GroobyGirls: Alice Kollars

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Bio: The very young Alice Kollars loves the outdoors, watching birds, shooting targets, but when she became an adult, she entered a two year, 24 hour BDSM relationship. She’s 5’10” and extremely cute. She’s got a southern accent that really goes well with her looks. She seems like much more of hardcore performer than solo.”

“Seems like she could really use a good domination. She describes herself as “bisexual, submissive, loves anal stimulation, wearing collars with a leash, vanilla sex, blow jobs, nipple play, sex with multiple people, and sex with heels on! Stunning Alice Kollars!” has producer Radius Dark’s stamp on it to the point where I guessed that the gorgeous young model was from the Oregon area. Her debut statement reads: “Today we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie to the world! Meet Alice Kollars! This girl is absolutely stunning!”

” Just discovered by Radius Dark, this young doll loves the outdoors, watching birds, shooting targets… She’s 5’10” and extremely cute! She’s got a southern accent that really goes well with her looks. Alice describes herself as “bisexual, submissive, loves anal stimulation, wearing collars with a leash, vanilla sex, blow jobs, nipple play, sex with multiple people, and sex with heels on!” Looking super cute in her school outfit, Alice introduce herself, shows off bare feet, spreads and fingers her ass and plays with her cock! What a beauty!”

Her encore performance description reads: “Talk about cute! Alice Kollars is a super cute Grooby Girl who loves wearing collars and leashes and is in a 24/7 BDSM relationship. She has a delicious body, that smile tho… She enjoyed being on Radius’ leash for this scene and it shows!”

This is Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter and what I really love is the contrast of each video. In her debut, Alice wears a lace white top with a tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt and she’s barefoot. Deep finger banging leads too breast play and then Alice suspends her cock with an original cock and ball device that she’s also able to fuck herself with.

You’ve got to see this! In the encore shoot Alice is dressed like a slinky BDSM cat and this helps to reveal her true sexual nature. But it’s not long before Alice is stripped down to her leash and collar. There’s even more deep finger fucking in this set and Alice gets to rub one out! Alice Kollars on is absolutely exquisite!

Model of the Month: Gorgeous Mohka

Description: Even though this is her debut, gorgeous Chicago doll Mohka is not really a new face. She was discovered by Omar Wax almost a year ago and she was originally introduced to the world on back in August. Today, the moment has come for this beauty to introduce herself to the Grooby Girls’ members! She returns almost a year later looking even more beautiful! Mohka is multiracial, Latin and Black, and she’s a well-known dancer in Chicago. She is slender and lean, which she attributes to her dancing background. She is verse-bottom and she likes to get pinned down and drilled until she taps out! Amazed by her beauty, it was easy for us to make the decision: Mohka is Grooby Girls’ “Model of the Month” for June!

I remember Mohka’s debut and encore performances well, especially her follow-up video on It’s one of those Omar Wax productions where the stunning model gets to talk about herself a bit (while stripping). This number took place entirely on the bed and Mohka presented her body in a dazzling array of positions. Then she lay back and jerked off until she came!

Next, I saw her on in a workout video expressing more of her dominant side. She performed another fantastic striptease and came in this video too, while sitting up in this one. Mohka is once again at her verbal best in her new debut.

A tantalizing leg show and some foot fetish content is followed by footage for lovers of beautiful natural hormone boobs. A V-string thong sets off the prime real estate of her incredible ass to perfection!

She also has a big, smoothly shaven sack of balls to tea bag. When she bends over to present her upside down heart-shaped bottom to you, her penetration station looks so inviting! When Mohka strokes her cock to a big erection, the lines between whether she’s a top or bottom become blurred a bit. But Mohka clearly knows very well who and what she is and I highly recommend that you try and do the same.

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GroobyGirls: Demi The Human Cums!

