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Kellie’s Video Invitation

Blonde fox Kellie Shaw of Arizona was LIVE on solo last night and she was absolutely amazing! But the night before was double trouble when she had another gorgeous trans performer named Velma join her for a trans lesbian tryst. When I logged in and went to the show was already in progress. The girls were completely naked and engaged in a 69 with Kellie on top. French kissing was requested so they arranged their gorgeous bodies across from one another to make out. There was lots of tongue – these chicks were totally sucking face like true girlfriends! I love TS/Male shows but TS/TS hotness is quicker to make my she-cock hard as a brick! The kissing did the same for the girls who began slapping their big erections together.

The fan participation was off the chain and Kellie announced how many tips needed to roll in to make them cum. Velma gave Kellie a tittie-fuck which was heavily lubricated. She then sucked Kellie’s big boobs and something unexpected happened next. At least I didn’t see it coming. There was mention that Kellie would not be fucking Velma tonight. But I did not know that meant Kellie would be getting fucked. Velma tore Kellie’s fine ass up in the doggy style position!

Velma really gave it to her hard with hair pulling and deep thrusts that had Kellie’s big tits, cock and balls swinging around all over the place! Later, they engaged in frottage, one of my favorite activities. Kellie was on top for this heated dick-rubbing session She jerked off furiously when Kellie decided to jerk off with a huge dildo! We got to see Velma suck Kellie off to a violently shuddering orgasm. Then Kellie returned the favor and Kellie shows us all the cum she trapped inside her mouth! Like I said, Kellie on her own is seriously amazing. When she has a hot and horny guest like Velma with her, it’s extra hot!

Grooby Girls: Cumshot Monday: Kellie Shaw!

Description: Another “Cumshot Monday” episode is here and it stars gorgeous Kellie Shaw in her Grooby Girls debut scene, following a few amazing scenes she shot with Radius Dark for TGirls.XXX! Standing 6’3″ tall, Kellie has amazing long legs and a hard 7.5″ dick! Looking incredible, Kellie is horny and ready to have fun! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

Phoenix, Arizona babe who’s been featured in solo and hardcore performances on TGirls.XXX makes her debut extra special. It’s produced by Radius Dark and includes a dynamic pre-interview. Kellie considers herself a sexually free person. Public sex is one of her biggest thrills and she describes getting down on a public bus with a guy. She actually got fucked on the bus ride!

Kellie also likes group sex. Her favorite position is doggy style because it’s so primal. “Self-love has no schedule,” she says when showing us what her masturbation routine is like once again.

She uses her hands to feel herself up in the kitchen through her bra and short-shorts. Kellie then strips down to her famous designer panties and bra, then hops on the bed to describe her new tits.

She bares and plays with her big knockers and nipples and it’s obvious that they’re nice and sensitive. Another sensitive thing about Kellie is the cock slipping out of her undies. It’s an uncut tool that’s not so threatening until it stiffens.

Then it becomes a large schlong that could have you walking funny for a couple of days. But I understand Kellie is mainly a bottom. Maybe she’d let you suck the cum out of her though.

When approaching orgasm, Kellie uses one hand on her whopper that looks like it would need two! But one is all it takes to reach a loud, quivering climax with streams of cum spurting out of her huge blue-ish red cockhead!

TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Kellie Shaw

Chelsea: “Kellie was really hot, tall, and blonde with long legs. She had a huge, uncut cock that I could suck for hours. I really enjoyed sucking her and jacking her off at the same time. She got rock hard without me even touching it and stayed that way for the entire shoot. I loved how eager she was to take my load in the face.”

Kellie: “Working with Chelsea was a great change of pace. Working with men is a raw, primal experience. Working with another girl brings a level of sensuality that I don’t experience with men. My favorite part of the scene was all the foreplay, kissing, and yes, the blow jobs.”

This Tuesday’s TGirls.Porn update perfectly exemplifies why I look forward to weekly updates so intently from this incredible site. veteran Chelsea Marie gives gorgeous newbie Kellie Shaw a damn good dicking down in yet another popping production from Mr. Radius Dark.

There are few adult industry performers I’ve raved about as often as former Floridian Chelsea who now resides in Las Vegas. It’s in Phoenix, Arizona stunner Kellie Shaw to enjoy a hugely successful career in this business as well. But they’re different types of performers. For example, I knew previously that Kellie was strictly a bottom.

I know from seeing how hard her huge cock gets when she’s aroused, Kellie could top but why ask someone to go out of their comfort zone knowing what their preferences are? She doesn’t ever need to top to build a long-running, successful career in my opinion.

I love the way this update opens up with passionate kissing in lingerie. Chelsea is on top and she devours Kellie’s breasts orally when they pause from making out. Kellie returns the favor while exposing Chelsea’s cock from her panties. But Kellie is first to receive a blowjob and it’s an incredible thing to witness. As a matter of fact, Mr. Dark’s back and forth footage of the girls exchanging oral is breathtaking.

