Eva Paradis: Behind The Scenes of Red Dress

“Behind the Scenes of Red Lingerie” is a short video follow-up to “All About My Feet” and I’ve noticed that so many of Eva’s photo sets and videos cater to fans who are driven nuts by her sexy peds. While watching the scene unfold, I see Eva posing in red lingerie on the white sofa. Her outfit plunges down her deep cleavage in a V and holds up an obvious erection in the front. A moment later, I see when she turns around that the bottom is so skimpy that it barely contains her goodies. Plus, she’s grinding on the couch barefoot. When she clasps a hand around one of her ample buttcheeks, the thin strap of the garment shows how easy the access is to her fun spot. When she faces us again, her bulge has grown even bigger and she’s arranged the top to reveal the big orbs of her breasts. Aspiring producers get a glimpse of the photo equipment utilized to creat this production. But if you’re just lusting after Eva and don’t care about that stuff, you’ll see Eva laying back holding the heels of her bare feet up as if she’s offering them to you. We move into an area that one need not be a foot fetishist to love.

Flash Trailer

Eva pulls the panel of her outfit aside to release her stiffening uncut cock. She grasps and strokes it firmly and the head makes a not-so-shy appearance. When she’s on her back again, her feet are arched toward her photographer. She’s clasping her fingers around her turgid erection. The next thing you know, she’s standing up to discard the lingerie. While she’s standing completely naked, her raging hard boner is arcing upward in the air. She then lays on her side back on the couch and grabs her erection again while touching the red pedicured toes of each dainty foot together. Then she offers an explicit view of her center with her toes pointing toward the ceiling. Her swollen cockhead points to the ceiling as well. It kind of makes you with you were the photographer with special benefits that would allow you to kneel down before the sofa and take that pretty cockhead between your lips! You know this scene is especially for foot lovers when she sits up with her the tip of her hardon pressed against one of her bare soles.

This scorching hot video is available on evaparadisxxx.com and on tgirl-network.com.

Eva Paradis – Outside Masturbation

The four MP4 scene trailer gallery in this post will lead you to a smoking hot Spanish villa with the ravishing hostess of evaparadisxxx.com. It follows two blazing hot hardcore scenes, one where she bottomed for Antonio Aguilera and scene where she topped Martin Mazzo in a cheating and revenge story that picks up where the Bavarian beauty of ts-kimberlee.com leaves off. The remarkably verse Italian sex goddess greats you standing in front of a fabulous seascape in a black bikini and killer spiked heels. I don’t know of a finer strip artist than Eva and she heats things up with hits naughty things inside her bikini bottom and the exposure of her full breasts and eraser-like nipples. Eva continues stripping on a lounge chair and this is a foot fetish oriented solo production. But there’s also some explicit anal footage and naturally a lot of lust-filled cock stroking. The camera moves from Eva’s beautiful form from head to toe with laser-like focus until she shoots a fierce cumshot on her tight tummy. This is yet another fabulous update on Eva’s official website and on the tgirl-network.com.

Kimberlee and Martin in The Cheat

“The Cheat” a shared masterpiece scene between ts-kimberlee.com, evaparadisxxx.com and the tgirl-network.com site with a plethora of fabulous SMC Productions stars.

It’s a story-driven two-part set actually, and it begins with Kimberlee chatting with her friend Eva and Eva’s boyfriend Martin. However, the story isn’t very complicated and it doesn’t distract from the action that unfolds early in the scene. Eva has a business appointment and a photo shoot and jokingly warns Kimberlee not to mess around with Martin. But as soon as Eva leaves, Kimberlee makes her move on Martin anyway.

She coaxes him into giving her a tour of the house that begins with the bedroom. She hops on the bed while he faces her standing and they kiss. Martin doesn’t hesitate to expose Kimberlee’s huge breasts from her dress which is all she has on. Her dress is quickly removed and her big cock is already raging hard as she lays back on the bed. Martin goes straight for it face first and gives the swollen head and long shaft a deep sucking. After a rather forceful skull-fucking, Martin hops off the bed to remove his briefs and gets his hardon sucked by Kimberlee. She strokes her massive dick while giving head until she’s ready to fuck. She then rails Martin doggy style. I’ve been raving about this incredible trans star for quite some time because she’s absolutely stunning, but so masterfully verse.

