Smokin’ Brazilian Trans Girl Felipa Lins updates

“Smokin’ Brazilian Trans Girl Wants to Squeeze Out A Wet One On You!” on Shemale Strokers stars curvy and coy Felipa Lins relaxing poolside in sexy lace lingerie and heels. She playfully teases you as she uncovers her perky tits and begins to rub the growing bulge in her panties. Giving in to your wishes, she slips those off too, revealing her voluptuous ass. After giving it a nice spank, she shows you what she has hidden between her legs – a fat, veiny trans girl cock. The more she smacks her thick dick against her manicured hands and toned stomach, the more it swells. At last, she lies back and spreads her legs open so she can stroke herself to the point of no return. Eager to cum, Felipa slides a wet finger into her tight bottom. Her increasing moans suggest she can no longer stand it, and she finally squeezes out a sweet, sticky cumshot just for you. That’s the official synopsis of this Shemale Strokers scene that basically covers it all. What I noticed was that Felipa spoke a little which she rarely does. I always knew that she has a sweet voice but I usually only hear her gasping and moaning. I didn’t really notice the fine blonde hairs on Felipa’s shredded abdomen and luscious legs in the video. While running through the photo set, they’re more visible. I don’t think I have a hirsute fetish, but I kind of like it. What isn’t there to like about Felipa Lins, especially on Shemale Strokers in her magnificent debut?

TS Factor #02 – Felipa Lins & Alex Victor

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In Scene #07 of TS Factor #02, barely legal Felipa Lins meets porn veteran Alex Victor for a tremendous bareback hardcore mutual sucking and fucking. She looks ridiculously gorgeous posing in the bedroom in bra, panties, stay-up stockings and tall heels when this Evil Angel video begins. She bares and fondles an amazingly pretty hormone breast under Joey Silvera’s direction. The other boob falls out of it’s lacy cup and she rubs the large outline of a phallus in her panties next. Felipa is soon topless with a light patina of oil on her torso as she moves toward the camera. When she lies across the bed, Alex joins her, caressing her legs and ass and kissing her in the most intimate places. She’s still wearing panties, but he manages to tea bag her balls and then he withdraws her dusky, un-cut cock from her panties. Felipa fondles her tits and tweaks her nipple as Alex swirls his tongue around her big cock and begins going up and down on it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fucking Felipa out of her heels before. Felipa reacts to the pounding at times like it hurts, but her cock remains so rigid. As if watching Alex railing Felipa isn’t enough to make you blow your load, she fucks him after she releases a big cum shot. Actually, it’s more complicated than that but I don’t want to spoil all the fun for you. Felipa Lins is in my opinion one of the most underrated trans porn stars of 2015. With continuing performances like this one on Evil Angel’s TS Factor #02, 2016 has to be her year.

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Teenager Sensation Felipa Lins Selfie Video

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Felipa Lins has an adorable face. As for the rest of her exquisite physical attributes, I’d never want to reduce another transwoman’s assets to her tits, ass and cock, but sometimes the obvious is just too hard to avoid mentioning. Felipa’s case, I find it impossible. The follow-up scene to her first Latina Tranny selfie video takes things up to the level you were possibly waiting for. After seeing her sucking and fucking, that part one was a nice little teaser to keep us engaged. In fact, it was so hot, I couldn’t help mentioning it here. But you’ve got to check out what happens next. In her new selfie scene, Felipa isn’t holding the camera like last time. That’s because she’s in bed, squeezing her perky boobs and getting on her hands and knees to show off one of the most amazing asses I’ve ever seen in my life. Felipa’s tiny waist makes her bottom look like an upside-down heart. It’s just exemplary and I think her tits are absolutely perfect. I wondered if she was left-handed while she was beating off, arousing her huge cock from flaccid to fully erect. But as she adjusted her camera and kept switching hands, it was hard to tell. I’ll ask Nikki Montero, the gorgeous hostess of Latina Tranny who she’s had so much wonderful sex with. I’ll be she knows.

