TS Pussy Hunters: Kelli Lox & Wenona

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Wenona just finished up instructing a hot yoga class and she’s ready to treat herself to the best massage known in San Francisco. She hits up Kelli Lox for a Nuru massage and when she feels extra meat helping with the body on body erotic massage, Wenona gets Curious. She is shocked to see a huge cock has been rubbing on her. Wenona doesn’t waste time and gets right to sucking the cock that had been rubbed all over her feet.

She gives Kelli a foot job and blow job. In order to get really deep into the troublesome muscles, Kelli ties up Wenona in some bondage to make her muscles go against what Wenona has trained them to do. Kelli massages and fucks Wenona then puts a internal cream pie deep into her client’s succulent pussy. This is the official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis of “Nuru Creampie Bondage” with Wenona and Kelli Lox.

I’ve been a fan of Wenona beginning with her performances on Public Disgrace, Divine Bitches, Electrosluts, Hardcore Gangbang, Device Bondage, Whipped Ass, Hogtied, TS Pussy Hunters and mostly on Ultimate Surrender which often presents crossover trans content.

She’s one of the amazing cisgender Kink.com stars who first drew me into exploring the individual sites as far back as 2004 in what’s now a mind-blowing network. Including the crossover content I’ve mentioned with the wrestling site and mostly TS Pussy Hunters, I haven’t missed any of Kelli’s performances on Kink.com and there are well over a dozen! She debuted on TS Pussy Hunters about four years ago but I’ve been a major fan girl long before then.

Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki City. The technique requires one or more masseuses to rub their body against the client’s body after both parties are nude and covered with an odorless and tasteless massage lotion. The word originates from the Japanese language and means “slippery / smooth.” Nuru massages are legal in certain regions of the world outside Japan including areas in Canada, Europe and The United States which makes this theme perfect for two stars who deliver one of the most erotic TS Pussy Hunters scenes ever!

While TS Seduction is the more popular trans site in the Kink.com network, TS Pussy Hunters is the one I personally love more. TS Seduction is perfect for fans who crave transsexuals dominating masculine men. When males are involved in trans D/s, I’m more aroused when they’re feminized so Divine Bitches is actually my second fave. But back to this scene with Kelli and Wenona, this is the sort of performance that initially drew me to Kink.com porn.

The only foreseeable problem I can imagine for fans watching this is those with mild to wild foot fetishes. I think they’ll have a hard time cumming before the actual hardcore action begins. The frottage sequence is the moment that really kicks the scene into high gear for me. Although I’ll never see any figures on this, I’m predicting record numbers of fan orgasms before the bondage and bareback fucking begins with this extraordinary TS Pussy Hunters update.

Review by @tscaramel

Kelli Lox – Fantasy Trans Girl Needs To Get Sticky With You!

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis of this breathtaking performance by one of our all-time favorite adult superstars reads: Spunky play girl Kelli Lox just met you at your sister’s last night. She thinks you’re very handsome, and you’re definitely interested in her – she’s smoking hot! But when you cum over to hang out the next day, she wants to know if you know exactly what is so special about her. No, it’s not her small, perky breasts – which you love! And no, it’s not that she’s a slut – everyone knows that! When words fail, she decides to just show you.

So, she slips up her plaid mini skirt and pulls her tiny black panties to the side. When you see her luscious cock and balls, you don’t let on whether or not you’re surprised. But, you do tell her being with trans girl has also been a secret fantasy of yours.

So, she playfully asks, “What would you do if you had a girl like me all to yourself?” You tell her all the dirty things you want to do to her, and she’s definitely “up” for it.

Her lady wood grows as she encourages you to follow your desires – there’s a first time for everything! Why don’t you start by eating her ass? She bends over and spreads her cheeks for your curious tongue. You’d also like to taste her fat cock head, and you do such a good job that she feeds you her pre-cum.

You’d really like to fuck her trans girl pussy, but because your sister is her best friend, Kelli insists that you watch her fuck herself instead. So, she mounts the Joy Rider and slowly slides the huge black dildo into her tight hole. She bounces up and down on the fuck machine, and you imagine that you’re pounding away at that ass.

