TS Seduction: The Widow Walks Part Two

The gorgeous black widow Jonelle Brooks is back in this part two to use and abuse unsuspecting Private Dick Will Havoc. He will do anything for her…including murder. She fucks his face with her beautiful cock. Jonelle pounds Will’s ass in every position until he’s begging to come. After she fucks the cum out of him and uses his cock to blow her load, double-crossing dame Jonelle reveals a duplicitous twist. That’s the official synopsis of ‘The Widow Walks Part Two’ superbly directed by Madeline Marlowe for TS Seduction on Kink.com.

It’s an erotically charged surprise for those of us who thought Jonelle Brooks had relocated to Thailand to teach for good. Since then, so many people have been asking me if she’s Asian. When I did my interview-with-jonelle-brooks on caramelstgirls.com in 2011, many thought she was Latinx at the time. She’s actually Hungarian and Native American and she was born and raised in Florida. In that interview, she was hoping to debut on TS Seduction and now she’s a fixture on Kink.com. Jonelle has five scenes between TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. Now that Kink is a network, you can get ALL KINK.COM SCENES AT 30% OFF with our EXCLUSIVE TS Dreamland DISCOUNT offer. Will Havoc is magnificent in this scene and he’s on so many of the 30 Kink.com channels, I’ve lost count. His beautiful co-star is now a frequent webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/jonellebrooks and her official website is jonellebrooks.com and she’s part of The T-Girl Network of incredible stars: jonellebrooks.tgirl-network.com.

Jonelle Brooks: Sexy Trans Girl Need To Check Your Vitals For Cum!

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis reads: While dreamy Dr. Jonelle Brooks is giving you your annual check up, she notices that your heart rate is below normal. As your physician, she has no choice but to keep her Hippocratic Oath and treat your ailing body to the best of her ability. Her methods might be unconventional, but they are proven to get your heart beat pumping.

She begins by unbuttoning her lab coat to reveal that she is only wearing a bra and panties beneath it! Her big, perky breasts and irresistible ass definitely grab your attention. You start to breath more heavily, and being the attentive medical professional she is, she immediately notices and checks your vitals again. Things are definitely looking up! Blood is starting to circulate to all the right places, and to further encourage your progress, your hot doc strips completely.

Now it’s time to administer some tests. First, she takes your temperature by having you slide your tongue into her tight trans girl pussy. As you eat her out, she bounces her balls against your face. Then, she sets her cock on your tongue like a popsicle stick–just relax and say “ahhh.” Now that’s a good patient! During next step of your examination, Jonelle drops to her knees and lets you probe her throat with your pulsating cock, aka your very own tongue depressor.

The final part of your doctor’s office visit involves helping her collect a sample. So, with her mouth open and panting, she rides a big, black dildo and jerks her lady stick. She fucks herself mercilessly on the Joy Rider until she shoots a huge load of spunk. She tastes her sweet cream and then instructs you to lick the cum off the head of her cock. Mmmm! Just what the doctor ordered!

For more information about this incredible model, visit jonellebrooks.com and our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Jonelle.

Jonelle Brooks – Black Couch to Bareback Slut Fuck

MP4 Scene Trailers
MP4 Scene Trailers

Beautiful Jonelle Brooks and her handsome fiance are planning to get married in Thailand where she’s teaching English. You can help them out by donating to their gofundme account. This scene is a high definition webcam show and if you’ve registered for free at chaturbate.com/jonellebrooks you may have seen some of her frequent solo and hardcore performances. I’ve seen Jonelle and her handsome fiance for quite some time live and on jonellebrooks.com. Her man stands beside her with a raging hardon as she sits on the black leather couch stroking hers. She negotiates with a live viewer. Webcam performers aren’t there to do hardcore or even solo masturbation just for fun. A wise and generous tipper wants to see them go all the way and that’s exactly what he gets. First, Jonelle reaches out to stroke the boner not far away from her and she asks if the fan wants to see her as the top. I know how easily this could go either way. Jonelle tells a Chaturbate member that her future hubby does indeed suck her dick. Then the fiance stretches himself out on the sofa and moves downward on Jonelle’s hardon face first. After awhile of giving a talented blowjob, he’s so turned on that when he sits up on the couch, the head of his erection is pointing up toward the ceiling. That’s until Jonelle returns the favor and continues jerking off.


The scene fades to black for just a brief moment and then we see Jonelle facing us as she lowers herself on her man’s bare, stiff cock. Jonelle beats her hard joint firmly while taking a long, leisurely penis ride. Later, she switches positions so we can see her magnificent ass while she gets banged in the cowgirl position. The wide angle shooting allows us to catch every inch of their beautiful bodies. The most furious railing occurs during their side saddle humping. Jonelle gets louder and beats off faster, her fiance not slowing down until she squeezes the cum out of her hard cock. Jonelle still doesn’t stop masturbating as her man shoots a huge load of cum across her pretty face and inside her mouth.

