Transsensual: Jenna Tales in Be My Bitch!

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The official synopsis of “Be My Bitch!” reads: Stunning, curvy blond TS Jenna Tales can’t believe her luck when new boyfriend Chad Diamond reveals he wants to be her bitch. Jenna takes full advantage of her new dominatrix status and drives her juicy cock down Chad’s throat, fucking his mouth until he drools uncontrollably. Chad worships Jenna’s big shapely ass and then opens up his own ass for Jenna to fuck without mercy. Jenna aggressively drives her cock in and out of Chad’s small ass as he begs for more.

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Jenna is pleased with all the punishment Chad is happy to take and rewards him with her ample load, then allows Chad to finally cum. I can’t top a description like that so I’ll just add a few thoughts about Sunshine State superstar Jenna Tales and her co-star, one of the best male porn actors around, Chad Diamond. Chad is so happy to have found someone to connect with on a dating site. After a night out with Jenna for the first time, They head back to Chad’s house and his date seems to present the promise of good things to come. But first, she needs a moment in the powder room. When she returns to the living area, she finds out exactly what he meant when he stated earlier that his last girlfriend didn’t understand him.

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She’s told him that she’s open-minded and she’s going to have to be considering that he’s on his back on the sofa with a ball gaga in his mouth and his wrists are cuffed. She steps out for another moment and returns in breast-baring lingerie and a paddle in her hand. Jenna in full dominatrix mode uses the paddle pretty lightly on Chad’s jock and more forcefully on his ass. When he later sinks to his knees to suck her cock, Jenna rests her heels on his back and enjoys it. It’s obvious by the way she develops a raging erection. Not only does the submissive get a jackhammer ass fucking in a variety of position with Jenna’s powerful cock, he gets rammed by a huge double dong also. The cumshots are fantastic too!

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Jenna Tales Takes A Shower!

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Beautiful Jenna Tales takes a shower and jacks her big hard cock in this sexy shower scene on Shemale.XXX filmed by Jack Flash! This is Jenna’s 8th scene on this acclaimed site (including two hardcore scenes). It might be considered a strange thing for me to notice, but Jack’s bathroom lighting really brings out her exquisite looks. I sometimes prefer real life settings over studio shoots so perhaps that’s another reason why I like this shoot so much out of all of their collaborations. But since everyone doesn’t care about technical details so much, let’s get down to what happens here. Jenna is a pro at webcam performances and she’s just as vocal here as she is live. That’s a wonderful thing because her voice is as sexy as her naughty talk. Her body looks absolutely sick as she invites you into the shower wearing her skimpy one-piece that sort of fits like a bikini. She uses the portable shower head to soak herself with water, then removes her swimsuit. She uses moisturizer to coat her big tits and her cock and balls. You might wish you could come back in your next life as a sponge with what happens next. Jenna teases a bit by wrapping her body in a towel upon emerging from the shower. But it’s discarded quickly and there’s breathtaking closeup of Jenna stroking her large, raging hard erection! She adds some finger banging to the mix and that leads to Jenna fucking herself with a huge dildo. She jerks off of course while ramming the toy in and out of herself saying she wishes it were a real dick (perhaps like the one she had in her previous Shemale.XXX scene). When Jenna sits on the phallus after setting it upon the vanity, she’s so turned on that the swollen head of her big dick it pointing up directly toward the ceiling. At this point I’m absolutely sure that Jenna is not going to make it through this session without making herself climax. She jacks off furiously with her big jugs quivering and the toy is deeply embedded inside her. Moaning loudly, Jenna explodes into orgasm, her big cock shooting streams of creamy white cum across her thigh, all over her stroking hand and across the vanity! To catch Jenna performing LIVE, check out

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Jenna Tales’ Christmas Come Early

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South Florida’s Jack Flash presents beautiful Jenna Tales in her 6th shoot originally released on December 19th. It’s a Christmas Eve tale that shows Jenna waiting for her date, but he has to work late tonight. She promises that she’ll wait before opening her present, but she can’t resist seeing the surprise. It turns out to be a sexy Santa outfit and a nice big dildo she can’t wait to break in! There’s also a cute teddy bear and more lingerie. She asks us not to tell her boyfriend Jack that she’s going to try on her sexy gifts before he gets home. I don’t know if the producer or Jenna came up with the comical lines in this holiday scene, but they’re quite funny and refreshing. Keep in mind that Jenna knows her way around cock-stiffening naughty talk because she’s a top live performer on 

