Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Girl Cums For You!

October 2017 Model of the Month, Gorgeous Girl, returns with her second solo scene! Once again she reminds us why making her Model of the Month was such an easy decision for the producers of I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have the chance to describe her debut by Omar Wax but better late than never!

Enclosed is a mashup of photos from both sets. If I hadn’t seen her photos first, watching this new model crawling across the sofa in her first scene would have informed me that her stage name fits perfectly. She takes her time with her striptease with a little ass slapping while standing and delivering tremendously sexy rear views.

Once she lays back down on the couch in profile, her scantily clad exposure is tortuous! Her panties just barely contain her genitals. Then she lowers the designer garment to show off what she’s got explicitly. Goodness gracious, it’s hide-and-seek until she finally renders herself completely nude. Gorgeous Girl adds some vocal teasing to her fantastic visuals next while jerking off.

She makes her cock stiff and she knows that it’s a pretty big one. Gorgeous Girl’s encore video, also beautifully shot by Omar Wax, has an equally stunning opening sequence.

It may be more inviting however considering this time she’s posing in bed. She makes us all wait again as she’s so highly skilled in the art of the striptease. But when the clothes come off, this babe opens up more and more – literally.

As for the cum shot sequence, it’s one of the most beautifully shot climaxes in history.

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