Watch The Free Trailer

We’re over 18 minutes into this explosive TGirls.Porn update before Chelsea eases her big bare erection inside Kellie’s tight ass. It’s almost a full half hour movie! Without revealing too much of the action that follows, let me just assure you that it’s astounding! If Kellie Shaw seems familiar to you and you just can’t place her, she was incredible in her debut and encore performances, hardcore scene with Mike Panic and her November 1, 2017 solo update on Shemale.XXX. Iconic Chelsea’s industry dominating scenes can be found on a plethora of websites including Frank’s T-Girl World,, and Shemale.XXX.

Mike Panic Fucks Kellie Shaw!

This is my third rave about the statuesque beauty Kellie Shaw. Check out my Introducing Kellie Shaw and Pretty Kelly Toys and Cums! if you like the way this is going so far. Her Shemale.XXX profile reads: Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.

Radius Dark presents his 3rd Kelli Shaw update and it’s a hardcore blowout with Mike Panic who completely takes advantage of topping this beautiful passive model. Before Mike actually fucks Kellie, they begin making out on the bed. They’re fully dressed and start helping each other out of their clothing. Kellie’s top and bra come off, exposing her gorgeous hormone breasts. As she lays back with Mike hovering over Kellie, her skirt rides up to expose the big bulge in her panties.

He withdraws her big uncut cock and starts jerking it firmly. Once Kellie’s long rod is fully erect Mike proceeds to give it a sucking. Then a finger banging comes with the blowjob. Mike gets his big dick out of his jeans and then Kellie eagerly takes it inside her mouth. The full body footage of this babe is amazing while she gives head. At about the midway point, Mike begins fucking Kellie in the doggystyle position!

Kellie’s yelps and moans as she gets railed are the sexiest I’ve heard in awhile. I love Mike’s aggressive hair-pulling style of fucking and Kellie obviously does too with her jerking off and her wild sounds. I love the way she stares at us once she’s flipped over. Her big dick is still hard as Mike pounds in and out of her! There’s cowgirl fucking and reverse cowgirl penetration too. Kellie is getting laid in the missionary position with a hand clasped around her slender neck – her own hand wrapped around her erection. That’s the way things are when her big dick shoots its load!

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Mike stops fucking her to taste her nectar. Kellie takes a huge facial and sucks Mike’s cock dry. This torrid Shemale.XXX update ends with passionate kissing.

Shemale.XXX – Pretty Kellie Toys And Cums!

I just had to review Introducing Kellie Shaw and that move was a good indicator that this fantastic new model would inspire me to also review Pretty Kellie Toys And Cums! which is her encore Shemale.XXX performance.

She’s standing in a tastefully decorated hotel room near the bed in a midriff-baring top, semi-sheer long skirt, black stockings and pumps looking absolutely stunning! You can see the seams of her stockings when she sits on the bed causing the hem of her skirt to ride up her long legs.

“Do you wanna see my girl cock get hard and cum for you?” she asks. Then her striptease begins. She kicks off her pumps first and performs a brief foot tease. Then she slips out of her skirt and top which leaves her only in her stockings and lingerie.

Kellie moves her panties to one side to withdraw her uncut cock. Kellie is not a grower. She has a big dick and it’s clearly evident even when flaccid that it’s going to swell to impressive proportions. Kellie strokes her prick until it’s fully erect telling us that she’s getting hard just thinking about you fucking her.

Kellie is a bottom and you’re going to be the only one doing the fucking…. always. There’s stunning footage that Radius Dark captures of Kellie baring her breasts and playing with her beautiful nipples. But her massive cock and tiny rosebud take focus when she’s masturbating pantiless.

Kelli shows how tight her ass is by fucking herself with a rather large sex toy. this self-fucking/fap session might have you wondering if you could suck the bulbous pink head of her cock while you’re fucking her!

I’m just saying. If the sight of Kellie making the cum blast out of her long and thick rod doesn’t make you shoot off, perhaps her sexy sounds of arousal already took you there. I look forward to raving about her again on Shemale.XXX!

Shemale.XXX – Introducing Kellie Shaw!

On a hot website with a proper name change on the way, Radius Dark presents the delicious eye candy of new model Kellie Shaw from Phoenix, Arizona and writes, “Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.”

While watching Kellie’s debut, I was wondering if I’d find her legs the most prime real estate of her body also. She’s wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals while seated at first so it’ll be easier to judge once she stands up.

The things I love most about her opening interview are that she loves reading and cooking. She’s had lots of public sex and doesn’t have a type. She’s open to gender and she’s addicted to anal sex. I wouldn’t have guessed by her super cute girl-next-door attire but she’s also into BDSM, specifically rope work.

Moving forward, Kellie goes into detail about a time she had sex on a bus. I’ll let you hear it from Kellie’s own pretty lips. Her breasts are all natural and one of the first results of her HRT. Kellie loves her super sensitive and super perky boobs and they’re perfection in my eyes.

I wouldn’t change a thing about her boobs or her slenderness. Any chick with a tummy that looks this cute while she’s sitting down is on the right side of physical fitness. I could go on and on about the Kellie Shaw Shemale.XXX debut but this is a gem I really want you to see and hear for yourself.

Lastly, my favorite physical traits about her are currently undecided. I’m leaning toward that shapely ass for fucking and big cock for sucking but that’s when I’m not looking at her strong, lovely legs.