River Stark, Robert Axel & Francesca Le

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She-Male Perverts #03

Although I went directly to the actual scene to see River Stark and Robert Axel sucking and fucking each other first, I like the behind-the-scenes video too. It’s also directed by Francesca Le who got to taste River’s cum near the end of the sizzling hot She-Male Perverts #03 scene. She actually showed her pretty face in what I guess one could call a cummy cameo. The Evil Angel filmography of actress/director Francesca Le lists 204 scenes. The BTS scene interview tells us a little about how much River enjoyed her scene with Robert who really knows how to give it to a girl who wants it hard. It’s a truly powerful railing, but River didn’t take it easy on Robert, either. The gorgeous trans star also updates us on her own photographer both commercial and for porn. I’ve raved about her work before with another major studio. The interview is post-coital and River is just sporting a bra and a hardon. She obviously could have gone straight into another scene and I’m glad that River mentioned that trans woman cum tastes different because I can attest to that fact. River goes on to discuss how professional Robert is and about more of her preferences and personal lifestyle a bit. In the full-length scene, a good portion of the beginning is River posing with a boner. I’m so glad that River and Robert switched for this incredible production. The official text reads: Sexy, busty, tattooed TS River Stark shows off her slender build and bodacious boobs in her bright-colored bikini, strutting to the music, boasting a bulging she-penis and stroking herself. Indoors, director Francesca Le inspects River’s rock-hard cock via blow job. They welcome stud Robert Axel and trade sloppy, deep-throat favors — Robert bends over to take the length of River’s shaft up his asshole. She power-fucks him and takes a hard anal reaming from the dark-skinned Adonis. She spurts cum while Robert drills her rectum, then drops to her knees for a creamy facial load in She-Male Perverts #03 available for download and streaming on Evil Angel.

TS Factor #02 – Felipa Lins & Alex Victor

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In Scene #07 of TS Factor #02, barely legal Felipa Lins meets porn veteran Alex Victor for a tremendous bareback hardcore mutual sucking and fucking. She looks ridiculously gorgeous posing in the bedroom in bra, panties, stay-up stockings and tall heels when this Evil Angel video begins. She bares and fondles an amazingly pretty hormone breast under Joey Silvera’s direction. The other boob falls out of it’s lacy cup and she rubs the large outline of a phallus in her panties next. Felipa is soon topless with a light patina of oil on her torso as she moves toward the camera. When she lies across the bed, Alex joins her, caressing her legs and ass and kissing her in the most intimate places. She’s still wearing panties, but he manages to tea bag her balls and then he withdraws her dusky, un-cut cock from her panties. Felipa fondles her tits and tweaks her nipple as Alex swirls his tongue around her big cock and begins going up and down on it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fucking Felipa out of her heels before. Felipa reacts to the pounding at times like it hurts, but her cock remains so rigid. As if watching Alex railing Felipa isn’t enough to make you blow your load, she fucks him after she releases a big cum shot. Actually, it’s more complicated than that but I don’t want to spoil all the fun for you. Felipa Lins is in my opinion one of the most underrated trans porn stars of 2015. With continuing performances like this one on Evil Angel’s TS Factor #02, 2016 has to be her year.

Watch all the TS Factor #02 Video Trailers

Mara Nova in TS Factor #02

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“This is a good day,” says famed Evil Angel director Joey Silvera while filming gorgeous 21 year old Mara Nova for TS Factor #02. Instead of jumping straight into the hard stuff, he extracts some background information about Mara. He noticed she did her own makeup and she did go to school for Cosmetology and Hair and it looks it. Between “Oh my Gods” and a few expletives, he learns that she’s from San Diego, California, or rather asks to loosen her up. Mara mentioned she was a little bit shy at first, but that begins to dissipate when Silvera does what he does best – directing. Mara falls into porn mode skillfully with some rear exposure first, then revealing her pretty boobs. Mara begins stroking her semi-erect cock within the first five minutes. She switches her expanding tool between both hands and smacks it across her thigh. Then she pours a generous amount of oil across the shaft. Her fapping continues while she lies back, but then she stands up and more dirty dialogue follows. Mara’s next butt show is more intense than the first with a little finger banging added. Then with some really loud smacking sounds audible as she beats off to reach her climax, Mara pretty face grimaces. Mara makes the sexiest moans and gasps when a torrent of creamy white cum blasts from the swollen head of her cock. Wait until you hear what she was fantasizing about when she made herself cum so hard. For more information about Mara Nova, visit tsmaranova.com and watch her performing live on Chaturbate in room sailor_maranova.


