Delia TS: Blue Romper

Many of us have heard a lot of jokes about men in rompers this year, but there’s nothing funny about a gorgeous trans woman wearing one. Especially when she’s encouraged by her stunning cisgender wife Trixie Fontaine. The model’s wife is also her producer who loves the barefoot teasing Delia DeLions presents as much as her other foot loving fans do.

Trixie loves sucking on Delia’s pretty toes, but she asks about something else she loves to suck on even more. We’re going to see that and in fact eventually see it explode. But first we must endure the rest of this tortuous foot and leg show. Then we’re going to explore the upper portion of Delia’s “Blue Romper” and find out what lies beneath on

Delia unbuttons the top of her romper and gives us a glimpse of the deep cleavage created by her lovely and large tits. Then she hides her orbs again. If your cock isn’t swelling by now, I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll bet that Delia’s big dick is swelling underneath her romper as she fully exposes her breasts and pinches her nipples firmly.

Trixie sounds like she’s playing with herself while filming and dreaming of sucking on Delia’s perky nipples. And to make matters worse, Delia begins rubbing herself between the legs. Is that a bulge we see there? I think it could be a raging hardon already but we’re going to focus on more red-painted toe wiggling first. Each digit reminds me of a small version of Delia’s cock.

But back to that protrusion between Delia’s legs. Let’s unbutton the garment a bit. Oh my, that is a hardon! Her titties come out and then her prick hides itself again. Oh no, can’t we have both at the same time?

Yes, is the answer to that question. In fact, we get closeups and full length footage of Delia’s tits, cock and even her sexy feet as she jerks off furiously. At the end, we get a big, creamy white classic cum shot! To actually see along with seeing Delia’s hot and horny wife, go to

Delia TS: Raspberry Capri Pantyhose and Hands Free Cumshot

MP4 Scene Trailer

I think you’ll feel a stirring in your loins when you hear Delia DeLions of let loose a gasp and moan and announce “I thought I’d make a video for all my special pantyhose lovers.” She’s writing on her hands and knees on the bed with the deep cleavage of her big tits in your face. Actually, I prefer to say on all fours because it more directly suggests how you might want to fuck her with bestial lust.

She’s wearing orange panties strategically over her raspberry pantyhose but it fails to completely hide the cock she’s telling us about under her undies. But first Delia is more intent on making you imagine thrusting your erection back and forth inside her cleavage.

Delia doesn’t make you wait too long before exposing her lovely nipples and if you’ve been a long-time fan, you know which one she favors stimulating more. Two and a half minutes might seem like an eternity because you’ll have to wait that long before getting a peek at Delia’s hardon.

She withdraws it and hides it quickly after giving it a few firm strokes. She’s still wearing the panties but she moves it aside to show you the hard shaft through the sheer hosiery. You can see spots of pre-cum that have oozed out of her swollen cock head!

Soon, Delia is pumping her cock in her hand furiously inside her pantyhose. She’s now topless and when she kicks off her panties, she’s giving you a tantalizing rear view with the sheer hose on. It might be shaded by the hosiery but you can see everything! There’s even more pre-cum visible but you want to see the whole enchilada, don’t you?

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Delia pumps and grinds her hips hands-free, mashing her turgid cock head against the luxurious fabric of her pantyhose until her cum blasts violently through the material! You’ve got to see this blazing hot update on!

Delia TS: Windy Backyard Blanket Babe

Just what is a “Windy Backyard Blanket Babe” exactly? It’s gorgeous Delia DeLions of walking in the grass and settling down in the yard upon a blanket while wearing luxuriant lingerie. It’s a cinematic scene with birds chirping and the wind blowing. Things turn naughty when Delia begins running circles around her brassiere-encased large breasts.

Just as you’re making out the faint points of her nipples she closes her robe. When she reopens it, everything you were drinking in is restored, along with the bulge in her matching panties. The same mesh you were focusing on upstairs almost completely hides her stiffening cock. But you can make out quite a lot of it if you look closely.

There’s a brief slow-motion sequence shot from ground level of Delia’s incredible bottom framed by her stockings and garterbelt. Her thin robe is flowing freely and her cock is still stiffening as she withdraws it from its panty pouch. Delia is jerking off but it’s a silhouette view still hidden by her mesh panties. This is a video version of the way a classic burlesque show would play out – to have you straining with lust before you see the more explicit views the model will expose eventually. Delia then exposes her nipples next, but her bosom is still clad in her brassiere.