Felipa Lins Selfie

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Video Preview

Felipa Lins and Nikki Montero aren’t sucking or fucking again like I wrote about in this post. Perhaps Felipa’s “Selfie” was filmed before their “Teen Spirit” and “Cumshots” hardcore scenes or at some other time. I’m thinking it probably wasn’t filmed after because Nicole would have worn her big dick out. This scene delivers just what it suggests, Felipa posing before a large mirror. She’s moving about in her bra and panties, showing off her amazing curves. After about a minute of innocent teasing, she slips her hand inside her panty after a minute or so. Felipa exposes her succulent breasts just the way she wants us to view them. Does this mean she’s a producer now? She could be if she keeps rolling out a steady stream of porn like she’s been doing and finds she likes being behind the camera as much as in front of it. That’s pretty much what her mentor Nikki pretty much does. I remember way back when I practically begged her to perform on her Latina Tranny website more often. My request and that of several other fans was fulfilled. I just like to tell myself that I had something to do with it. As the scene plays on, Felipa continues to rub her panty pouch which keeps getting a little bigger. Then she releases her cock and strokes it erect. It’s really a thing of beauty, like the rest of her. You should also see how she puts it to use on her friends on Latina Tranny and the SMC Network.

Brazilian Transsexuals Felipa Lins and Gabriela Ferrari

Felipa Lins is one of my favorite new stars who made a big impact on the adult industry at the end of 2015. It looks like 2016 is going to be a killer year for her as well. I don’t throw the word “star” around lightly. Some of her best performances can be seen on Brazilian Transsexuals, including her railing of another trans performer named Raica Micaheli and a torrid threesome with Ana Karla Lozz and Claudio Marques. Gabriela Ferrari is her latest victim, a Brazilian megastar from Sao Paulo who could have topped Felips if she wanted to. But I think that legendary director Louie Damazo wants us to focus on how well the newbie can lay pipe with her first release of the new year. Felipa and Gabriella are making out when their Brazilian Transsexuals hardcore video begins. Gaby feasts on Felipa’s pretty boobs and Felipa returns the favor. About 3 minutes into the scene, both girls are out of their two-pieces and Gabriella is stroking on her super-thick erection while Felipa enjoys her blowjob. By the way, Felipa’s cock is also humungous and Gaby makes a great show of giving her head. This skull fucking goes on through half of the scene until Gabriela sinks down on Felipa’s massive member in the reverse cowgirl position. Gaby has obviously been looking forward to this moment as her uncut dick is raging hard. The wide angle HD footage of Gabriela’s breasts jiggling and her prick bobbing up and down and swinging all over the place is hot as I don’t know what. Gaby eventually turns to face Felipa as she rides her big dick. Then she takes a side saddle railing. There were glances at the camera during the oral sex, but by this time, these girls have completely forgotten about us. They only stare at each other while fucking. Then the fucking evolves into one of the hardest transbian jackhammer drillings you’ll ever see on Brazilian Transsexuals. There’s even a doggy style pounding that must have left Gaby walking funny for days. After a missionary bang, the girls lay side by side for the big money shots. Do you like seeing lots of flyin cum? This instant classic ends with two furious blasts and an intimate French kiss. This is a must see and must save Brazilian Transsexuals hardcore production with 169 hi-res images for photo collectors.

Nikki and Felipa Lins Cumshot

When I went into depth about Latina Tranny hostess Nicole Montero on November 29 about Part 1 of Nikki and Felipa Lins in “Teen Spirit,” I took an educated guess about Part 2 “Nikki and Felipa Lins Cumshot on Glasses.” I just had to see everything that led up to the obviously explosive finale. I’m going into depth again, but not quite as deeply as 19 year old Felipa did (but a girl can dream). The cat is out of the bag with the preview MP4 and Flash videos. But it’s so much more fun watching the original Latina Tranny video. I had to see everything that led up to Nikki’s tremendous cumshot and it all started with a wide angle view of Felipa pummeling Nicole’s famous butt with her huge cock. Some of us will imagine being part of a daisy chain with this stunning duo – railing Felipa’s fabulous bottom while she’s banging Nikki. Or perhaps someone would rather bottom for both of these beauties who bring new meaning to that “fully functional” term. For awhile there, I didn’t know if I should feel sorry for Nicole or to envy her. Felipa’s got one big ass Brazilian dick and she fucks really, really hard! I was so curious to see how this drama ended. If you are too, you can get it from Latina Tranny or from the SMC Network of websites. Just make that you get this cumshot and make a new one of your own.

