TransAngels: Casey Kisses, Eli Hunter, Jessy Dubai, Phoenix Marie

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The official Active Booty synopsis reads: Sergeant Jessy Dubai has the saddest group of new recruits she’s ever seen. Casey Kisses, Phoenix Marie, and Eli Hunter are barely ready for duty as it is! Jessy is merciless in her tough love, making the group do punishing workouts to test their commitment. Defeated, the recruits turn the power play on their tgirl sergeant! A four-way double tgirl gangbang in the dessert is just what Jessy needs to cool off. With Phoenix on cock duty, and Eli and Casey on boob patrol, this company bands together. Phoenix whips out a huge black strap-on, mounting Eli’s ass as he swallows up Jessy’s tgirl cock. Getting jealous, Jessy gets her own double dicking with Eli and Casey on each end. A spectacular triple cumshot finish with Phoenix as the commanding officer leaves sergeant Jessy drenched in cum!

Sgt. Dubai’s punishment drill with her soldiers doing situps and pushups builds the sexual tension and none of the actors embarasses themselves where acting chops are required. In fact, they’re all talented with the serious and humorous demands this fun and torrid update demands. But we’re not here for their thespian abilities no matter how much they add to the scene. We’re here for what it all builds up to.

It all goes down in a secluded area of the training camp once the tables are turned on the Sgt. There’s no “Oh, my God she’s trans!” moment. Jessy’s genitals are already exposed in the sequence where she’s overwhelmed by her vengeful underlings. One of the hottest surprises it the way Jessy Dubai plays the victim. She’s still in command when you consider the way she gets her stiff cock sucked before doing some cock sucking of her own.

Jessy also gets to do some of the fucking. Elia and Casey get their tight asses wrecked and Phoenix make creative use of her strapon desert dildo. Phoenix can’t escape getting fucked either! Who’s in control of this situation? After a certain point I don’t know and I don’t care! I’m just having too much fun with Tom Moore’s superb direction, the sky high production values and the hard driving fucking that leads up to the cum-laden ending!

TransAngels: Jesse Flores & Eli Hunter

At the end of a long day, all Jesse Flores wants to do is relax. Her plans are ruined when she enters her bedroom and finds a thief, Eli Hunter, rifling through her panty drawer. Little does he know, Eli decided to mess with the wrong tgirl! Jesse wastes no time teaching her perverted would-be robber a lesson, giving him the punishment he deserves: a sound spanking and a hard fucking.

This is the official synopsis of “Charged With Panty Theft” starring Jesse Flores and Eli Hunter. If you’re not too familiar with trans porn, Jesse has been burning up the Net at the top of the adult industry for quite some time. But there’s a production twist here. This scene is packed with build-up from Jesse parking her car, emerging from it, and looking scorching hot when she drops her keys and bends down to pick them up.

I’ve been a devoted fan of Jesse’s official website for ages but it’s also refreshing to see her in a different light. The direction of Jesse Flores by Tom Moore might not be a brand new collaboration. That’s definitely something to look into but whatever the case, it’s an explosive one! Eli Hunter is not new to trans porn. He does a fine job in his portrayal of a busted burglar.

Both actors bring light-hearted humor to the scene before and during the sequence when Jesse takes out her revenge with her huge, hard cock! Soon the well-toned muscles of Eli’s thighs are flexing below his bubble butt and he takes a tremendous bareback railing from Jesse in the doggystyle position.

I’ve had the honor of interviewing Jesse (on my blog) and I remember her saying she didn’t need a female hormone regime. This statement is what I recalled when I saw her huge cum shot!

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Shemale.XXX – When Jessy Plays, Jessy Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Blackula’s presentation of Jessy Dubai in the first view is astounding with the groundbreaking model laying on a table wearing a scandalous strappy fetish-styled swimsuit and stiletto heels. “I see that you can’t wait and that you had to come and see me cum,” she purrs seductively. Nothing could be further from the truth! Jessy urges you next to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show.

