Juuh’s Creamy Comeback!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Her Frank’s TGirl World profile reads in part: Juuh is back and she is playing with herself today. She gets totally hard and so she grabs her thick meaty cock, strokes it nice and slow ’till she erupts her cum right in front of you. Juuh’s is from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and her latest update is filmed by Louis Damazo. This is her third update since January of 2016 on Franks-TGirlWorld.com.

Seeing her wearing a t-shirt promoting GroobyGirls.com reminds me of where Frank got his start as a producer before launching his own website hosted by his original founders. While I’d normally find hairy legs a turnoff, I find the faint blonde hair on her legs a turn on!

I don’t know who Mae is, the name tattooed above her left breast. Is it her mom? I’m hoping it’s her girlfriend. Hey, it’s my trans lesbian fantasy and no one can take it away from me. Her cock has a slight curve to it when it’s raging hard. Do you think you could come up with a way to straighten it out?

To all the tops out there, tell me you don’t want to smash that big ass. I’m not even hearing that! Sure, it would be nice to gaze into her pretty eyes while fucking her with her legs hooked over your shoulders. But imagine pumping your hips and slapping those pillowy butt cheeks in the doggystyle position!

Watching Juuh masturbating nude (except for her tall sandals) at poolside is mesmerizing. After about 12 minutes, Juuh is stroking her cock on a sofa indoors obviously close to having an orgasm. It looks like she’s watching porn until her eyes lock on her swollen cock head moments before it spurts a load of creamy white cum across her thigh in this exquisite Franks-TGirlWorld.com update.