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Dazia Kockdazian needs no introduction in a scene this time around. Producer Buddy Wood zooms right in on her as she sits in a chair exposing her pretty hormone boobs and rubbing the bulge in her panties. Her long dress is already open in this video and when Dazia stands up, her long semi-erect cock is revealed.

She has a coveted thigh gap many girls crave having (if we don’t) and her bare legs seem to go on forever. When Dazia begins jerking off, she strokes her shaft at the center so much of it’s length is still exposed. Her trademark sexy moans kick in as she beats off faster. She gets a compliment from Buddy when turning to the side to show the firm ass beneath her sheer dress. Then she faces the camera again to make her now fully erect cock sway from side to side in the air.

The next time she sits down on the chair, she’s on her knees, pushing her enormous schlong between her thighs. Her virtually flawless ass is explicitly exposed and she sits back down facing us to resume masturbating. There’s a variety of sexy poses Dazia moves through before losing her dress, leaving her completely naked.

It’s remarkable how her upward arcing cock stands up so high when she’s not touching it. The same goes for the way Buddy captures full frontal and side footage of her massive dick spurting jet after jet of creamy white cum! I’d say you should stream this video on but it’s really a special one you might want to download for keeps. If you have a “Queen of Cocks” personal video collection, this one will fit in nicely.

Dazia has been featured on an incredible 14 times since June 2011 when she made her first ever porn shoot! She was 22 years old then and she doesn’t look much older now.

Dazia Kockdazian on Black TGirls

I’ve been a fan of Dazia aka D’Azia Kockdazian of Los Angeles, California for about four years now. I’ve always admired her fashion model chameleon-like looks. Dazia is a total top who is only 26 years old and I’m betting it would be a full-time job satisfying what Black TGirls calls the 9″ kitchen snake” as they call it in her latest video. When her scene opens, Dazia walks into the kitchen in a halter top and there’s a huge bulge in her animal print panties already! She reveals her hormone breasts quickly and they’re my idea of absolute perfection. Then she releases her boner and props herself on the kitchen counter to begin stroking it. Photographer Buddy Wood directs her to step down and turn around and Dazia gives us an explicit display of her virtually flawless ass. He zooms in on her pretty face and continuees to film her beating off from behind. She lays down sideways on the counter next, jacks off spread eagle and Wood also films her in upskirt views without a skirt! I highly recommend that you take the time to watch or download all of Dazia Kockdazian’s Black TGirls videos.