TS Playground: Dream, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

If I were to see the adorable tsplayground.com model Dream on the street, as if I’m likely to in Central Florida, there is absolutely no way I’d guess she’s a trans adult model. I don’t believe in most stereotypes about porn models being pierced and tattooed up the Yin Yang but there’s a line between fake innocence real shyness. I can usually tell which is genuine and which is rehearsed. So when Dream poses while smiling sweetly, it’s kind of startling when she lifts the hem of her pretty dress to show off her smoothly shaven cock and balls early in the video.

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Dream seems super shy when it comes to showing off her cute little ass. She bends over and shows us everything she’s got downstairs. Then she turns around and pushes down her dress to make me almost gasp thinking about how I forgot I like breasts so much. I usually don’t care about tits unless they’re unusually big natural looking ones. I really did take notice of this set though. I see no scar tissue and just when I’m concentrating on her breasts, I look down to see a standing boner pointing at me!

Flash Scene Trailer

Dream makes her uncut erection swing from side to side and bounce up and down before she begins to stroke it. The second three quarters of this tsplayground.com video features Dream jerking off while lying on her back. While wearing nothing but the jewelry she came in with, Dream strokes her glossy-headed hardon at a moderate speed. She then rubs out her clear nectar and plays with the strings of jizz until standing up and blowing a kiss goodbye.

Dream on Hello Ladyboy

In the “Romance” video on Hello Ladyboy, Dream of Bangkok, Thailand introduces herself and the 18 year old is presented in a slideshow nude. We’re skipping past the intro and meeting videos, keep in mind, because we’re extremely horny and can’t wait to see the sex! We want to see her photographer stroking her cock while she lies on the bed. After getting Dream’s dynamic dick fully erect, she takes over stroking it in a fantastive wide angle full frontal view. Then he swoops down face first and begins sucking it. You never really see his face fully for a POV experience. But you do see the big cock of his as he rubs their stiff organs together. Next, Dream lies between the man’s thighs and gives him a blowjob. She uses her small fist to rapidly stroke the shaft since she can only manage the first three inches of it. Dream really looks like she absolutely loves sucking cock and it’s confirmed by the way she devours his cum at the end of their scene. The photographer uses an HD handheld camera and sets up another one in other places of the room masterfully. I don’t think a multiple production crew could have done a better job capturing him fucking Dream in the missionary position, cowgirl, and doggystyle. Dream looks like she really enjoys getting railed hard, too! This video is scorching hot right down to the end where Dream has taken her facial (or mouthful, rather). removes her strappy sandals and scoots off to the powder room. Dream looks so adorable and innocent I don’t think anyone who passed her on the street would ever suspect she’s a Hello Ladyboy hardcore porn performer.