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find Jenna removing her lingerie even more than watching her wearing it, but that’s subjective. That’s because once she’s naked from head to toe, Jenna rides the big dildo with her large breasts jiggling and her big hard dick head pointing up toward the ceiling! Well, the few times she’s not stroking it firmly. This is a erotically fun little holiday porn masterpiece.

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Jenna Tales & Lance Rider Fuck

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Jenna Tales is of Cuban descent and grew up in Jersey, but currently resides in Fort Lauderdale. I grew up in the Garden State also, but somehow ended up in the North Central region of the Sunshine State. But I digress. I raved about Jenna’s killer debut here. In her third photo and video set on Shemale.XXX produced by Jack Flash, Jenna is impossibly gorgeous and versatile with handsome and studly Lance Rider. In the trailer on the site, you’ll see the video in play with Jenna sucking his stiff cock. After sucking on one of Jenna’s generous breasts, Lance swoops down face first on Jenna’s straining erection. Then she’s riding his dick completely nude in the reverse cowgirl position. He hits it from the back next with Jenna’s incredible ass flexing and undulating and then she’s fucking Lance in the missionary position while stroking his cock. Next, Lance sits astride Jenna with his dick pointing toward the ceiling. All that hotness convinced me to download the full-length video! I like a little buildup before the hardcore sex plays out and Mr. Flash provides it with Jenna and Lance as a couple returning home from a night out on the town. If I hadn’t seen Jenna’s previous performances, I’d have been telling myself that the shelf of her ass is almost unbelievable when Lance unties the belt of her dress. She’s wearing a super sexy get-up underneath with pasties on the nipples of her big boobs and that body is all Jenna. Her nipples are exposed as she sinks down to give this specimen of male pulchritude a blowjob. Jenna’s style of fellatio is a must watch for anyone who enjoys sucking cock. Sultry moans emit from her full lips and she fists the shaft firmly. Her eyes are mesmerizing as she looks into the camera while tea bagging Lance’s balls. After awhile, she elegantly glides across the room and sits on the sofa with her boner sticking straight up in the air. Speaking in Spanish, Jenna props a bare foot on Lance’s shoulder as he begins going down on her. Dudes, if you like being called papi or daddy, I think the sound of Jenna saying it while talking dirty might be enough to make you shoot your cum even if you’re not watching this Shemale.XXX scene. The build-up leading to Jenna’s blast of creamy white cum is another reason to stream or download the whole scene from start to finish.

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Stunning Jenna Tales Debut

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A sneaking suspicion tells me that Jenna Tales is a stage name because when it flows from her lips, it sound like genitals. This beauty tells photographer Jack Flash that she’s never shot before. She’s a self-described “shot virgin” looking stunning while holding a riding crop. She’s a New Jersey native, but Jenna says she’s been living in Ft. Lauderdale for two years. I’m also a Jersey native now residing in the Sunshine State. If I’d ever seen Jenna in person, I definitely wouldn’t have forgotten about it, especially dressed as a dominatrix. There’s a reason for her state of dress and it’s not just cosplay for this Shemale.XXX shoot. Jenna is indeed a top who describes in lurid detail the types of men she likes to fuck. Jenna’s sense of humor is as wicked as her body. If you can’t tell by looking at her, Jenna is a Latina and a delightfully vocal model. You don’t need me to tell you she’s got a beautiful face and body, but when she’s totally nude, this fox is ridiculously gorgeous. If I had to guess, I’d put her stats at around 5’6″ (167 cm) and her age at somewhere in the low 20’s. Before revealing her cock, she referred to it as her little candy. Jenna’s erection is little by any stretch of the imagination. Mr. Flash films Jenna posing in a dynamic range of titillating positions and this is one of the best debut scenes I’ve watched in a long-time. I think you’re going to want to download this gem on Shemale.XXX.