Her swollen cockhead emerges from her panties, then an inch or so of her throbbing shaft and gradually more. Delia begins to jerk off more intently until a frontal view is replaced by a rear one. A great expanse of side boob is exposed and her heavy cock is smashed between her creamy thighs. It’s jutting out at you fully erect. She has one of her hands clasped on one of her butt cheeks invitingly. Throughout the next sequence Delia’s legs are widely parted while she jerks off faster and faster.

But she squeezes her thighs together tightly and you know what’s soon to come. At least I do and I know that Delia is typically a heavy cummer. Where do you think her creamy white cum shot is going to land? Find out on

Delia TS in Pollinate The Lilac

Imagine inhaling the deep, mysterious scent of lilacs wafting through your screen on a warm summer’s evening. Lilacs aren’t difficult to grow if you give them plenty of water and plant them in full sun. A good helping of cum doesn’t hurt either. What’s needed in the final step is for Delia DeLions to make that happen for the Delia-TS website and her wife Trixie Fontaine is here to help a big fresh helping of creamy white nectar out of her. It’s a very large lilac bush after all. 

Luckily she has the camera skills to make it not only supremely erotic but cinematically beautiful. We’re here mainly to watch Delia masturbate to an intense orgasm, but some of us are impressed by high production values also. With “Pollinate the Lilac” and the “Lilac Tie-Dye” photo set that compliments the movie we get both. The gorgeous hostess of must be the opposite of color blind with her lilac intro followed by Delia sitting on the ground outside in her tie-dye dress.

The colors are brilliant and Delia looks amazingly hot. The dialogue is naughty and it goes into what how admirer of Delia reacted to her in public. Trixie imagines what he must have wanted to do with her.

These thoughts are commonly shared. A couple of minutes later, we’re treated to the vantage point of being beneath Delia’s pretty dress looking up at her cock and balls. She’s wearing no panties that would encumber the view.

Then Trixie is facing Delia to capture her wife’s raging hard cock tenting her dress and then the big shaft suspending it. While seated again, Delia bares her full breasts and rubs and tweaks her nipples.

She masturbates with her other hand pumping her erection quickly. At the end of this production the busy bee pollinates the petals with her nectar.

That’s a lot of creamy white nectar to help all of us growing and all sticky wet. Don’t miss this uber colorful update on

Mandy Mitchell – Taboo TS & Female 4 Way

“I had this nasty fantasy about having a 4 way with my friend Arabelle Raphael and her hot TS mom Delia DeLions,” said Mandy about this killer update on and on “The fantasy turned into reality and then there was all the fucking and sucking and nasty taboo role-play I could handle. Bareback anal, face, and pussy fucking.” I was wondering what was taboo about it! This is pretty damn kinky and I love it!

I’ll never forget one of the first hardcore movies I’ve ever seen named “Taboo” starring British actress Kay Parker who shares my August 28th birthday. Originally filmed in 1979, this 1980 release broke through many barriers and has been a perennial best seller in the video world. Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and her son to fend for themselves.

In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee’s role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion. The strong incestuous theme was what caught me by surprise and from that moment on, I knew that just about anything could be done with porn.

Drawing from the “Taboo” theme, Mandy is sitting around with her wife Bianca Stone who is stroking her thick and raging hard cock. Mandy develops the idea after jerking off while fantasizing about Arabelle’s mom, Delia. They both agree that both Arabelle and Delia are really hot. When she continues stroking her erection, she tells Bianca that not only does she want to fuck each of them, but that she wants to fuck the mother and daughter together!

Bianca is surprised by Mandy’s fantasy of having a taboo 4 way. She’s also turned on by the erection she’s looking at and takes Mandy’s cock inside her mouth. The next thing you know, we’re transported into Mandy’s fantasy. Arabelle is all cuddly with her “Mommy” and asks if Bianca and and Mandy would like to play with them. Arabelle introduces Delia to the wives and the mommy’s big a cock is as stiff as Mandy’s is already. As the cis girls begin to kiss, Mandy crawls toward Delia to take her stiff cock inside her mouth. Arabelle is so excited seeing Mandy take her mommy’s dick down her throat to the base. Then the two of them take turns sucking the hot MILF’s hardon. Meanwhile, Bianca scoots behind Delia to kiss her neck and fondle her large breasts while she gets blown. Arabelle switches back and forth between Mandy and her mom’s throbbing dicks and Bianca fondles Arabelle’s big tits and helps her undress further.

