Redhead Doll Hiromi!

When I think of a redhead or “Ginger” I don’t usually think of a Japanese trans girl model. Not unless I’m thinking of someone perhaps like beautiful Hiromi presented by Hiro on She now has five stunning updates here including a blazing hot hardcore scene!

Producer Hiro describes how he discovered Hiromi and made her a new-half star. “Akihabara of Tokyo, which is said to be the Mecca of Anime fans, is a unique town where there are always lots of girls dressed up in maid, nurse or other Cosplay costumes. I was strolling around the town one day by myself and spotted a super cute girl with a killer figure. I talked to her and found out that she was a newhalf! That’s how I met Hiromi.”

“She is now 23 years old and works at a coffee shop as a waitress. Although Hiromi has never done porn before, she was so eager for the sex and so curious about the experience that she had to do this photo-shoot for”

“In this (her first) photo-shoot, Hiromi is wearing the same maid costume that she wore when I first met her in Akihabara. She looks awesome in it, with her beautiful pale, translucent skin, natural hormonal breasts and a huge cock. She even completes her role-play with a perfectly hyper-girlie, `cum-and-dominate-me` voice in an anime-voice-over fashion. Hiromi claims to be a bit obsessive about things. She is a big anime fan, is into cosplay, Karaoke and video games. She prefers older men – old enough to be her father that is – who are protective and reliable.”

Her stats are: Height: 165cm (5ft’ 4″), Weight: 48kg (106lbs), 80/61/84 (31/24/33). In her 5th scene, Hiromi displays her trademark shy cosplay cuteness as a submissive maid exposing herself. She withdraws and strokes her cock, then massages her pretty breasts. She actually gets some help with her straining hardon from her horny producer.

Hiromi’s erotic high-pitched exclamations enhance the sight of her getting jerked off. Hiromi also gets fondled from behind and I think you’ll wonder how Hiro restrained himself from fucking her! I don’t know if I would have had that kind of self-control. She simulates foot fucking a cock with a big dildo in stockings and then with her cute and sexy little bare feet.

All this occurs while she jacks her erection and the sex toy is slickened with lube that resembles cum. Don’t miss this torrid update on