TS Factor – Nina Lawless & Kassondra Raine

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Gorgeous redhead Kassondra Raine did webcam broadcasts for two years before she started doing major studio work in the adult industry. She was a Psychology major at UNLV and also worked in retail and at a marijuana dispenser in Las Vegas, Nevada until the operation unfolded. She loves her current work and only wishes that she started earlier. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Kassondra’s webcam performances, but I’ve been a fan of her studio work for the last two years. As for stunning Nina Lawless, I was already a huge fan. Kassondra opens Scene #02 of TS Factor holding a hula hoop and twirling it around her trim waist. She looks stunning doing this topless with something of a silver micro-miniskirt over black panties. Famed Evil Angel Director Joey Silvera chimes in from the background as she’s seated and Kassondra invites Nina to come closer. She pulls standing Nina down for a kiss and admires the big tanned knockers before her with her lips and tongue. Nina returns the breast admiration and then Kassondra takes hold of the big bulge in Nina’s bodysuit. Nina’s big cock is almost as stiff as it can possibly get when Kassondra curls her fingers around the shaft. There’s some passionate kissing throughout a deep, slurping blowjob and handjob. The powerful fucking that Nina delivers is bareback with a series of position changes that culminates in a tremendous creamy white cumshot. Click here for more trailers from the TS Factor on Evil Angel.

TS Tarynxo & Harper Kelly

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Trans-Visions #07

The first time I saw TS Tarynxo “The Fucking Empress” and Harper Kelly together, I wrote about it here on January 11, 2016. This time, Taryn fucks Harper all by herself in Scene #04 of Trans-Visions #07. I don’t think one needs to be a genetic female to be convinced that Taryn can fuck one silly. I also think that when Evil Angel director Joey Silvera’s camera introduces Taryn, you might find it hard not to cum before Harper arrives. But wait for Taryn’s gorgeous native Colorado neighbor if you can the first time around. Taryn sits barefoot on a leather sofa is a black lingerie outfit on a leather sofa looking absolutely ravishing. Her cock is already thickening when she withdraws it and it quickly expands to a full erection as she strokes it. Silvera tells her it’s bigger than it was in the pictures he’s seen of Taryn and that she’s fucking beautiful. She giggles at the compliment and exposes her pretty hormone boobs. As she continues to beat off, Taryn stands up to give us an upskirt view without a skirt. Her cock is trying to defy gravity at this point and then she turns around to give us a devastating rear view. At about just under the 7th minute, she calls Harper in and we’re treated with another killer ass and some French kissing. Harper runs her tongue along the underside of Taryn’s rock hard cock, curls her fingers around it and begins sucking. The sexy redhead’s natural boobs are also exposed as she gives Taryn head. Silvera zooms in for some tight closeups and there’s more intimate kissing. I love the way Taryn teases her partner’s pretty pussy with her bare cock. She runs it between the labia and against Harper’s clit first. Eventually, Taryn picks up the pace after a slow railing, but that comes later in the scene. So does the powerful ass fucking Taryn delivers. This is not an Evil Angel video you’ll just want to stream. Download this one so you can replay it again and again whenever you want to. Take a look at all of the trailers from Trans-Visions #07 on Evil Angel. The thing that makes it extra special is the chemistry between two beautiful girls with common interests who are very close in real life.