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Description: Our May 2018 Model of the Month, beautiful Midwest starlet Demi The Human, returns for her second Grooby Girls scene! Just discovered by Radius Dark, Demi is without a doubt one of the hottest newcomers of 2018! We are delighted to have this cutie on our site and it seems that you love her too! Looking sexy as hell, Demi returns ready to show you some more! Watch her as she strips, strokes and cums for your eyes only! Such an amazing girl!

Hi, from Caramel back with news about the May 2018 Model of the Month on I’ve raved about here on TS Dreamland twice before. Her debut was astounding and I also raved about her incredible hardcore performance with Lily Demure that you can review here“Demi The Human Cums!” is self-explanatory, but the process is so effortlessly sexy. There are so many special erotic moments like when Demi imagines you fucking her with her legs held up high and outspread. It makes me wonder about those who haven’t yet discovered the beauty of trans women and begs the question, “What more could you want?!

Demi seduces you first with some nipple exposure, g-string stretching from behind that frames her heart-shaped ass perfectly. There’s boner happenings within five minutes. Her cock is hard, but it’s not flushed deep purple yet. She’s got some jerking off to do before it reaches that state. Mr. Dark captures Demi through each stage of undressing to complete nudity and should get a cyber standing ovation for that from all of us. Demi is one of the prettiest of the pretty models on EVER.

Cumshot Monday: Melody Melendez!

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Description: Gorgeous Melody Melendez returns on Grooby Girls right on time to star in a brand new episode of “Cumshot Mondays” brought to you by Jack Flash! Melody has been with us for five years (she was discovered in 2013) and she keeps getting hotter and hotter! She’s a petite sexy girl with lovely breasts and a nice rock hard cock. Watch Melody as she struts her stuff stroking her cock until she shoots a big creamy load of cum on the mirror!

Back in 2013, legendary producer Tony Vee of New York City said, “When Melody agreed to do another shoot I was all fired up and eager to get her in front of the camera. Melody has lots of energy and a great bubbly personality, she was horny and kept a nice hardon when it was that time. All in all a good fun shoot with a lovely bubbly model. And to top it off a nice cum shot… Melody is a great looking 25 year old from Puerto Rico now living in the Bronx. It took some persistence but after several weeks of phone calls, she finally got up the courage to come in for a shoot. A really fun and nice girl, I expect to see more from her in the future.”

I guess it’s safe to assume that Melody has relocated to the Sunshine State with South Florida producer Jack Flash shooting her new three updates since 2017. I live in North Central Florida and Melody would definitely stop traffic in the part of the state.

She doesn’t say much when her new video begins. She simply begins stripping, baring her large breasts and removing her stockings. She rubs her feet and toes and proceeds to stand up and remove her corselet. Except for the panties that drop to her ankles, she’s naked!

Melody then opens her legs and rubs her lovely cock, moving from one leather seat to another. Then she does the same thing again, yet more intently this time around.

Eventually, we get to the delivery of Melody’s cum shot. There’s a mirror place at the bottom front of the red leather sofa this super horny babe is jerking off on furiously. Melody splatters the mirror with blasts of creamy white cum before this comes to a close.

Beautiful River Enza!

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Description: This Saturday we have an immense pleasure to announce gorgeous River Enza’s GroobyGirls’ debut! Introduced to the world by Radius Dark on Femout.XXX back in 2016, River shot a few hot Femout solos and also a smashing hardcore scene with Shiri on TGirls.Porn. Today is the day of her graduation and she’s about to show you what she got in her very first Grooby Girls’ feature! After introducing herself and talking dirty for a little bit, River strips down to show off her amazing body, beautiful long legs and a perfect ass, before she lubes up a long dildo and fucks herself with it!

Radius Dark presents a lovely vision in blue by the name of River Enza this week on This reminds me of the first time I raved about River on TS Dreamland here in 2016. I wrote about River’s lifestyle as a kinkster with her amazing partner, plus her webcam link and her first time on the academy sister site. That and other scenes were produced by Radius Dark as is “Beautiful River Enza!” on the Grooby Girls website.

River has relocated from Portland, Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada with her Master, Goddess Kyaa. I could explain this relationship further as I love the connection, but I’ll leave that to you to learn about as you get to know River better. She goes into it as a matter of fact briefly in her new opening interview with Mr. Dark.

