Jenny by Vito on UK-TGirls

If I saw Jenny Everheart walking across the University of Florida campus near my home, I’d think she was possibly a local Sunshine State coed. Watching Vito’s UK TGirls video of her, I was reminded that she’s from Contrecœur near Montreal, Canada. Jenny “The Body” Everheart was formerly on Shemale Yum as Jennyfer. She has a French-Canadian accent that sounds super sexy telling her photographer about the kinky things she likes to do. This includes when she’s alone or with others. Jenny moves into her seductive striptease within the first two minutes of her scene. Her masturbation sequence involve moving her gorgeous around like she’s in serious need of getting fucked or fucking someone else. Jenny’s horniness translates into pre-cum bubbling within the foreskin of her fabulous un-cut cock. I almost didn’t remember Jenny from her ‘Jennyfer’ days because her hairstyle is so different than before. Then it dawned on me that I remembered the fox in this UKTGirls scene from the not so distant past. So I guess you could say that she’s unforgettable.