Kayla Biggs Set #19 on Black TGirls

Hailed by many as the Queen of Black-TGirls, TS superstar Kayla Biggs celebrates her NINETEENTH exclusive video and photo set. Photographer Kilakali present Kayla sitting on her bed waving to us in a skimpy string bikini. She unties the bottom and allows her cock to slip out. She takes it into her hand to start stroking it an it’s already semi-erect. Instead of removing her top right away, she just pulls the cups aside to expose her succulent looking nipples. Moments later, Kayla turns around to present a devastating view of her naked bottom. After facing us again, she removes her top completely and resumes jacking off. Kayla also sits on her knees and swings her hips to make her extra-long cock swing from side to side. Then she plays hide-and-seek with her belly button by holding the shaft of her erection against her flat tummy. Well, it’s not really flat since her body is ripped and she has a rippling set of abs. Kayla’s soft moans become louder as she beats off harder and faster. Then the nude beauty holds her left hand below her cock head as she jacks off furiously with the right one. Apparently she thought it would be rude to shoot her creamy white cum across the shoots. She allows it to ooze out of the bulbous head down her hand and shaft in her latest exquisite Black-TGirls performance.


Miss Kayla Biggs by KilaKali on Black TGirls

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You can check out a video preview of the scene I’m about to describe (hopefully not in too much detail). It’s on the January 19, 2016 update on the Black TGirls landing page. It’s a truly incredible lineup of stunners. Today I’m leading with a huge star I’ve admired since 2011. I don’t think I’ve missed a single photo and video set with Kayla Biggs and I’m not about to stop now, especially another fantastic shoot by Kilakali. She’s doing exactly what you see in the trailer and the dental floss thin strips of her bikini begin unravel about 3 minutes into the scene. Kayla begins to concentrate on getting her cock stiff about two minutes after posing on the sofa full frontal and presenting her signature rear views. At about 6 minutes in, Kayla’s 9″ cock is fully erect. I may have actually seen Kayla Biggs first on Frank’s TGirl World. She’s also magnificent on Black Shemale Hardcore with South Florida’s sexy dred Lucky and a guy whose name I can’t recall at the moment (sorry, dude), and on Shemale Pornstar with a cute, lucky guy named AB. She’s also done hardcore on Black TGirls. Kayla is a totally versatile megastar and on top of her great looks, friends of mine from the Detroit area who’ve met her tell me she’s got a great personality also. She mentioned retiring from the adult entertainment industry back in October of 2015. I hope it isn’t true, but if it is, what a tremendous body of work she’s leaving us with. Anyway, check out her brand new solo scene on Black TGirls and if you can’t get enough of her, see the other Grooby sites I’ve mentioned, too.