There’s a lot of depth to River and that’s not limited to what she has to say. Whether it’s explicit ass exposure, foot fetish content of furiously masturbating, she always seems to get as much pleasure performing as you will from watching her.

After about 12 minutes of River beating off and talking dirty, she produces a dildo that looks like it may have originally been meant to be a double dong for two partners. She manages to fuck herself deeply and her moaning makes it seem like it’s as tough a task as you thought it would be. She does this powerful anal fucking with a big raging hardon and that’s what makes this debut so special!

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Grooby Girls: Meet Demi The Human!

Description: Sometimes we can go for a while without a new shoot that really piques our interest, other times it’s a flood of new models who are all amazing. The last few months we’ve had some really awesome models who fulfill exactly what we’re looking for on Grooby Girls. Engaging, unique, sexy and who own their look. We also love to showcase a new comer to the scene. If we were going to put Demi as a model of the month, we’d be waiting until September for a slot, and we think she needs to be seen well before that. So, as it happens occasionally, May 2018 has two models of the month, Sylvie and Demi The Human!

I’ll be raving about Sylvie too, but today is all about model Demi The Human! Her producer Radius Dark writes: “I got a text from Lily Demure about shooting during my vacation in California, which I quickly declined. However, when she sent me Demi’s picture, my plans were interrupted and we scheduled a couple of shoots.”

“Demi is super cute, stands about 5’8″ and has a fully functional, bigger than average cock, but she’s a total bottom who loves to submit, be pinned down and sometimes tied up! She’s into tall guys and girls and also loves people with a feminine touch, especially if they’ll use toys on her. Being spanked is one of her biggest turn ons.”

“For fun, she makes electronic music, likes to play indie video games, watches video essays. Makes electronic movies, from the Midwest, likes weird indie video games, likes watching video essays.”

Demi goes into a little detail about that text in her video interview sequence. When the confessional becomes sexually-oriented, Demi says she’s submissive and likes to be pinned down and sometimes tied up. She really likes getting fucked doggy style and getting spanked. She likes tall girls and guys and loves experimenting with sex toys.

Her nipples are already pretty visible though the sheer cups of her bra, but she exposes them fully to rub them and tell us how sensitive they are. Her hormone breasts when bared are absolutely amazing!

Demi gets so turned on playing with her little pink nubbins. Her cock is halfway out of her panty pouch as she begins stroking it. She stands up and continues beating off, then turns around to show off her bare ass. It’s phenomenal!

When you watch the Demi The Human debut on you, like me, might predict that this fresh new model will someday become a superstar. Register free to watch her on!

Grooby Girls: Cumshot Monday: Kellie Shaw!

Description: Another “Cumshot Monday” episode is here and it stars gorgeous Kellie Shaw in her Grooby Girls debut scene, following a few amazing scenes she shot with Radius Dark for TGirls.XXX! Standing 6’3″ tall, Kellie has amazing long legs and a hard 7.5″ dick! Looking incredible, Kellie is horny and ready to have fun! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

Phoenix, Arizona babe who’s been featured in solo and hardcore performances on TGirls.XXX makes her debut extra special. It’s produced by Radius Dark and includes a dynamic pre-interview. Kellie considers herself a sexually free person. Public sex is one of her biggest thrills and she describes getting down on a public bus with a guy. She actually got fucked on the bus ride!

Kellie also likes group sex. Her favorite position is doggy style because it’s so primal. “Self-love has no schedule,” she says when showing us what her masturbation routine is like once again.

She uses her hands to feel herself up in the kitchen through her bra and short-shorts. Kellie then strips down to her famous designer panties and bra, then hops on the bed to describe her new tits.

She bares and plays with her big knockers and nipples and it’s obvious that they’re nice and sensitive. Another sensitive thing about Kellie is the cock slipping out of her undies. It’s an uncut tool that’s not so threatening until it stiffens.