Jonelle’s website is part of the The TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Mia Isabella, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.

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Jonelle Brooks Exotic Beach Adventure

MP4 Trailers
MP4 Trailers

Megastar Jonelle of jonellebrooks.com is in the process of a major porn surge on her official website and with frequent live performances on chaturbate.com/jonellebrooks with her handsome fiancé Trevor. Usually when I see hot porn out of Thailand, it doesn’t feature American trans women. I decided to investigate the details about what was going on and found that Jonelle and Trevor had moved there through finding their wedding fundraiser on gofundme.com/2md7th4.


While the great people of Thailand are learning about this fun couple in their normal daily lives, I’m learning about creative new ways to suck and fuck from them. Wild, gonzo sex is not new to jonellebrooks.com, nor is studly Trevor. There’s been a healthy element of kink with foot sex and pee pee wee wee for years now. Let’s just change the location and add a brilliant newer method of shooting JB’s hardcore porn. Since I do updates on so many TGirl network stars, I’m flipping through the Movie Updates section on jonellebrooks.tgirl-network.com and see a new series of content from Jonelle (and her top name contract star friends). What I took in begins with Exotic Beach Adventure featuring Jonelle on her way to the beach. It plays like a sexy, yet wholesome documentary one could see on television with a little road trip and swimming. That’s until Jonelle finds a private hideaway in which to get all naughty and stuff. Wait until you see her bikini-clad butt when she climbs a rock staircase to find a place to pee. Jonelle rides on a swing, swims again and pees again, this time on the rocks. Another road trip takes us back to the couple’s crib where Jonelle takes a shower. She holds the head of her cock up towards her pretty face and can you guess how high her stream of pee can go? As she cleans up with sudsy water, she starts playing with herself. All the sudden, a big dick enters the frame. Jonelle gives it a good sucking while sitting on the shower’s floor. Then she focuses her attention on her own big hardon and makes herself cum! This is now my favorite XXX travel documentary. For more Mp4 previews, click on Black Couch To Bareback Fuck Slut, POV Creampie and Foot Filth Dipped in Piss. For more details about this incredible star, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jonelle Brooks.


Jonelle Brooks

Every time Jonelle Brooks returns to Shemale Strokers, she’s much more famous than before. I don’t think she could possibly get any hotter. Well, this is her sixth time and I’ve been a major fan since she was relatively unknown. Jonelle’s new scene begins with Jonelle lying on the bed on her back sleeping. The camera pans from her often fetishized bare feet, to her pretty face, into her deep cleavage and bulging panty region. She wakes up looking for you, but you’re already gone. She catches you on her cell phone and learns that you’ve been called out of town for work again. You were thoughtful enough to leave her a huge sex toy to remind her of you, but it’s the biggest one she (and I) have ever seen. Actually you left two since she wakes up horny often. The second one is more like your cock. So, Jonelle starts having phone sex with you while licking up and down the shaft of “your” cock an describing everything she’s doing. Jonelle stays true to the hotline bling theme of the video like the talented actress she is straight through to the climactic finish. That’s basically means you have about 25 minutes to cum also before her cock fires a big, creamy white blast that’s presented again in slow motion. I highly recommend that you save every last video and photo set featuring Jonelle Brooks on Shemale Strokers. If that’s not enough, you can also download her archive from jonellebrooks.com or The TGirl Network.

Jonelle Brooks on Shemale Strokers

There are two reasons that this gorgeous Florida native doesn’t have to introduce herself in her new Shemale Strokers video. #1 is because this is her fourth performance on this long running website. #2 is because the hostess of jonellebrooks.com is an adult industry superstar. To set up the fantasy roleplay intro, you’ve just taken Jonelle to dinner and a movie. She shows her appreciation by undressing for you. A slow-motion sequence takes you through fully-dressed, sensuous posing in slow motion. Jonelle is devastating in her denim dress and out of it. Her ass looks like something out of a dream and the camera focuses on it for quite some time while Jonelle teasingly takes down her v-string panty. Once the busty babe removes her top, she warns you that she’s got something special between her legs. Since you were hoping she was a transwoman with a cock, it’s your lucky day. You geet to see it grow from flaccid to fully erect and to watch her stroke it firmly. Naturally, she wants your help. Would you mind if she slapped you in the face with her stiff dick? Jonelle also invites you to suck on her cock and to savor the pre-cum oozing from its swollen head. She proceeds to remove her booties to give you a toe-wiggling foot show while holding her smooth shaven balls and continues to stroke her erection. Jonelle also places with her tender center with her legs raised high in the air. Watch how Jonelle Brooks cums for you again in her latest Shemale Strokers video.