She literally promises to cum! Jessy sits up and continues with dirty talk that could make a porn blogger blush while rubbing her flaccid dick that’s already about half out of her panties. She rubs the expanding head against the heel of her shoe and then against her bare foot after removing the tall pump. She asks if you like seeing her rubbing her dick across her feet which is a no-brainer. A full-out extended bare feet fetishism sequence follows and it’s made to be equally arousing for non-fetishists when Jessy fucks her own soles with her beautiful uncut cock.

Then she lays back and jacks off furiously. She bares her large breasts and masturbates fiendishly while caressing her boobs also. When she releases her big breasts they bounce and jiggle wildly in time with her cock stroking. There are so many position changes in Jessy’s self-loving action that I lose count and soon she’s fucking her insteps with her incredible ass explicitly exposed! Eventually she kicks her dress off completely and continues to build up to keeping her horny promise.

There is just so much creamy white cum pouring out of Jessy’s erection spurting out from the bulbous head of her cock near the end of this Shemale.XXX update! There’s a perfect closeout ending with more dialogue after Jessy gives you enough warning to cum with her at the same time. For more of this stunning sex goddess take a look at and the updates.

Also there’s our two exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interviews with Jessy Dubai beginning here with Part One.

Jessy Dubai Fucked Hard by Rob Yaeger

Megastar Jessy Dubai of is fresh out of her bath and drying off with a towel. Her man is beating off in bed beneath the covers to some porn when she enters the bedroom drying her voluptuous body off with a towel. She’s not surprised as they obviously both love watching porn. They have twin beds in what seems to be a hotel room and Jesse starts jerking off under the covers like Rob Yaeger does. The beautiful and curvaceous fox gets deeply immersed in her little fap session and is startled but pleased to discover Rob standing beside her bed jerking off at the sight of her. Jesse’s large breasts are the only nudity she’s exposing, but that’s enough to do it. It gets even better when Jesse tosses her bed sheets down and says she thinks she needs some help.

Rob continues jerking off as he leans down and takes Jesse’s dusky erection inside his mouth. She returns the favor and gets it back, jacking her hips off the bed with her face fucking. The naked Latinx babe gets a rimjob next and does some finger banging while the omnisexual High Commissioner of Assfucking prepares to ease his cock inside her tight ass BAREBACK.

A powerful missionary position railing is followed by and equally strong doggystyle fuck. Jessy’s thick cock is squeezed between her lovely thighs during their side saddle banging and an exquisite reverse cowgirl ride comes next. Robe holds her big tits firmly as her cock and balls bounce all over the place. Then her ass is magnificently displayed when she gets fucked in the cowgirl position.

My favorite part of this scene is when the hung ginger stud rams in and out of Jesse so hard that it seems like her might fuck her to the floor. But it’s not over yet, so I have another favorite. It happens when Jesse is on her back again, beating off while getting pounded. “Cum for that pussy!” she shouts and her big, dark and lovely cock shoots a big wad of creamy white spunk across her tummy. Then Rob’s large joint explodes, hitting the same spot and between her cleavage and above her gorgeous, jiggling boobs.

For more information about this incredible trans star, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interviews with Jessy Dubai Pt 1 & Pt 2. The official website is powered by the network that also brings you,, and some of the most diverse trans star lineups in the adult industry.

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PornOCD Interview with Jessy Dubai Pt. 2

Jessy Dubai is the current 2016 XBIZ Transgender Performer of the Year. Her first showcase Jessy Dubai: TS Superstar, was nominated for Best Transsexual Movie at the AVN’s and Transgender Release of the Year and XBIZ 2016 awards. She is also nominated for Best Scene and Best Hardcore Performer at the 2016 TEA Awards. I’m proud to present the second installment of my January 26, 2016 interview with TS Jessy Dubai. Click here to read it.