Then it becomes a large schlong that could have you walking funny for a couple of days. But I understand Kellie is mainly a bottom. Maybe she’d let you suck the cum out of her though.

When approaching orgasm, Kellie uses one hand on her whopper that looks like it would need two! But one is all it takes to reach a loud, quivering climax with streams of cum spurting out of her huge blue-ish red cockhead!

Grooby Girls: Cumshot Monday – Nikki Vicious

Description: Canadian beauty Nikki Vicious makes her “Cumshot Monday” debut in a smashing episode brought to you by Radius Dark! Nikki has been with us for some time already and she looks better than ever! You got to love Nikki’s perfect body, long legs and an amazing ass! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she pops a nice sticky load just for you! What an amazing way to start a week!

Presenting Nikki Vicious! Slim, sporty and super fun, Nikki is a true thrill seeking adrenaline junkie who boasts the record for being the 1st transsexual to have world recognition as a paintball athlete!

This is her debut but you may have already seen Nikki on TGirls.XXX (profile link) in an interracial three way, getting railed by Colby Jansen , solo on (profile link) six times or on TGirls.Porn (profile link) with Jenna Creed in a killer trans lesbian performance!

Radius Dark is a pro at adding interviews with his models that compliment they’re highly charged sexual introductions. He films bubbly Nikki on the bed talking about what she likes to do for fun when her scene begins rolling. She describes herself as pretty submissive and a cuddler. She’s basically vanilla but she has a darker side too.

Nikki loves getting love taps on her amazing ass while she’s getting fucked. She loves looking at a guy’s face when she’s sucking his cock and she’s a swallower. She likes the taste of cum. She also knows the power of her sexy feet. Nikki is usually timid about showing them off, but not here. As she takes off her stripper platforms, I can see how she could have a foot fetishist cumming so quickly. You don’t have to be intensely into feet to know when you’re looking at a pretty pair. And this foot admirer content is long running.

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For those who aren’t into feet, other fans will love Nikki’s striptease to full nudity. The climax is incredible with streams of creamy white cum pouring from Nikki’s swollen cock head in this torrid update!

Cumshot Monday: Domino Presley Returns!

Domino Presley, the superstar and OG Grooby Girl, returns for another edition of “Cumshot Monday”! Domino shows why she’s always at the top of her game as she strokes her cock and shows off that world class ass as only she can do.

Enjoy watching gorgeous Domino cumming just for you in another smashing “Cumshot Monday” scene brought to you by Buddy Wood! It’s always amazing to have Domino back!

Famed producer Buddy Wood filming beautiful Domino stripping and cumming might not be the most groundbreaking new events in trans porn, yet it’s one of the most exquisite.

They go way back to the early days of under it’s original name, to the launch of and Buddy’s TS- website.

In this Cumshot Monday update, something as simple as a new headboard in Buddy’s home studio makes all the difference in the way Domino’s beauty is framed. She moves gracefully through a traditional striptease performance while standing and on the bed. Eventually, Domino strips to her tall sandals, swings her hips to wag her cock, and then she begins to masturbate.

The rear views of Domino might destroy you as much as the full frontal and profile views, depending on what you’re most interested in. It could be her big swinging erection or her tiny winking rosebud. She’s pretty vocal and she simulates riding your hardon while jerking off furiously.

Domino pours a copious amount of lubricant to her big boner and strokes it like she’s gearing up for a tremendous long-awaited climax. I don’t have any idea how long before this update Domino’s last orgasm was, but her big cumshot indicates it’s been quite some time!

Grooby Girls: Addi Fucks Herself And Cums!

The description of this update reads: Addi is back! She has been one of our hottest models for some time already and we are always excited to have her back! Ever since she made her debut on Femout.XXX back in 2016, her progress to the superstar status was amazing!

This Monday, she returns in front of Omar’s camera to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series! She brought her huge dildo with her and she is ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice hard fucking! Watch her playing with her toy and stroking her cock until she cums just for you! Addi is stunning!

