TGirls.Porn: Aspen Brooks & Kami Kartel

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Description: A dazzling production awaits over in our nut-busting update area this week as shapely beauty Aspen Brooks intertwines with the super-cute Kami Kartel for a white hot session of steamy TS on TS antics! Two highly sexed and in demand chicks make waves in their TGirls.Porn debut exclusives – go get some!

Aspen Brooks

Aspen:“Kami was really fun to work with. This girls got a perfect, fat ass and took this big dick like a pro. As long as she keeps doing her thing, the fans are going to love her. She’s really pretty and I had a lot of fun working with her.”

Kami Kartel

Kami: “I was excited to shoot with Aspen Brooks, but I was nervous about taking that fat cock. She started slow and the fucked me really good, so not to hurt me. Her cum all over my face felt great and was super erotic!”

How many times have I raved about beautiful Aspen Brooks? Over 20 times between here and I’ve been over the moon raving about gorgeous new star Kami since she made her adult industry debut on  in early 2017. This trend will no doubt continue because I’ve met Kami once and she’s not only even more beautiful in person but she’s sweet on the inside too! So about the TGirls.Porn video. Goodness gracious, it actually begins with the girls in a standing embrace kissing. Some naughty bits are already hanging out of panties and stuff! To go into a bit more detail, it’s the first time I’ve seen a girl with a hardon tenting her boy short undies. Kami is devouring Aspen’s big tits like she’s ravenous. Aspen then returns the breast admiration society activity. The girls pause to both become topless and the cock that’s been stiffening and begging for attention is Kami’s. Did she develop erections this fast in her solo shoots on I don’t recall but making out here with Aspen it’s no wonder she’s boning up so fast. Aspen doesn’t let Kami’s pretty dick go to long without getting the attention it deserves. She goes from looking at it for the first time to giving it a good sucking in a flash! Aspen helps get the panties down and off the blonde’s exquisite legs and off, then goes back to her skilled sucking and tea bagging. They pause to kiss passionately and the footage of this is simply divine.

They then move onto the bed when Kami gets Aspen’s dick in her mouth. At this point, both models are gloriously nude. It’s breathtaking. Aspen really gets into pulling Kami’s hair and giving her an aggressive skull fucking. Aspen is then shot giving Kami a blowjob in classic Radius Dark POV fashion. Kami is then shot in the same format. Then they’re framed in full body width. Then there’s more deep kissing and the girls cocks are rubbed together. Aspen tosses Kami’s salad before penetrating her doggy style with her big, bare cock! I didn’t even want to watch the rest of this TGirls.Porn scene alone because it’s a 15 on an arousal scale from 1 to 10. I’m better off watching it with someone special. I mentioned the site were Kami made her debut and you can find Aspen Brooks on too as well as on, and on TGirls.XXX. I’d be honored to meet and interview Aspen someday, but it’s more likely that I’ll see Kami Kartel and have that chance in Orlando, FL. I’d love to interview her this site and for TS Dreamland on YouTube! Root for me and if she’s up for it, I’m sure it will be way better than just good.