TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro

In “Stepsister’s Big Secret” Gabriel visits home and finds a note from his Dad that he and his mom are going out for the evening. His stepsister will also be out and she usually doesn’t return until very late. So for this trip he’s got the house all to himself. He carries his luggage up the stairs and plops down on the bed to relax. Meanwhile, beautiful Domino is in the shower lathering up her gorgeous body. She’s also lathering her cock to an erection.

High production values transform this sequence into a slow motion dream state and it looks like Dad jumped the gun on the stepsister being out for the night. Gabriel spots a bath towel near the bed and heads to the bathroom to shower. Luckily, he hasn’t made enough noise to startle Domino and he drinks in the sight of her nudity through the glass partition.

As she continues lathering up with her back facing Gabriel, he also begins recording video of her on his cell phone. Both hands are busy because he’s also jacking off under his towel. Then she hears his noises and Gabriel is busted! He’s never actually met his stepsister in person and when she turns to face him with her cock exposed, he’s in shock.

Domino is pissed off that he’s been recording and he explains that she could have been an intruder. But she’s willing to consider the mix-up a thing of the past if he deletes the video.

He agrees and joins her in the shower, giving her a blowjob and bareback fucking in a variety of positions! Director Tom Moore, Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro are veteran performers – adult industry masters of the trade who know how to get things done so expertly they make it look easy. Make this a must see scene on

Beautiful Domino Presley Highlight Her Booty!

“Oh, you want me to get naked already?” Domino Presley asks after introducing herself on in this update. There’s no bra beneath her midriff-baring top, so her full, luscious breasts are rapidly exposed.

She then begins popping the buttons of her denim-cutoffs open. But before taking her shorts off, she shows off her curvy rear end, pulling the legs up to make the garment almost look like a thong. She lowers the shorts and kicks them off her feet. Domino then raises her top over her head and discards it.

On the sofa, she spanks her butt while just wearing lacy black panties and her sexy little booties. Then she exposes and begins stroking her cock. In the next sequence her panties are removed. Domino suggests letting it get all hard in your mouth as she jacks off. When she sits up on the couch to continue her masturbation, the tiny wrinkled button of her rosebud is exposed. You hear producer Buddy Wood utter the word “perfect” as he films.

Domino then leans back and opens, then scissors her legs with her stiff cock mashed between them. She then gets off the couch and rises to give a standing butt show. Then she’s back on the sofa simulating getting fucked.

This beautiful award winning trans icon has her own website and she’s also added live webcam performer to her adult industry resume. You can register for free on our favorite webcam platform to watch her shows on!

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Domino Presley & Richie

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Megastar Domino Presley has mastered the art of adult industry multi-tasking with a new hardcore with super cute Richie on Shemale Yum, her own ts-dominopresley website and webcam performances. Buddy Wood films Domino greeting Richie, undoing her pants and opening her legs for a moment. She’s sitting on the bed and gives us a Basic Instinct rapid flash beneath her dress. It’s not a Sharon Stone-like pussy of course, but a package peeking out of a pair of black panties. Richie’s big dick is already hard when it springs out in the open and into Domino’s hand. After giving him a brief blowjob, Domino stands up for some help getting out of her dress. She then crouches down to suck on his stiff tool again. As soon as she lays back on the bed and pulls off her panties, this hot man is ready to fuck, but he worships the beauty with a rimjob before sinking his rod inside her bareback. After a missionary railing, he hits that magnificent ass side saddle. I could go on about what happens from that point until Domino takes Richie’s creampie, but I’d rather that you stream or download the full scene on Shemale Yum and see for yourself.

Domino Presley in Simply Me

Your feelings about Domino Presley could go in a variety of directions including the extremes of adoring her personality and looks to hating them. If I were the jealous type, I’d absolutely despise her. I’m one of those fans who can’t decide if she looked hotter when she first launched her TS-Domino Presley website or today. All the content from the Trans500 network of websites including Behind Trans500, I Kill It TS, Super Ramon, Kaitlyn Gender, Trans At Play, Big Booty TGirls and TS Girlfriend Experience is now fully downloadable. Members got their wish and all the sites listed above come with your subscription. In the “Simply Me” video with Domino, the L.A. beauty is cross-country in Miami, Florida at a posh Trans500 home studios that will make you wonder how much money the producer is making. The video quality is so sharp that you can see stars shining on Domino’s sparkly pumps. The opening interview reveals how long she’s been in the business, where she’s originally from, and her ethnic background. Did you think she was Hispanic? Most people do. Domino describes what turns her on about men and you’ll find out if she’s a bottom or a top. Then she gets down to stripping and the sight is sensational. She masturbates in a way that you’d probably never have guessed until you saw the video. It’s taken two years for Trans500 to get Domino Presley to do a scene. Nice going! I’d say it was well worth the wait.

Domino’s Now Serving Weiners

Superstar transwoman Domino Presley returns to Shemale Yum in good humor and horny as hell! Watch her cook and serve up some hotdogs in the nude while stroking her delicious cock at every opportunity! I love that she got grill marks on those hot dogs and I’d love to leave some lipstick marks on her raging erection.

I don’t just think that Domino is one of the most beautiful transwomen on the planet. I think she’s a phenomenal person. I love her official TS Domino Presley site and seeing her LIVE on also!