Rock hard, Kelli keeps herself on the edge of ecstasy before squeezing out a sticky load of jizz and feeding it to herself. I couldn’t have summarized this scene better myself and it was hard to limit the amount of images from her killer photo set. I mean, just look at her.

I saved some of the more explicit ones for you to see for yourself on shemalestrokers.com. You should really watch the latest trailers.

Kelli Lox & Francesca Le – Ultimate Surrender

“Battle of the Tough Bitches Winner Fucks Loser” marks the debuts of TS Pussy Hunters trans superstar Kelli Lox and director and porn star Francesca Le on Ultimate Surrender. This is yet another reason why I love that Kink.com is now one huge network of sites – Kink Unlimited. Our Special 30% off For Life discount makes joining hard to resist and so does an incredible scene like this one!

The official synopsis reads: Francesca Le and Kelli Lox are going to wrestle for dominance. The Winner gets to do what ever she wants to the loser. These girls put each other in brutal holds and sexually dominate one another. One winner is victorious and takes her prize. Winner brutally fucks the losers, blind folds her and makes her do what ever sex act the winner wants. Anal, Blow jobs, Face sitting…winner shows no mercy.

This is a masterpiece with Ariel X, adult fem wrestling pioneer at the helm, who has started a gofundme page to fund the launch of her own high quality production company for mixed wrestling and more. The highlights of this scene for me begin with the revelation that Francesca has been wrestling since 1991 which gets a surprised “What?!” from Kelli. Francesca has wrestled with Ariel before but not on Ultimate Surrender and this is Kelli’s first time in this branch of Kink.com also. I’m not going to tell you who wins, but no one actually loses with scenes like this in my opinion. There’s a point where the fighting gets Kelli so aroused that she develops a big erection while these gorgeous babes are going at it. In about four minutes under a half hour, the action moves from the mat to a room off the set where the sex progresses to the next level. Kelli eventually fucks Francesca with the same force that she got railed with during the strap-on sequence. As forceful as this tryst gets, these beauties slow things down occasionally for some intimacy and highly arousing kissing. The winner of this dual-site Kink.com sizzler wants a rematch and I hope to see one too!

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Kelli Lox & Robert Axel Fuck Poolside!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Kelli Lox is at Buddy Wood’s pool spritzing suntan lotion on her gorgeous legs in this Shemale Yum bareback hardcore update. Robert Axel arrives to help do her back. She tells him how cute he is and their mutual flirting leads to a kiss. Since it’s so hot outside, the handsome stud helps her out of her bikini top and reveals her gorgeous breasts. Robert starts rubbing Kelli’s bulge through her bikini bottom and the head and about an inch of her cock shaft emerge from the waistband swollen stiff. Being the gentleman he is, Robert treats Kelli to what appears to be an amazing blowjob. The last accessory Kellis has on is her sunglasses and once that article is removed, she rises to her knees with her big dick standing up and helps Robert out of his trunks. Naturally, his dusky cock is rigid and she gives it a stroking and deep sucking. She jerks the shaft firmly and teabags his balls. Robert is so appreciative, he gives Kelli a rim job and licks and sucks her cock and balls as she rests on all fours. Then he helps her get comfortable on her beach towel for a powerful missionary position bareback railing! He also pumps her hard in the doggystyle position and side saddle before giving her a reverse cowgirl fucking. Your favorite part of this scene just might be the sight of Kelli’s perfect tits jiggling while she strokes her stiff cock, close to reaching her climax. Kelli shoots her load while Robert continues thrusting beneath her! Buddy zooms in for a closeup of Kelli taking Robert’s creamy white cumshot in her mouth and thanking him for the lotion.