Trans-Visions #06 – Nina Lawless & River Stark

Evil Angel has just released the first scene of Trans-Visions #06 ! I absolutely love this Joey Silvera directed Nina Lawless and River Stark video. I just heard about it yesterday and I downloaded the 55 and a half minute scene knowing pretty much what to expect this morning. Here is the MP4 Trailer. I knew that River was an Army veteran and I’ve gone into detail about her here before. I’ve been a fan of Nina Lawless for quite some time and I’ve mentioned her performances here quite often. When the scene opens, River goes into detail in her opening interview with Silvera and I learned more about her background and body than I knew before. She’s a serious cyclist, which explains why her body is so fit. I’ve mainly only seen River as a strict dominatrix in her performances on other website, however. Nina Lawless is totally versatile, so I think either one of these adult actresses could have been the more dominant partner. The rubbing together of thier big, stiff dicks within eight minutes of this video will back up my last statement. Good lawd. At any rate, the oral action in the beginning and end is totally mutual. Nina does all the digital penetration, so to speak. If you like big, creamy white cumshots, you will not be disappointed. I’ve yet to see the scenes starring Alex Victor, Deborah Mastronelly, Fernanda Cristine, Gisele Bittencourt , Jaqueline Dark, Sabrina Camargo and Tony Lee. But I know the work of these incredible performers as well, too. The end of Scene #01 of this Evil Angel joint is so sexy, there was no need for a money shot instant replay closeup. You can watch the trailers of Trans-Visions #06 now!

Kananda Hickman Trans-Visions #05 Hardcore

Joey Silvera films Kananda Hickman walking down the street somewhere in Brazil in Scene #06 of Trans-Visions #05. A man approaches her from behind and reaches around to cup the breasts beneath her sheer white top. The subtitles reveal that she’s ready to suck cock, and the next thing you know, she’s showing off her voluptuous figure in a naughty schoolgirl outfit. Once she’s on the bed, her man, named Guy Tavarez, is shirtless as he kneels behind her. Kananda unties her top to bare her big boobs and the guy kisses her nipples and her pink lips. He squeezes the bulge in her sheer black panties and it’s obvious that she’s developing an erection. The head and first few inches of her cock peek out and soon it’s released. With her tartan plaid hoisted around her waist, Kananda kneels with her hands on her hips while Guy sucks on her big, juicy hardon. She lies back to gaze into the camera lense lustfully as she enjoys her blowjob. Her big dick points toward the ceiling when it’s not in his mouth. This guy is so good at sucking her meat balls deep. Kananda beats off when trying to do the same thing to his large prick. Once she’s bored with her second sucing, Kananda begins fucking her man barback while he lies on his back. They both moan loudly as she pumps away with her big tits jiggling. She stares at us most of the time with a look on her face that seems to say, “You know wish this was you.” Kananda gives her man a doggy style railing next and stands above him while they both jerk off. The man comes first, spalshing his spunk on his abs. Kananda beats off until streams of pearlescent cum pours from her swollen cockhead. The couple share kisses and that’s almost wrap for Scene #06 of Trans-Visions #05 on Evil Angel. But then there’s some footage of Guy fucking Kanada doggy style also!

Trans-Visions #05: Kelly Costa Threesome

In Scene #05 of Trans-Visions #05, trans porn icon Kelly Costa strides down a São Paulo street on a rainy day and meets two muscular studs; bearded Alex Victor and bald Guy Tavarez. She feels their big packages and leads them to a luxury hotel. But she strips out of her raincoat and just for us, revealing her incredible breast with tan lines an large, erect nipples. She props herself upon the bed and removes her high heels to get her jeans off. Then she’s joined by the two hung men who kiss her pretty boobs. When Alex releases her dark cock from her panties, it’s already hard. It stands straight up after he moves the foreskin back and forth over the head. Alex is the first guy to give her a blowjob. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful transsexual porn star. Alex makes Guy gag on Kelly’s stiffness. Then he gets Kelly to suck his big dick while Guy manhandles her. With her own prick standing up and swinging between her deeply tanned thighs, Kelly alternates sucking both erections and sometimes both at the same time. The fucking is bareback and there are to many position changes to mention. At the end, naked Kelly’s cock spurts a big load of clear cum on her left thigh. Her pretty tits jiggle wildly as she squeezes what looks like honey out of her amazing tool. Both men cover her upper torso in cum and she catches some of it in her mouth, too! Gloriously nude Kelly makes a great show of sucking both spending cocks in this fantastic Trans-Visions #05 scene on Evil Angel.

