TGirls.Porn Review: Jenny Crystal & Salina Samone

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Here’s a little interracial something-something to get our beloved members salivating as GroobyGirls Jenny Crystal and Salina Samone combine beautifully and spoil us wide mouthed admirers with a delightful ass tapping, girl on girl display! Let cocks and cum collide – it’s update time on TGirls.Porn!

Producer Radius Dark presents Jenny and Salina kissing on the bed, and feeling each other up. As soon as Salina parts her thighs, Jenny moves in for her big dick and begins fondling it. Although it’s not fully erect, yet, it’s a lot to handle with one’s mouth at half mast.

It doesn’t take long for Jenny to get Salina’s monster cock rock hard, and it’s her turn to get sucked on soon. One detail I absolutely must mention right now is the total nudity of each partner. They both have glorious porn star bodies and are both supporting boners at this point.

Salina’s head giving sequence is pretty long and enjoyable, leading to some frottage (cock rubbing), and then Jenny sucks Salina again until she’s ready to get fucked!

Jenny decides she wants to sink down into a vicious cowgirl ride that starts slowly. Their bareback sex switches into a reverse cowgirl railing. 

In retrospect, Salina seems to have been thinking, “I’m just getting started.” She goes into serious power fuck mode once she had Jenny’s petite form beneath her in the doggy style position!

Missionary position sex comes next and I’m going to stop things here as not to spoil how these babes cum! I’m a sucker for intimacy between two hot chicks and I love that this TGirls.Porn update ends with a sweet kiss.

Review Written by @tscaramel on Twitter 

TGirls.Porn: Jenny Crystal & Kami Kartel!

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Description: We just keep on knocking ’em out the park here on TGirls.Porn! GroobyGirls Jenny Crystal & Kami Kartel are two spicy, young and well endowed vixens with one thing on their mind…..tgirl sex, and lots of it! Shot with finesse by Grooby sharp shooter Radius Dark it’s yet another unmissable scene sure to get you salivating.

This blog comes with a happy belated birthday wish to Jenny Crystal, whose birthday was on, August 2, 2018. Plus a shout out to the incredible performer I met in my home state of Florida while interviewing another fine adult entertainer named Lycha. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon so I can interview Kami also. And yes, she really is that gorgeous in person.

This is Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter and I’m ready to dive into the fantastic TGirls.Porn update with Jenny and Kami. Brace yourselves because this one is wicked hot! You might want to watch it in parts; cum once and save the rest for multiple orgasmic viewings.

Mr. Dark rolls out the action with these two beauties standing beside the bed scantily clad and kissing passionately. There’s no plot to get between you and a raging hardon. Jenny gives Kami a little breast admiration with her lovely mouth and when sitting on the bed, it’s clear that the brunette is developing an erection. Jenny is completely naked before the first two minutes of this update and Kami wastes no time catching up with her.

Kami kneels at the bedside sucking Jenny cock fully hard and she gets the same lustful treatment when she straddles the bed. Off the bed again, Kami gets another blowjob with her boner standing at a 45 degree angle when it occasionally slips out of Jenny’s mouth. The girls switch oral gratification again and Mr. Dark magnificently captures profile and POV footage of their amazing fellatio skills.

Then we’re on to the main event – the fucking. Who’s the top and who’s the bottom? You’ll see that it could obviously be either model but in this TGirls.Porn update, just one take the lead. She powerfully drills her partner whose rock hard dick flops around and spins all over the place!

Getting to the main point of a review, you might ask what I’d like to have seen added to the trans lesbian scene. There’s nothing I’d change about it. The passion is there, especially with the kissing and it ends with two powerful orgasms. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Jenny Crystal also graces the Web pages of and You can also find Kami Kartel on other great sites including and TGirls.XXX!

Shemale Yum: Introducing Jenny Crystal!

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Radius Dark presents Colorado cutie pie Jenny Crystal in a fabulous debut on Shemale Yum! She tells us her very enviable stats first and tells us what she likes to do for fun. When confessing what she likes to do sexually, I find it very intriguing coming from the perspective of someone who’s primarily dominant.

What makes it so exciting is that Jenny isn’t dominant at all. As she sits on the sofa, the focus is on Jenny’s exquisite legs and sexy high heeled feet until it glides up along her svelte figure. She has a permanent friendly, sexy resting face and no desire to keep us waiting too long for her to strip.

Once out of her skirt, Jenny’s got a big lovely bump in the front of her black panties and two glorious rounds in the back. I see it as a virtually flawless ass that’s accentuated by a tiny waist and the flaring out of a well-toned pair of thighs. Once her top is removed to show off her pretty hormone boobs, Jenny mentions how rough you could get with her. Her long hair would be just perfect for a dominant top to lead her along with. As she sits on her knees on the sofa, then lowers her panties, we see that she’s getting turned on by this shoot. Jenny’s cock is really getting stiff! She seems so light as she poses in profile on the couch. Wait until you hear her actual weight.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lifted a hot trans girl while fucking her but I’ll just leave that there. Jenny proceeds to masturbate in a variety of sitting and standing positions. She removes her tall sandals for some prolonged bare foot teasing and the way she explicitly exposes her ass makes it impossible not to wonder how tight it must feel. I’ve seen pretty Jenny Crystal around online but I’ve been waiting for her debut to pop up. I’m always rooting for new adult industry talents who seem to be really sweet. Believe me, this debut was well worth the wait!