Eva Paradis, Foxxy and Jessy

TGirl Network stars Eva Paradis, TS Foxxy and Danielle Foxxx of Sex Change Girl join Jessy Dubai of for a sensational transbian hardcore scene. Danielle is the Madame of the other three gorgeous ladies harshly scolding them about their work ethic. Their bordello is in a red light district with a window to attract new clients. Sadly, Danielle exits the scene early, but when Eva, Foxxy and Jessy spot a client, they decide to give him a show to lure him inside. It’s hard to say which girl is the center of attention at the beginning of the three-way action. There’s so much alternating with the cock sucking. Danielle almost catches the three girls having sex when she returns and draws one of them away for a special client. This leaves two of them to continue while the cat’s away. This scene ends with some seriously creamy hot cum, but I don’t want to give away too much. Sorry to tease you with just a few of the 270+ images from the collection of photos.

TransSensual: TS Sister In Law

TS Sister In Law from TransSensual is a Nica Noelle masterpiece! It’s straight up romance with incredibly erotic love scenes…hardcore love scenes. Newcomer Savannah Thorne is absolutely magnificent, but the star of the film is her stunning mentor, the hostess of In Scene #01, beautiful Jessy Dubai and handsome Jaxton Wheeler go at it like real lovers. They also fuck like rabbits. Their 69 is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, so the oral action is mind blowing as well. Hopefully without giving away too much but, Jessy Dubai can do anything. The plot thickens in Scene #02 with the introduction of Jaxton’s brother, played by Brendan Patrick. Jaxton convinces Jessy to play Cupid with stunning Savannah Thorne for Brendan. At a cocktail party for four, Jessy and Jaxton leave Savannah and Brendan alone to get aquainted. Boy, do they ever get acquainted! Savannah is a talented beauty with a bright adult industry career ahead of her. Her co-star Brendan has cinematic leading man star quality. Jaxton’s body is just out of control and he’s a natural actor. Another plot twist took me completely by surprise. If you’ve already seen TS Sister In Law, obviously I didn’t explore much about the individual scenes before I watched this Transsensual roller coaster ride of a film. Yet another plot twist will hit you with the subtlety of a locomotive if you do the same as I did – don’t read too much into to it by reading spoilers. Just watch the trailers and then and enjoy TS Sister In Law on Transsensual written and directed by Nica Noelle.

Jessy Dubai on Shemale Yum

I’ll be talking plenty about scenes from the brand new official Jessy Dubai website this week. But first, let’s talk about her latest Shemale Yum performance shot by Buddy Wood. She’s late for a date but when she comes across an old friend in the kitchen, she decides to have some solo fun before going out. Jessy strips butt naked hops on the counter and simulates cocksucking with that friend – a huge dildo! She looks absolutely exquisite jacking her erection and shooting a big load of creamy white cum on the business end of the sex toy. She even gives herself a manual creampie before the video ends. Jessy also has some amazing hardcore scenes on Shemale Yum! You can also cum with her on Shemale Pornstar and on Shemale.XXX. Don’t forget about Jessy’s all new content on her awesome new site from the TransErotica network!

Jessy Dubai Fucks Sarina Valentina

I drove myself half crazy looking for this hardcore scene I’d already downloaded from the official Sarina Valentina website with Jessy Dubai. That’s because it’s one of the best transbian flicks I’ve ever seen. But here it is again and I can stop filing through my archives to see Jessy fucking Sarina silly. When I first saw this scene, I had no idea that Jessy would have a TransErotica network site, but I know now. This isn’t the first time Jessy has had an official website, but the stars seemed to have lined up for the best showcase for the two trophy winner at the 2015 Transgender Erotic Awards and 2015 XCritic Best Transsexual Performer. Jessy performs with the top male talents as well. Then there are her incredible solo performances not to be missed. Check out the trailer and sample photo gallery. You can also watch more video previews and see more photos of the official Jessy Dubai website!

The Trans-Xperience #02 Eva Cassini and Jessy Dubai

The Mistress tells the sub exactly what she’s going to do to her. She does all of it and more, including fucking her bareback. Eva Cassini and Jessy Dubai star in one of the most high glamour BDSM videos I’ve ever seen directed by Joey Silvera for Evil Angel in The Trans-Xperience #02! Click on each image for video and photo gallery previews.

Remember that “bananas” is the safe word in this Domination/submission scenario and watch all The Trans-Xperience #02 previews.