Trans-Visions #05 Bia Spencer

I’ve been a big fan of Bia Spencer of São Paulo, Brazil for about seven years now. Her stats are 5’8″(173 cm), 38C-24-38 and I’m used to seeing her as a redhead. But she’s stunning as well as a brunette. She doesn’t speak much English, but I could care less. The crazy thing about her new Evil Angel solo performance in Scene #04 of Trans-Visions #05 is that she looks younger now than she did when I first saw her. As you can see from these mp4, flash and photo gallery previews, she looks absolutely incredible. That look on her face when she tugs hard at her huge erection and fucks herself with her pink sex toy is everything. This HD video runs a delicious 17:32 minutes long and not a second is wasted. Have you recently had one of those teeth-clentching climaxes where you groan so deeply that you even surprise yourself? This is what Bia’s orgasm sounds like as dollops of creamy white cum jets out of her hordon and spash against her flat tummy. In an unusual twist, Bia introduces herself to us at the end of this Joey Silvera instant classic Evil Angel production.

Rogue Adventures #41: Vivian Rockwell, Robert Axel

Vivian Rockwell wears one of hottest bikinis I’ve seen this year on a body that’s in the same category in Rogue Adventures #41. She pulls the panty to the side in a rear closeup to expose her full body tan and rosebud for a few moments. Then she sits down on a chair to play with the bulge in her panties which lies below her pierced belly button. She gradually allows you to see more and more of her smooth-shaven cock and balls. Her pretty dick is almost as hard as it can get when she withdraws it from her panty pouch. Next thing you know it’s fully erect and you can hear director Joey Silvera saying, “Fuck yeah,” in the background. Vivian introduces herself after displaying one full boob. Vivian tells Joey she’s from Oceanside, San Diego, who asks in return if she wants to power fuck a guy’s face. Vivian is caught off guard by the question, but she looks totally prepared for shirtless Robert Axel when he appears and moves in for a kiss. He then feasts on Vivian’s breasts and strokes her erection simultaneously. When Robert begins sucking on her cock, she fondles her tits and moans softly. She gets louder when he tea bags her balls and resumes the blowjob. I don’t think she’s the skull fucking type. At least not yet. We find that Robert is going commando when Vivian withdraws his already stiff prick from his jeans. I’m going to skip past the furious bareback fucking to about 34 minutes in where Vivian wails loudly while getting a missionary railing. She jacks off furiously and her wails are high pitched as her dusky wet erection shoots a big load of juice on her tight tummy. She brings Robert close to the edge with a tea bagging and salad tossing while he jerks off. Then he leans up on the bed and fills her pretty mouth with a torrent o creamy white cum. Vivian sucks his dick dry and she realizes she wasn’t supposed to swallow it all. Well, not really. I got to see some of the big man’s spunk. Vivian reveals after the orgasms that she began her transition as a softmore in high school. I’ve been a major fan of the Rogue Adventures series since the first video release on VHS. Scene #01 of Rogue Adventures #41 is Vivian Rockwell’s incredible Evil Angel debut. It’s the 25th Evil Angel scene with the relatively new, yet somehow already legendary Robert Axel.