This incredibly hot taboo scene is also now available for members! Just like the original “Taboo” film broke barriers, so does this naughty and extravagant production. I hope to see it win some awards too!

Delia-TS fucks Nina Lawless

She is one of my favorite performers on the scene today and it was really amazing working with her,” says Delia DeLions of Nina Lawless. “We had some great chemistry and it really comes across in this passionate scene.” I’ve downloaded and watched this bareback hardcore scene from Delia-TS and I’m keeping it stored forever. From the moment they start grinding their panty bulges together while sitting on the bed, I knew this would be a killer scene. Their French kissing was sensual and loving and Nina looked so gorgeous laying back to suck Delia’s cock stiff. Ravishing Delia transformed the scene from kind and sweet to torrid with her frottage and the blowjob she returned. Her finger banging and stroking of Nina’s cock kicked things up another notch. Nina returned oral favors again and the moment of truth came when Nina raised her incredible legs to receive Delia’s beautiful bare cock. If you miss this transbian instant classic on Delia-TS, watching the perfect balance of romance and power fucking with two seriously hung, busty and beautiful transwomen must not be your thing. Also check out the new official website!

Delia TS in String Bikini & Denim Cut Offs

Delia DeLions looks so in this outfit in the forest, filmed by her off-camera hot wife, Trixie Fontaine. The Delia-TS hostess is nippin’ and Trixie wants to see her titties. So Delia pulls the bikini top back to expose her lovely full orbs. Trixie likes to see her pinch her nipples and make her boobs bounce so Delia hops up and down a bit to make them jiggle. Next, Trixie wants Delia to turn around and she’s so excited seeing Delia’s butt cheeks exposed below the fringe of her short-shorts. The bottom of the garment suspends the very center of Delia’s smoothly shaven ball sack. Tasty Trixie pulls back on the zoom to show us Delia’s entire form. Her legs look amazingly smooth and Delia’s been sauntering through the woods barefoot so her soles are dirty. When Trixie tells Delia to touch her toes, you can almost see her rosebud beneath the thin line of denim running between her full butt cheeks. Tasty Trixie wants to see her rosebud and Delia shows it off for her. When Delia turns around to face the camera again, her balls are spilling out of the bottoms of her cut-offs more than before. Delia rubs her stiff nipples and and reaches down to expose her cock. It’s expanding and she uses one hand to play pocket pool. Delia begins to jack off while standing and then crouches down with her back arched. She doesn’t need much encouragement to beat off furiously. Trixie films Delia masturbating from an angle that will drive leg and foot lovers bananas and she zooms in on Delia’s jiggling breasts and jerking fist on her rigid cock next. While filming, Trixie manages to tweak one of her wife’e extended nipples and caresses a breast while Delia approaches climax. She pinches that nipple tightly while a blast of creamy white cum explodes from the horny woods nymph’s erection and streams down the shaft. The hostess of Delia-TS looks ravishing tasting her own cum.

Delia TS in Felina Polka Dots & Black Stockings

“Felina Lingerie spends ample time refining the fit and making sure it’s functional and supportive for both average and full busted women,” one of their ads says. I think that the gorgeous hostess of Delia TS makes their best unofficial model / spokesperson. The polka dot panties have garters that she clips to her full-fashioned black stockings. Delia DeLions already has one tall patent pump on and puts the other one on while her photographer and hot wife Tasty Trixie zooms in on her magnificent legs. These legs go high up in the air and there’s a tell-tale bulge between them that would make the Felina manufacturers gasp. Foot lovers will be gasping as well as she dangles a heel and allows it to crash loudly to the floor. Trixie’s camera zooms in on Delia’s deep cleavage following a teasing peds presentation. Then Delia rises to her feet to present her curvaceous derrière. After an explicitly fun rosebud parade, Delia faces the camera to withdraw something most Felina customers don’t carry within their panties. Her big cock is soon raging hard, due to some firm stroking, and she makes it swing to and fro before your face. At times she rubs both stiff nipples, especially the one she favors and uses her other hand to beat off furiously. The swollen head of her cock is moist with pre-cum and you can guess how “Felina Polka Dots & Black Stockings” is going to end. But I’ll confirm it for you. It ends with a big, creamy white cum shot. You can see all of this Pacific Northwest trans icon’s scenes dating back to 2004! All videos are offered in HD MPEG-4 and WMV formats. All high quality (1600 px) picture sets are zipped and ready for you to add to your collection! Join Delia TS today.