Addi is blazing hot in her 8th performance. Addi has been one of the most prolific live trans performers on my favorite webcam site this year. It’s hard to say which way to enjoy her better is, but she’s incredible outside of the major studio arena on!

But back to this Omar Wax shoot, Addi enters the bedroom dressed like an erotic version of a princess. She sits down on the bed and caresses her breasts and rubs her center through her outfit. Addi introduces herself and presents her perfectly rounded ass before standing up on the mattress.

Addi continues to move through a series of tantalizing positions. She then exposes and wiggles her cock, having you consider seeing it wiggle around while you’re fucking her. Or perhaps you’d like sucking on it until it gets hard instead. She turns around, bends over and shows you exactly what her flexing rosebud would look like before you invade it.

She wears a white strapless brassiere beneath her corset. But it comes off fast and her lovely breasts and nipples are completely bared. She then finds a plastic phallus and smacks her fine ass with it. Addi makes her love button flex again and then she begins fucking it after rendering herself completely nude!

Do not have a foot fetish if you expect to get through this entire update without shooting your load. Addi fucks the dildo with her soft soles. It’s also not going to be easy when she fucks herself with the huge toy in this exquisite update!

The Return of Xena Kitty

Description: Today, we have an immense pleasure to announce comeback of another beautiful model we haven’t seen in a while: Xena Kitty (formerly known as Alyssa Ion) is back! Xena made their debut back in 2014 and shot a few hot solo scenes with us. We haven’t seen this cutie since 2015, so it’s very nice to have them back today in a brand new solo scene shot by Amy Space Kitten! Alyssa looks better than ever! Watch them stripping, fucking their sexy ass with a big dildo and stroking their cock just for you!

I’m so excited that Xena Kitty is performing again. She’s a great model and a great girl I’ve bumped into more that a few times on Social Media. Members of have access to her Twitter account. What I didn’t see coming was that Xena’s latest photo and video set would be presented by triple threat model/cam girl/producer Amy Space Kitten.

This pretty kitty says she’s getting horny already when her scene begins. She wastes no time whipping her she-cock out and playing with it. Then she bares and fondles one of her gorgeous, sensitive breasts. Xena alternates between concentrating on her tits and on her stiffening dick.

Once her cock is fully erect, Xena delivers a butt show that backs up her state of arousal 100%. It’s explicit and her horniness transfers directly – you’ll see what I mean while playing the full length video. Xena finger bangs herself with multiple digits before simulating fellatio with a huge double dong.

The only thing I wish happened with the video was to see as much as her bare, gorgeous legs as we do in the photo set. Small details like that only matter to specific fans however. Whatever the case, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the follow-up scene with Xena Kitty.

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Janelle Fennec

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The TGirls.Porn description reads: It’s 2018 and we are hitting the ground running with our first electrifying scene of the year featuring none other than dazzling combination Chanel Noir & Janelle Fennec. Let cocks and cum collide, the year is off to a screaming start here on the home of the hottest, TGirls.Porn!

Chanel: “Janelle has really pretty eyes to look into. It made it really easy to kiss her. I didn’t have much trouble getting hard for her, even though I’m much more of a bottom than a top. I loved stroking our cocks together and then eating cum when it was all said and done. It was a fun time with a hot girl.”

Janelle: “It was awesome seeing Chanel again and getting fucked in this easy shoot. We were both instantly rock hard and I climbed up on that fat cock of hers and rode it. I loved all the kissing and tasty cum that came with this session!”

TGirls.Porn is not where many of have seen Chanel and Janelle together in XXX action. The Getting Some Sugar and Dick and Fuck My Boss videos from another hot site preceded this awesome Radius Dark production. Because I know that both girls can top, I wasn’t sure who would bottom and who’d be the aggressor here and I simply enjoyed watching to see how it would all play out. The video is almost a half hour and the photo set compliments it with 196 images. Watching the scene trailer on TGirls.Porn reveals mutual oral sex and Chanel fucking Janelle in two different positions. What the preview does not show is the build-up sequence in the hotel room where the girls come together and begin making out. From that moment until the closing makeout scene with the girls standing naked, I feel that Chanel and Janelle share a chemistry that rivals any duo or threesome on this website. These models are exquisite separately but every time I see them together it’s a reminder of how amazing they are as a team.