Felipa Lins Fucks Raica Mikaelle

I still haven’t gotten over the debut of Felipa Lins and now I’ve seen her new transbian set. She gets undressed by Raica Mikalle and also gets her taut nipples sucked when their hardcore Brazilian-Transsexuals video open. They rub each other’s panty bulges, but Raica is intent on sucking Felipa’s big cock which stiffens immediately. It’s a wet and messy blowjob with a lot of concentration on Felipa’s swollen cock head. Felipa takes her panties off as well and rises to her knees while Raica continues sucking her large dick. Then she rises to her feet on the bed and lies back down for fellatio from behind. Felips smacks her own ass the same way she’ll soon be slapping Raica’s when she’s fucking her. Felipa’s pipe laying begins within 14 minutes of this 22:50 minute scene. She rides Felips in the reverse cowgirl position first. Then she takes Felipa’s shafting side saddle and then gets it doggy style. Raica’s grinding, undulating ass is amazing to watch as Felipa pumps her big schlong in and out of it. I don’t need to speak Portuguese to understand what Raica is wailing about. I’ve been a Brazilian-Transsexuals fan for several years and I’ve managed to translate pretty much all of the dirty talk. A cowgirl pounding shows off more of Raica’s incredible butt and her tight, femboy type frame is fully exposed during the missionary banging. So is Felipa’s fit torso. Raica growls like an animal as a huge torrent of creamy white cum blasts out of her cock. Felipa add to her partner’s lovely mess with her own big load. Don’t miss this transbian fuckfest on Brazilian-Transsexuals. Another hot Felipa Lins hardcore scene I love is the threesome in which Ana Karla Lozz gets thoroughly fucked by both Felipa and Claudio Marques!

Felipa Lins on Shemale Club

“It Girl” Felipa Lins from Sao Paulo, Brazil looks gorgeous in her Shemale Club photoset and video sitting down on an ottoman in her bra and panties. But that ass though… It’s absolutely magnificent. She also has a lovely set of hormone breasts and she gives us a peek at her tight nipples. Most of the beginning of her scene is shot from behind where she strips nude except for her tall, strappy sandals. Felipa is stroking her huge cock within the first 3 minutes of this scene. The closeups center on her big dick in full frontal and there’s footage from floor level. She turns around and makes a provocative show of squeezing her erection between her thighs firmly. Then she swings her massive prick in your face before she resumes masturbating. Next, she sits back and just allows you to marvel at the way suck a heavy sex organ can hang suspended so high in the air. The kinkiest moment comes when Felipa pees with her large cock half hard in her Shemale Club debut. Girl, doesn’t that hurt a little?

Nikki and Felipa Lins on Latina Tranny

Earlier this year I first saw a gorgeous 19 year old transsexual newbie from São Paulo, Brazil hit the scene. I’ve seen this beauty getting fucked, but I was even more impressed with her as a top. I was delighted, but not at all surprised, to see that the incredible Chilean porn star / producer of Latina Tranny pinned her down for not one, but two smoking hot releases! Nikki Montero leads Felipa down a corridor to her hotel room and gets a sweet kiss from the teen as soon as the get inside. They move close to the bed and waste no time making out. Felipa exposes and licks one of Nikki’s pretty tits and we see that she’s going commando beneath her skirt. Her legendary cock is already stiffening. Felipa keeps the momentum going by kneeling down to suck on it for a bit. When she rises, they play an erotic dueling swords game which leads to a more forceful skull-fucking from the hung hostess. Felipa casts away her skirt while arranging herself on the bed and Nikki helps her get her bra off. Nikki gets a bit more of her cock sucked and all the sudden, she’s gloriously naked and returning the oral favors. It doesn’t take long before Felipa develops a huge boner. So far, I’ve just described a little over half of this smoldering first part of a continuing Latina Tranny series.