Delia TS: Lacy Sheer Black Top & 100% Nylon Stockings

You know you’re in luck when a girl is dangling in front of you. If she’s wearing marabou slippers, vintage Arresta-Run seamless stockings and pricey lingerie, it’s definitely your lucky night. Tonight you’re in a rustic bedroom with Delia DeLions and she’s doing just that. Delia’s large breasts are exposed above to half cups of her bra and she’s dangling one of her mules with a high-arched foot. She’s staring at you in a way that’s bold yet seductive, not confrontational. Delia-TS casually allows the heeled slipper to drop from her toes and flexes her stockinged foot before kicking off the other shoe. The “Lacy Sheer Black Top & 100% Nylon Stockings” puts me in the mind of a transsexual version of a Leg Show print magazine spread that comes to life. In the erotic striptease sequence of the video, Delia allows you to see the pantied bulge between her legs. But she doesn’t allow you to see her bare cock for quite some time. After displaying her magnificent ass, she reveals her member slowly. It’s veiled by the diaphanous black top and raging hard. She strokes her large erection through the fabric and rubs the head of her cock against it. She rubs her more sensitive nipple through the soft top as well. Delia tents the black top with her big dick and makes the bulge bounce up and down. When she finally bares her hardon, you’ll notice the way her red lipstick and bra compliments the flush of her nipples, and her swollen cockhead. She then masturbates with the lacy part of the top so you can see the head and first couple of exposed inches. At one point, Delia is so turned on that her organ nearly slaps her garter belt when she lets it spring back. With soft, sensuous moans, Delia squeezes clear beads of pre-cum from the pink helmet. But when she climaxes, Delia spills a big helping of creamy white cum across her lingerie. This looks like the photographic brilliance of her gorgeous wife Tasty Trixie again. Don’t miss this sensual scene on Delia-TS.

Delia TS Naughty Maid and Cherry Apron with Red Stockings

Hot housewife and naughty maid roleplay scenes are time-tested classics that never go out of fashion. Sometimes, Delia DeLions presents the most mind-blowing kinky photo shoots and videos that I really appreciate. Then at other times, it’s back to what works for just about everyone. In the MILF in the kitchen classic, Delia-TS is washing the dishes when her genetic girl wife approaches her from behind with a request. Her real life wife Trixie Fontaine’s voice is trembling because clearly she’s turned on by the sight of Delia dressed as a the naughty housewife she is. When Delia turns around to face her wife, her big tits are splilling out of the side of her skimpy apron. Tasty Trixie asks Delia to lift up the hem and there’s a big bulge down there. Trixie’s next request is for Delia to bend over and to show off more of her incredible ass. When she turns around again, the swelling in her floral panties is even bigger. Delia sits on the counter and eventually releases her cock. While caressing one large breast with one hand, she strokes her dick to a big, juicy erection. Her wife films this expansion from ground and eye level and soon, Delia’s swollen cockhead is pointing up toward the ceiling. Trixie captures closeup and wide angle footage from a distance as her wife continues to beat off and rub and tweak her sensitive right nipple. Delia plays with a long string of clear pre-cum that’s oozing from the tip of her prick and tastes some of it. As she approaches orgasm, she squeals loudly and her big cock fires streams out forcefully. She takes a taste of that, too. The even kinkier naughty maid video begins with Delia dusting the bedroom, bouncing on the bed and eventually dusting her big dick. Then she gets caught by Trixie and ordered to do things that might make you blast a creamy white cumshot as big as she does at the end. When you subscribe to Delia-TS, you also get her pre-transition CD content, full access to Tasty Trixie and their incredible live webcam shows.