Angeles Cid and Tania Q

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mp4 Trailer

I can’t decide if Angeles Cid looks hotter in black & white photographs or in living color and in motion. Can you imagine her dancing for you in public the way she does in the first trailer above? Or being in the same room she’s fucking gorgeous Tania Q in? The last time I raved about Angeles Cid and Tania Q together was here on January 18, 2016. This time around, if you’re wondering why Tania Q is sucking that huge cock with a condom covering it, it’s because she’s about to get fucked by Angeles. 5’3″ 104 lbs Tania’s body is petite, but her 8.5 inches of cock is certainly not. Don’t you love statistics like that? Tania’s schlong rivals that of Angeles Cid’s mammoth organ. Everything goes with hung Tania who loves sex with men, women and other transsexuals alike. I love both of their individual sites, but if you prefer trans mega-sites, you can also see them on Hung Shemales.

Angeles Cid Cosplay on Hung Shemales

My focus is on Hung Shemales today and here are some photos I seem to have missed on the official Angeles Cid website. I’m a kinkster who’s into the cosplay and the adult baby lifestyle, but I don’t think that you have to be to find these images incredibly arousing. Notice the way her innocence is lost when holding her huge cock with that snarl on her face.

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