Cumshot Monday: Kristen Kraves!

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“Hi, it’s Kristen Kraves, your TMILF,” are the first words you hear from this gorgeous model in a grey knit dress and thigh-high black boots. In this update, she proceeds to deliver a standing striptease, exposing her more than ample cleavage and more of her luscious legs. You’ll notice that her black lacy bra matches her panties.

Kristen turns to draw your attention to be panty clad butt and she gives it a hard spank before lowering her frock. I don’t know what her workout regime is like but her abs flexing while she strips tells you what kind of shape she’s in. If this is a cougar boy, y’all youngin’s better watch out! Kristen manages to expose her cock and boobs fully pretty close to simultaneously.

When she lowers her panties to a certain point you’ll notice she’s got a butt plug embedded inside her curvy bottom. She straddles and bends over on a kitchen stool to give you a closer look at the sex toy, and more importantly, her sexy round ass. Kristen takes hold of her cock and then gives us a seated cock stroking show.

As her cock lengthens and thickens gradually, you’re eventually confronted with quite an impressive member! When her producer Radius Dark withdraws the close up from her mighty tool, you’ll see that Kristen has removed her boots. This babe has legs to die for and she’s a foot lover’s dream. Most of the leg admirer and foot fetish content that comes next is with Kristen back on that chair again bending over. She simulates getting fucked while jerking off and then she’s in the bedroom on the bed.

Her fap session continues on the bed with an even more explicit butt show! First she’s on her back, then in the doggystyle position. Kristen beats off side saddle and then back in the missionary position! Kristen fucks herself with the buttplug next. Soon she’s lost in the throes of orgasm. Some of her cum lands inside her cute little belly button in this tremendous update.


Katalina Lee Cums!

The description of this update reads: Katalina Lee is such a hottie! Discovered by Radius Dark and introduced to the world two weeks ago, this gorgeous Boston girl returns for her second solo scene and she brought her toys with her! She starts out the scene by stroking her cock, then she plays with her tight hole to prepare it for some nice dildo fucking! Watch her as she fucks herself in various positions and plays with her penis pump until she cums! Hopefully we will see this cutie again soon!

Her profile reads: Katalina Lee is a petite girl of just 5’4″ with a soft, round butt, cute little feet, an amazing smile, and a slim figure. She runs and works out regularly. She loves to camp, ride dirt bikes, and cook. She actually has a garden where she grows her own food. She keeps a clean home. She’s wife material. She got the scar on her butt from an ATV accident that she’s going to turn into another tattoo. The scar will be the stem for a rose.

In her “Introducing Katalina Lee!” debut, Katalina informs us of how much she loves to give blowjobs (and swallow). She tells us she’s verse while showing off various angles of her toned and trim form. Katalina likes having her nipples pinched and she shows us just how. Then she teases us with her legs spread eagle and the bulge in her sheer panties. She then withdraws her stiffening cock.

Off come her panties and next comes Katalina’s deep finger banging. When she loses her boots, I don’t think there’s any doubt that her pretty peds drive foot lovers nuts. She’s got posing on the couch down pat and then it evolves into furious cock stroking! Mr. Dark does a brief yet very entertaining closing interview.

Watch Katalina’s Free Scene Trailer

Katalina’s debut is not to be missed. Her encore performance is however more sexually intense. She tells us exactly what she’s going to do and there are lot’s of activities on that list including cumming. She’s already stroking her stiff cock when the scene opens! Katalina’s breathing is louder and she’s clearly more worked up this time around. There’s more foot fetish content and deep sex toy penetration. Katalina’s penis pump play is mesmerizing and then comes her finale. Mr. Dark’s full body footage of Katalina beating off furiously with her breast jiggling is glorious. And in this update, Katalina cums!