Kimberlee is terrific when she bottoms, but she can also lay pipe with the best of them. She fucks Martin hard and fast while he’s on his back also. Then she releases a torrent of creamy white cum across his face and neck! I’ll be back to briefly describe some of what happens in the second part of this incredible series. You can stream or download from Kimberlee’s free-standing website or Eva’s or get all the best from the entire lineup of trans stars by subscribing to kimberlee.tgirlnetwork.com.

Eva Paradis – POV: Fill Me Up with Cum

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Watching the Eva Paradis Behind-The-Scenes video via streaming or download is the best way to warm up to her latest hardcore scene. She gets her makeup done while sitting on the stairs of a tastefully decorated home, does a bare and high heel sandal foot tease and moves through a photo shoot in a sinuous bra and panty set. Gorgeous Eva describes what she’s doing when POV: Fill Me Up With Cum begins. She’s applying moisturizer to her sexy feet and then rubbing them together for her foot fetish fans. She exposes her cock from her panties while smoothing her soles together asking if you’d like to fuck her feet. She also asks if you’d like to fuck her ass and turns around on the sofa to expose it. She faces the camera again to bare and fondle her large breasts and the scene fades out for a brief moment. Next thing you know, she’s kneeling before a guy, undoing the button of his pants and drawing down the zipper.

Her amazing body is totally nude when she takes the man’s cock inside her warm, wet mouth. Eva jerks off while giving him head and there’s more of a solo show on the sofa. She spanks her ass hard and the dude oils it up and gives her a finger banging. This guy is such a tease, rubbing his big dick along her butt and inches from her entrance. Eva gives him another sucking and then he’s banging her hot ass doggystyle! Yes, this is totally point-of-view filmed to give you the feeling that it’s your erection pounding in and out of Eva. The same kind off footage continues with Eva on her back getting drilled with her tits, cock and balls jiggling all over the place.

You can find this torrid hardcore scene on evaparadisxxx.com and on her TGirl Network megasite that includes full access to the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.

Dirty Webcam Show with Eva Paradis & Sylvia Rubi

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Eva Paradis XXX

Eva Paradis TGirl Network

Eva Paradis is straight, yet so incredibly versatile. For example, her “Dirty Webcam Show” with Sylvia Rubi of Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain, makes it seem like she’s exclusively attracted to cisgender females. Now I know better than that, but cannot see how anyone isn’t attracted to either of them. It’s filmed like a sharper version of a live broadcast, but delivers the same freshness and passion I love about live shows. Sometimes I feel that with recorded shows, something is missing. Not here and in fact, everything I wanted to see happen, happens; mutual breast admiration, kissing, pussy play, cock sucking, foot sex, and Hitachi magic wand insertion. Silvia reaches climax while stroking and sucking Eva’s cock. Eva fucks her with the wand extension and all this happens before Eva begins fucking her doggy style and wait until you see how Sylvia makes Eva cum! This xxxplicit dirty webcam show is available on Eva Paradis XXX and with the Eva Paradis XXX TGirl Network multi-pass.

Eva Paradis on Trans500 & Behind Trans500


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Travis wants a shot in the modeling industry and runs into the lovely agency executive Eva Paradis. Eva knows talent when she sees it. But she has other plans for him. She offers him another job in the “biz” and won’t take no for an answer. She always gets what she wants and this is no different. That’s the synopsis of “Ass Pounding Audition” on Trans500. It’s a great, solid hardcore performance as you can probably detect from seeing the trailers and some of the photos. But there’s a plus from this set for people like me interested in what happens behind the scenes. The Trans500 network pass also gives you full access to the behindtrans500.com website and you’ll find a shoot with Eva Paradis there as well. Eva sits on the sofa gloriously naked telling the director that she shouldn’t have worn the heels she had on for the shoot. They hurt her feet badly. I feel for the girl and if you happen to have a thing for pretty peds, Eva’s are very sexy. She goes into some quite interesting detail about her ink I didn’t know about. Her sexy Italian accent is an additional turn on as Eva moves her naked form all over the couch to explain the meanings of her tattoos. This is one hot solo video in itself! Josh jokes that he wanted to see the ink on her back just so he can get a look at her ass, but I don’t think he’s really joking. It’s not just a good view – it’s devastating. Next, we’re in the shower with Eva where she says, “You’re spying on me. You like to see me wet my breasts?” Clearly she doesn’t mind at all. Eva uses liquid soap and when asked if she likes big or small cocks, she replies that size doesn’t matter to her. “I love men in general. I love having sex.” With the camera lens zooming in on her un-cut cock, Eva says she can cum three times a day. This video gets even sexier as it progresses. I now know the importance of Trans500 adding a behind-the-scenes addition to the network. It’s especially informative for those interested in what goes into the production of this high level of scorching hot content. For more of the irresistible Italian trans mega-star I’m raving about, visit evaparadisxxx.com.