Tyra Scott in Hot For Transsexuals

Las Vegas beauty Tyra Scott opens her Hot For Transsexuals hardcore scene solo by glamour modeling in a sparkly dress and tall platform heels. It transforms from glam to purely sexual pretty quickly however. Her full breasts are exposed with the first two minutes and she disgards her dress soon after. She lays back stroking her cock and it’s almost fully erect when tanned, muscular Brock Avery enters the room to join her. I’m sure he was watching Tyra the whole time off camera because he’s rock hard as soon as he comes in. Naturally Tyra doesn’t even have to ask him to suck on her big dick, yet she’s not one to just lay there silently when receiving so much pleasure. Keep in mind that she’s a major award-winning adult entertainent actress with her own TyraScottXXX.com website running very successfully. She knows how to please not only Brock, but thousands of fans, too. Tyra sucks on his raging hard cock and gets her amazing ass totally worshipped in return. With three-quarter left of this scene to go, Tyra gets railed hard doggy style and Brock’s slapping hand leaves red marks on her porcelain bottom. I mentioned that this started out like a glamour shoot. It does have that HD glam quality, yet there’s a Domination / submission element to this scene, minus the usual BDSM trappings. Brock fucks Tyra more like a dominant master than a lover. She gets banged bareback clear out of her pumps with all the position changes. Watch or download this torrid Evil Angel film today.

Honey Foxxx in Hot For Transsexuals

The full frontal view of Honey Foxxx in the Hot For Transsexuals DVD on Evil Angel is devastating. Her lovely breasts and nipples are exposed and she’s squeezing clear beads of pre-cum from the swollen head of her big cock. Moments later, she’s feeding Mike Panic with it and slapping it across his handsome face. She tells him to choke on it as if he has any other choice. Honey jacks her hips during this D/s skull fuck while holding his head in place. The obligatory salad tossing is followed by Mike kneeling on all fours with his sexy ass in position to get slapped and fucked. This magnificent male performer is all man from the waist up but he has unusally yet delightfully feminine features from the waist down. Honey’s long legs look spectacular when she sits back to pump her huge Boricua tool in and out of her slave from below. So does the rest of her as she jerks Mike off while railing him from below. Mike’s dick is raing hard when he stands up to bounce on Honey’s big dick like a cowboy. This fucking footage has both stars facing us. This isn’t pseudo-BDSM, but the real thing, especially with Honey’s masterful verbal humiliation and degredation. I really love the way he thanks her for letting him give her gagging blowjobs. Honey rewards Mike by calling him a good boy and proceeds to fuck him doggystyle next. A side saddle railing follows with closeup footage of Honey’s bare prick thrusting in and out of Mike’s tight bottom. She continues stroking his erection while pounding away. Mike begs to cum as he’s forced to and Honey allows him to jerk off until he creams on his stomach. Watch how Honey explodes in this magnificent Evil Angel scene. The sheer volume of her cumshot blew my mind.

Jonelle Brooks in Hot For Transsexuals

In “Hot For Transsexuals,” provocative niche director Aiden Starr who is a gorgeous cisgender female pairs transsexual beauties with hard males for power-exchange fuck dates. Gorgeous Jonelle Brooks sports the type of sensually thick lips women go to great lengths to duplicate, big boobs and a raging hard prick when she’s aroused. She issues a physically dominant fuck, bending Chad Diamond in half to pummel him as her imposing figure envelops him. Radically tattooed Honey Foxxx’s big black cock leaks pre-cum. “Come here, little boy,” summons the dominant Boriqua bitch, and bearded white sub Mike Panic mounts her thick pole, sweating to handle her girth. Blonde Nina Lawless, pretty of face and jacked body, can bounce her thick erection with no hands. Mike worships her stocking-clad feet and she demands sodomy, “‘Face down, ass up.'” For cumming too soon, Nina feeds him his sperm and creams his beard with ribbons of syrupy spunk. Glamorous blonde TS Tyra Scott submits to muscular, bearded Brock Avery. They deep-throat each other and share 69. With his meat lodged up her ass, she jacks off, a flashy band on her ring finger. Tyra straddles his chest for a BJ and backs onto his meat for frenzied sodomy. He buries his face in the semen he’s splattered on her ass. In the scene with Jonelle and Chad, a beginner Domme could learn a lot from this versatile trans superstar. That’s if she can get through the through the first nearly four minutes of the jonellebrooks.com hostess without creaming before Chad shows up to suck her cock. This scene is full on Domination/submission, just without all the BDSM props and setting. Chad is totally humiliated verbally and physically. Yet his cock remains porn star hard while he’s thoroughly debased and bareback fucked silly. This isn’t an S&M-like scene. It’s the real deal. Check out all the previews of “Hot For Transsexuals,” on Evil Angel.

