollen cockhead. Upon first sight long ago, I assumed that TS-Kimberlee might be an ice queen because she’s so goodlooking. Ever since, all I’ve heard from industry insiders is that she’s a really sweet girl. You can subscribe to her free-standing site or to the TGirl Network.