TGirls.Porn: Allysa Étaín & Janelle Fennec

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Radius Dark often presents brief interviews with his models, but that’s usually done when there is just one stunning babe on the set. In this case where we have two, he shows them getting it on immediately by engaging in a passionate French kiss. Brunette Allysa Étaín and blonde Janelle Fennec are not strangers to the TGirls.Porn sister sites. Allysa debuted on Buddy Wood’s, Femout.XXX and Janelle got her start on TGirls.XXX and first appeared on TGirls.Porn in a killer hardcore shoot with stunning Lianna Lawson.

Allysa and Janelle are a beautiful study in contrasts yet the chemistry between them is very strong. It’s hard to tell who will take the lead, but Allysa begins with the eventually mutual breast admiration. Allysa removes Janelle’s tall sandals and a brief bare foot fetish sequence is presented.

Janelle is first to get a mouthful of cock. Allysa returns the favor of giving head to produce a throbbing erection from Janelle. A 69 ensues in various angles including POV and then there’s a lusty cock rubbing session with more kissing! With both girls sporting raging hardons, it’s hard to tell who is going to be fucking who.

I’ll leave it for you to see who gets railed in the missionary position, doggy style, in the reverse cowgirl position with her tits jiggling and cock bouncing. There’s a lot of cum at the end of this TGirls.Porn instant classic. Somebody gets her spent cock sucked one last time before the final passionate kiss.

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Janelle Fennec

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The TGirls.Porn description reads: It’s 2018 and we are hitting the ground running with our first electrifying scene of the year featuring none other than dazzling combination Chanel Noir & Janelle Fennec. Let cocks and cum collide, the year is off to a screaming start here on the home of the hottest, TGirls.Porn!

Chanel: “Janelle has really pretty eyes to look into. It made it really easy to kiss her. I didn’t have much trouble getting hard for her, even though I’m much more of a bottom than a top. I loved stroking our cocks together and then eating cum when it was all said and done. It was a fun time with a hot girl.”

Janelle: “It was awesome seeing Chanel again and getting fucked in this easy shoot. We were both instantly rock hard and I climbed up on that fat cock of hers and rode it. I loved all the kissing and tasty cum that came with this session!”

TGirls.Porn is not where many of have seen Chanel and Janelle together in XXX action. The Getting Some Sugar and Dick and Fuck My Boss videos from another hot site preceded this awesome Radius Dark production. Because I know that both girls can top, I wasn’t sure who would bottom and who’d be the aggressor here and I simply enjoyed watching to see how it would all play out. The video is almost a half hour and the photo set compliments it with 196 images. Watching the scene trailer on TGirls.Porn reveals mutual oral sex and Chanel fucking Janelle in two different positions. What the preview does not show is the build-up sequence in the hotel room where the girls come together and begin making out. From that moment until the closing makeout scene with the girls standing naked, I feel that Chanel and Janelle share a chemistry that rivals any duo or threesome on this website. These models are exquisite separately but every time I see them together it’s a reminder of how amazing they are as a team.

TwoTgirls: Getting Some Sugar and Dick

Scene Trailer welcomes two incredible models making their first appearances on the groundbreaking website of Mayumi Sparkles, Chanel Noir and Janelle Fennec! Chanel answers the door to find Janelle needing to borrow a cup of sugar for the cookies she’s baking. It’s late at night and Chanel invites her inside and the type of sugar she wants to give is better off on her lips, tits, ass and cock than in a cup.

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Some Two Tgirls updates come with buildup before any action begins. Be warned that the sensual kissing begins right away with this one. There’s a bit of humor but these girls get down pretty quickly. Brunette Chanel is the aggressor yet blonde Janelle is equally aroused.

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Topless making out leads to Janelle withdrawing Chanel’s cock from her panties and kneeling on the floor to suck on it. Janelle moves back up on the sofa when it’s her turn for a blowjob and a rimjob! Then the girls get into a 69 with nothing on but their tall sandals. There’s more oral sex and cock jerking before Chanel removes her heels. The reason for that is to gain the right amount of friction for fucking Janelle’s tight, upturned bottom!

Chanel’s fucking technique reminds me of one thing – a jackhammer. Her intense and rapid doggystyle penetration evolves into a missionary position railing. Janelle takes her drilling like a champ and she’s rewarded with Canel’s blast of cum on her tongue. Janelle gets the sugar in the end but it comes in the form of sticky syrup! Getting Some Sugar and Dick is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

Meet Sexy Janelle Fennec!

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Radius Dark presents the debut of gorgeous Janelle Fennec of Colorado who tells us she’s feeling a bit naughty today. She poses while standing in her proper yet very sexy casual outfit and sits on the sofa, opening her legs slightly. She proceeds to tell us she’s a fan of the great outdoors, thus her outfit. But it’s time to shed some of the items beginning with her heeled sandals.

After a foot and leg tease moment, Janelle rises to her feet and sheds her skirt. Her wide sexy ass is revealed in colorful striped panties and it just might be your idea of absolute perfection. But it gets even better when she lowers her undies.

Her cock jiggles when she stands up to remove her top until she grasps it while standing. She then proceeds to sit down again, eases back and masturbates more intently. Janelle spreads her legs wide as she faps and in this position, I think it’s impossible not to imagine missionary position sex with her. Or perhaps a side saddle pumping when she changes her position.

If that doesn’t do the trick, she takes a large pink phallus, presents her lovely bottom while kneeling on the couch and deeply fucks her tight ass with it.

With slow movements, Janelle pumps the toy balls deep and sits back again with her toes pointed and touching the floor. Her lovely legs are spread eagle as she fucks herself again with a remarkable full frontal view.

She moves through a variety of tantalizing positions while pumping the toy in and out of herself and stroking her cock. There’s footage shot from ground level as well as more full frontal. Janelle begins to speak again, imagining riding a cock while playing with herself.

If you hadn’t noticed how sexy her voice is right from the start of her debut, you will by now. The sound of it along with her raging hard dick in your face is a killer combination. But she hasn’t had enough toy play just yet and she perches herself back on her knees on the sofa to go at her fine ass again. Don’t miss Janelle Fennec’s first performance and be there when her next one is released.