TS Nina Lawless and Jenna Justine

Since the 47 second mp4, Flash and Photo Gallery previews display so much action, I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about the new video. I’d first like to direct you to the porn star profile of gorgeous Nina Lawless for previews of her scenes in Trans-Visions #03, TS Playground #20, She-Male Idol: The Auditions #06 and TS Playground #21. Stunning genetic girl Jenna Justine is her co-star in her latest Evil Angel video. In Scene #02 of TS Playground #21, Nina and Jenna are feeling each other up after a night out. Nina’s huge erection pokes from her lingerie, and a blow job becomes an aggressive, deep-throat face fuck. Nina tosses Justine’s salad and eats her pussy from behind, then alternates plowing Jenna’s pussy and ass. I really love that both girls were filmed completely naked because bodies this amazing ought to be fully displayed (all the freaking time IMHO!). Not one of the 31 minutes was wasted. The carry-fuck might be the highlight of this torrid bareback scene, but there’s to much hotness for me to single out one particular moment. Right down to the cumtastic facial finish, this goes into my all-time TS/GG favorite scenes. Nina’s big dick was still so hard after she came, I was wondering if the sex could have continued for another half hour. The hi-res photo set comes with over 350 images on Evil Angel.

TS Playground #20, Scene #05




In Scene #05 of the TS Playground #20 movie, cosplay cuties in bunny ears, brunette Bruna Butterfly and blonde Juliana Souza begin playing with each other. They expose their big boobs, slap each others big butts and strip out of their bras and panties. Then they start jacking off with their pretty posteriors facing us. When they flip other, both girls are rock hard and Bruna gives Juliana a good sucking. The blonde returns the favor and then they have an erotic sword fight. Soon, Christian XXX of Pure-TS joins in the fun and everyone’s dicks and standing up from their loins. Bruna and Christian lick Juliana’s dick together and then, Bruna begins sucking on Christian’s massive prick. What I really like about this scene is that once the muscular, masculine man gets involved, the transbian chemistry doesn’t end. They give Christian their undivided attention when he needs it, however. Bruna is the first chick he gets to fuck bareback, first in the cowgirl position and in reverse while Juliana strokes her erection. Then there’s a closeup to die for of Juliana sucking Bruna while she gets railed. I’ve only decribed the first half of this scene! If this doesent get you going, there’s also a brief, yet phenomenal daisy chain. Both ladies get to fuck Mr.XXX, too. This scene is a keeper and so is the rest of this DVD. Check out all the previews of TS Playground #20 on Evil Angel.

Nicole Bahls and Max Scar on Evil Angel



In TS Playground #20,stunning, curvaceous Brazilian blonde Nicole Bahls shows off her big, round boobs, curvaceous ass and thick, tapered cock. Her lucky Italian boy-toy Max Scar can’t resist kneeling and slurping on this TS beauty’s throbbing boner. They trade oral favors until Max can’t resist burying his massive pole inside Nicole’s big, tight ass. When she’s had enough of a railing, Nicole flips the script by drilling Max in return. They share some mutual dick stroking until they finally unleash creamy white loads of cum. Watch this incredible hardcore treasure on the massive Evil Angel megasite or download it today!