Watch The Free Video Trailer on shemaleyum.com
Watch The Free Video Trailer on shemaleyum.com 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Kelli Lox and Mona Wales – Great Fucking Pitch

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Video Gallery
Photo Gallery
Video Gallery

Mona Wales is trying to pitch a new reality TV show to an exec. When the exec turns down her idea, Mona gets aggressive. Aggressive with her blow jobs, ass worship, ass licking, foot worship, and anal. This is a great official set-up, but allow me to elaborate about “Great Fucking Pitch” on TS Pussy Hunters. Both superstars have been on this Kink site many times before, but never together. Mona’s pitch is for Ultimate Surrender, but Kelli isn’t sold on the concept because she thinks that women can’t wrestle well enough to make it sell. Kelli dares Mona to prove it and Mona overpowers her and forces a kiss. What follows is hot office sex including some nipple sucking, rimming and spanking from the domineering and frustrated reality show owner. Mona is excited that the executive is the total package when a stiff cock slips out of her panties. This action evolves into a CFNTS (Clothed Female Nude TS) sloppy blowjob. Could there be a market for a new tran niche? I’m just thinking outloud. It doesn’t last long and Kelli strips Mona of most of her clothng. Soon Kelli is fucking Mona in the missionary position, obeying the order to take that pussy. After moving through position changes, Kelli displays pussy eating skills that Mona seems to go absolutely nuts for. But that’s not the end of the cocksucking and Kelli proceeds to fuck Mona’s tight ass also. Both girls look incredible butt naked and Mona jacks a tremendous climax out of Kelli’s powerful cock. The facial Mona takes is stunning to watch. After all this hard fucking, they still look gorgeous while sharing a cummy kiss. In the intimate closing interview, Mona actually pitched a great plot idea for Kelli to actually make an appearance on Ultimate Surrender someday. If you’re aware that Kink does employ cross-branding with trans performers on that hot wrestling site, you already know that this could actually happen.

Kelli Lox on Pure-TS


Gorgeous Kelli Lox made Christian XXX wait for two long years? That what’s said in the opening dialogue of their torris hardcore scene on Pure-TS. Needless to say, I think it was well worth the wait. The porn king exposes Kelli’s incredible hormone boobs and when he pulls her cock out of her body-conscious sweats, it’s already almost fully erect and begging to be sucked. But begging isn’t necessary. First she’s standing while receiving her blowjob with her halter top above her breasts wearing nothing else but a tall pair of stripper platforms. The sucking continues when she sits on the sofa to return the favor. With her big, raging hard cock defying gravity between her open thighs, Kelli returns the favor. But then she starts jerking off while sucking Christian’s massive member. After a salad tossing, Christian enters Kelli in the doggystyle position. The way she moans, “Oh, you’re so big is priceless.” Don’t miss this fantastic bareback railing on Pure-TS.

Kelli Lox and Bailey Jay

The video begins with Kelli and Bailey kissing on the bed, then devouring each others lovely breasts. Both of their big dicks are withdrawn from their skimpy panties and Bailey performs the first blowjob.

Bailey lays back on the bed, gets a ticklish foot briefly kissed, and then Kelli sucks her thickness balls deep. This describes the first 4 minutes of the 17 minute transbian scene on TS Bailey Jay.

Kelli Lox on Trans500

San Francisco, California native Kelli Lox is one of the most popular TS adult entertainers under 30 which makes her a Trans500 performance performance a hardcore celebrity scene.

In the “I Kill It TS” section on Trans500, Ramon is literally clowning around again. However, there’s nothing silly about the way he forces gorgeous Kelli Lox to wolf down and ride his monster cock!

Kelli Lox on WendyWilliamsXXX.com

While in Las Vegas, gorgeous 2014 AVN and XBIZ Award nominee Kelli Lox was filmed again for WendyWilliamsXXX.com! Currently on hot Wendy’s her website, Kelli has 2 Photo Sets and 2 Solo Videos and if you are a member, you get FREE ACCESS to InterracialTGirlSex.com so you can see her other photo’s and videos over there! Kelli has 2 Photo Sets and 1 Video on there with another video coming up. Watch Kelli strip, jack off and cum!

Kelli Lox on Wendy Williams XXX