Jonelle Brooks Showers on Shemale.XXX

2015 will be remembered as the breakout year for adult entertainment superstar Jonelle Brooks. The tall 36-27-42 (91-69-107cm) Florida native bombshell with her own jonellebrooks.com killer website returns to Shemale.XXX with a jaw-dropping, cum splashing shower scene! After Jonelle loses her towel and gets soaking wet in the tub from head to toe, she bends over to give us a devasting rear view with some dirty talk to go along with it. After a little cock stroking, she develops a gravity-defying erection, then delivers an even more explicit butt show. Next, she sponges herself from tits to toes and soon after, it gets really wet and wild. There’s ridiculously hot footage of Jonelle crouching on the tub floor making her stiff cock and low-slung balls bounce up and down. They way she asks if you’d like to fuck her might make you lose it before her own climax comes. With a devastating full frontal view, Jonelle rubs her rosebud while masturbating like a fiend and blasts a frothy white blast of cum into her tight fist. She thinks she might need another shower after this climactic Shemale.XXX shower. You might need one, too.

Jonelle Brooks in Hot For Transsexuals

In “Hot For Transsexuals,” provocative niche director Aiden Starr who is a gorgeous cisgender female pairs transsexual beauties with hard males for power-exchange fuck dates. Gorgeous Jonelle Brooks sports the type of sensually thick lips women go to great lengths to duplicate, big boobs and a raging hard prick when she’s aroused. She issues a physically dominant fuck, bending Chad Diamond in half to pummel him as her imposing figure envelops him. Radically tattooed Honey Foxxx’s big black cock leaks pre-cum. “Come here, little boy,” summons the dominant Boriqua bitch, and bearded white sub Mike Panic mounts her thick pole, sweating to handle her girth. Blonde Nina Lawless, pretty of face and jacked body, can bounce her thick erection with no hands. Mike worships her stocking-clad feet and she demands sodomy, “‘Face down, ass up.'” For cumming too soon, Nina feeds him his sperm and creams his beard with ribbons of syrupy spunk. Glamorous blonde TS Tyra Scott submits to muscular, bearded Brock Avery. They deep-throat each other and share 69. With his meat lodged up her ass, she jacks off, a flashy band on her ring finger. Tyra straddles his chest for a BJ and backs onto his meat for frenzied sodomy. He buries his face in the semen he’s splattered on her ass. In the scene with Jonelle and Chad, a beginner Domme could learn a lot from this versatile trans superstar. That’s if she can get through the through the first nearly four minutes of the jonellebrooks.com hostess without creaming before Chad shows up to suck her cock. This scene is full on Domination/submission, just without all the BDSM props and setting. Chad is totally humiliated verbally and physically. Yet his cock remains porn star hard while he’s thoroughly debased and bareback fucked silly. This isn’t an S&M-like scene. It’s the real deal. Check out all the previews of “Hot For Transsexuals,” on Evil Angel.

Jonelle Brooks in Nude Bra

Superstar model/performer Jonelle Brooks is stunning in her new “Nude Bra” video and I hope you clicked on her photos above for mp4 and Flash previews. Her foundation wear striptease begins with the central Florida beauty exposing her large, full breasts. She takes her time and that’s just perfect because this scene runs just under twelve minutes long. Next, she reveals her incredible derriere in a tight close up. Then she’s almost completely naked with her long legs spread wide. Jonelle’s cock is flaccid at first, but when she begins stroking it and fingering herself, it fully expands to a raging hard erection. Jonelle’s dirty talk is as torrid as her masturbation and she ends up cumming at the end. Watch or download her exquisite archive on her free-standing website or on the T-Girl Network.

Jonelle Brooks and Robert Axel on Shemale Yum

Shemale Yum kicked off another week of killer updates on Friday September 18, 2015 with a ridiculously torrid hardcore scene. Famed director Buddy Wood films beautiful Central Florida’s Jonelle Brooks entering the bedroom and lying on the bed. An erection is growing in her panties along with a spot of pre-cum. Handsome Robert Axel enters the room mesmerized by the sight of Jonelle stroking her stiff cock. He shows his appreciation by giving her an obviously fantastic blowjob. I can’t say enough about this guy and looking at my Jonelle Brooks category, not enough about her either. Jonelle’s hardon points straight up as she watches him stand up to take off his shirt and pull down his jeans. Robert caresses her full breasts while she sucks his dusky dick and tea bags his balls. Wood positions his camera to capture Jonelle’s incredible ass when she gets on all fours to continue with her loving fellatio. Next, the couple gets into a 69 position. After these stunning major porn stars have had enough oral sex, Jonelle primes Robert for fucking with a rim job. She enters him in the doggystyle position at about the halfway point of the scene. Skipping to the end, I can’t imagine how long it had been since Jonelle and Robert last climaxed. If the best of the best porn on the Net means insane cumshots from top ranking adult stars to you, I can’t see how you could possibly be disappointed with this Shemale Yum video and 200+ image hi-res photo set.