TS Playground #20 on Evil Angel


5’9″ (174cm), 35C-26-39, 134 lbs (61kg) Nicole Bahls opens TS Playground #20 on Evil Angel with Italian veteran star Max Scar. This ridiculously beautiful blonde transsexual lets Max try his best to deepthroat her thick 7″ (18cm) cock, but to no avail. It’s mind-blowing to see her sexy ass flexing as she fucks Max silly. Next petite blonde Sheylla Wandergirlt gets ruthlessly ass-fucked by hung brunette Anna Hickhiman in an all-TS anal session featuring two messy sprays of hot cum. I thought Sheylla was hung, and she is, but Anna has a prick of monstrous proportions. Bronze beauty Brenda Louise Castro trades passionate and torrid sodomy with male stud Alex Victor next. At one point, he shakes his head in fascination while she’s fucking him in the missionary position. So was I! Then, real-life girlfriends Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless make one of the best transbian sex duos in porn history. Super stud Robert Axel places his stiff cock against Nina’s and Kendra hovers above them for the hottest double-penetration scenes I’ve ever witnessed in porn. I’d bet any amount of money that this segment of TS Playground #20 will receive bigtime award nominations at the end of 2015. Rounding out this incredible DVD are two Brazilian TS icons and a legendary male performer – Bruna Butterly, Juliana Souza and Christian XXX. I personally find nothing sexier to watch than transbian sex with real chemistry forgivably interrupted by the entrance of a seriously hung, handsome male who tops and bottoms. TS Playground #20 on Evil Angel isn’t just one of the best DVDs of 2015. It’s now on my list of all-time favorites and that list is shorter than you may think it is. Click here for the video previews.

Gabriella Andrade and Christian XXX

The prolific host of Pure-TS does it again, this time with Rio de Janeiro born megastar Gabriella Andrade aka Ninna Gabriella De Andrade. This hot little minx was born on February 18, 1991 and has been featured on more adult transgender websites than I can even recall. In Scene #05 of TS Playground #18 on Evil Angel, she’s dressed in fishnets and a bustier that shows off her firm round boobs, feverishly stroking her big stiff cock. Gaby’s rosebud winks in anticipation for the arrival of muscular Christian XXX and the huge cock between his legs. But when he enters the room, Christian has other plans. He tosses Gabriella’s salad and worships her big cock. They enjoy a passionate, cocksucking 69 and take turns rimming each other. Christian fucks Gabriella while her cock sways this way and that during the reverse cowgirl ride. A cowgirl railing shows off Gaby’s incredible bottom and then Christian bangs her side-saddle. After a doggie-style fucking, Gaby wants to do the penetrating. About 20 minutes into this half hour scene, the stud gets his gets his bubble butt plowed until he jacks a big load of creamy white cum onto his belly. Gabriella adds her own spunk soon after! You have to see this video and check out more of the scenes from Jay Sin’s TS Playground #18!

TS Playground #16 on Evil Angel

I feel like I’ve been waiting for the release of Jay Sin’s TS Playground #16 for ages and it’s finally available for streaming and download. Yay! Anna Hickiman and Alex Victor are Brazilian veteran megastars opening the film. Next comes a torrid TS / GG hardcore performance from American megastars Kelly Klaymour and Cherry Torn. Christian XXX of Pure-TS is incredible with Shyrley Soares, Sienna Grace and Laela Knight. Alex Victor also gets lucky with Gabriela Ferrari and Gaby Albelha. The full video runs 3 hours and 14 minutes plus there’s behind-the-scenes footage. Check out the sample photos and preview video of box cover beauties Kelly and Cherry, but don’t stop there. Once inside Evil Angel, I find it fun and informative to click on all the the stars to see what they’ve done before.

Gabriella Ferrari and Fernanda Cristine in Trans-Visions

I just mentioned earlier today on CaramelsTGirls that Joey Silvera’s Trans-Visions DVD is available for download and streaming on Evil Angel. So that’s exactly what I was doing. The first scene for me, since I was in a transbian state of mind, was the Gabriela Ferrari and Fernanda Cristine hardcore scene. The redhead is Fernanda, who is usually the aggressor in her videos. Just as I expected, the scene is amazing!

Kelly Klaymour and Deanna Dare

Three Kelly Klaymour posts in a row! She’s a busy girl… what can I say? She’s rock hard and playing with her precum in the 1st two minutes of How To Please A She-Male #05 and then Deanna Dare appears. They don’t waste time talking a lot but the chemistry is all there. They kiss passionately and they’re obviously both horny as fuck! Check out these video and photo previews:

How To Please A She-Male #05 is available for Download and Streaming now!