Behind the Scenes: Eva Paradis and Sarina Valentina

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The TGirl Network

Until now, I thought that the only common professional thread linking Eva Paradis to Sarina Valentina was that they’re both part of the TGirl Network of 30 trans megastars – some with frequent updates and others with coveted archives. Three days ago, I raved about Eva’s performance on another favorite network of mine, but on her own network with Sarina, there’s a lush transbian set that knocked my socks off like no other teaser in recent history. If you’ve been keeping up with either Eva or Sarina, you’ll recognize the setting from previous scenes I’ve raved about. The behind-the-scenes video includes kissing, mutual breast admiration and, ass play and a little cock sucking. This scene appears on both evaparadisxxx.com and sarinavalentina.com. It seems to me more like and exquisitely filmed, wordless reminder that if you want full access to both of these incredibly prolific beauties, you have the option of subscribing to the TGirl Network for all of their content and a whole lot more.

Eva Paradis, Foxxy and Jessy

TGirl Network stars Eva Paradis, TS Foxxy and Danielle Foxxx of Sex Change Girl join Jessy Dubai of jessydubai.com for a sensational transbian hardcore scene. Danielle is the Madame of the other three gorgeous ladies harshly scolding them about their work ethic. Their bordello is in a red light district with a window to attract new clients. Sadly, Danielle exits the scene early, but when Eva, Foxxy and Jessy spot a client, they decide to give him a show to lure him inside. It’s hard to say which girl is the center of attention at the beginning of the three-way action. There’s so much alternating with the cock sucking. Danielle almost catches the three girls having sex when she returns and draws one of them away for a special client. This leaves two of them to continue while the cat’s away. This scene ends with some seriously creamy hot cum, but I don’t want to give away too much. Sorry to tease you with just a few of the 270+ images from the collection of photos.

Eva Paradis & Lance Hart: Nasty Sex

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Eva Paradis XXX

The TGirl Network

Beautiful Eva Paradis is awoken from her nap by handsome Lance Hart kissing her high-heeled feet and moving his way up her curvaceous legs. He caresses her full breasts through her bra as they French kiss and he sits up on the bed to remove his jacket and t-shirt. After more kissing, Lance bares Eva’s boobs and devours them. She withdraws her semi-erect cock from her panties and Lance kneels down to suck it to a full blown erection. She’s complimented sexy face and his beautiful ass and promised, “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” with her sexy Italian accent. All clothing is removed except for Eva’s tall Louboutin sandals and she sucks his cock in return. Lance mauls Eva’s fim ass while she sucks hi big, stiff prick. He then rims her while jacking her off from behind. She lies on her back and the fellatio continues. Skull fucking Lance makes Eva’s organ raging hard. They slap their erections together and stroke them until Eva tells Lance she’s ready to fuck him. He scrambles toward the foot of the bed on his hands and knees. Next he’s taking a deep, hard fucking from Eva. I’ve only described half of this exemplary hardcore scene on the official Eva Paradis website that you can also download from the TGirl Network.

Eva Paradis XXX Horny After School




The ravishing hostess of Eva Paradis XXX presents two deliciously kinky new ways to make you cum with “Horny After School” and “Golden Showers” and that’s just recently. The London-based Italian starlet makes her obligatory naughty schoolgirl video special by taking things to a higher level than I normally see in this niche. Eva wears the classic tartan plaid skirt, as I’d expect, and she talks herself hard while stroking her cock. She also plays with her ass to work herself into a sexual frenzy. Eva massages her big boobs also. But then her fetish side reveals itself in a different form. She tastes some of the precum oozing from the swollen head of her big dick. Then she pulls off her knee socks and says, “Imagine if I could work on your cock with my feet?” Eva is totally nude now and so much for the schoolgirl roleplay. She also knows she’s going to have a big climax and asks where you want her to cum – on herself or on the floor. Where do you think Eva shoots her creamy white load of cum? Where would you want it? Find out where her warm, thick cream lands on Eva Paradis XXX. If this isn’t kinky enough for you, check out this MP4 and Flash preview set from “Golden Showers”.