Danni Daniels: DanniXXX Presents Hot Threesome

Since DanniXXX houses some of the most artistic adult content around, I was wondering if “Hot Threesome” might go in the high-art direction. Nope! We get high production values with hot sex already taking place. One of the guys is giving head. It’s a double sucking of Danni’s big cock and the one of the man whose lap she’s sitting in. When the dude begins giving Danni a rimjob, he continues jacking off his male friend. Then he wanks Danni off while inserting the dude’s stiff prick inside Danni’s tight ass. I would award him with porn multi-tasker of the month if I could.

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Danni then gets her full erection sucked while she rides the other man’s dick. As much as Danni seems to love getting fucked, I can tell what’s coming next by the way she handles the cock sucking partner. She hops of the schlong she’s humping when the other buy lays across the bed on his back. She helps the more muscular guy hoist his friend’s legs up and penetrates him bareback!

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He’s also getting his mouth sucked by Danni’s big cock but this is the gayest trans porn production I’ve ever seen and I love this! I love it even more when Danni trades places with the muscle stud. You see, usually I need a twink involved to turn me on if there’s Male/Male sex but there’s at least one exception to every rule. I think what makes this all come together is the fact that Danni is always the obvious star. Even if I didn’t know what or whom I was watching I’d know that. A bit later, Danni rides the muscle stud’s cock again. But this time the guy she fucked while he was on his back rides her dick again while standing up!

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They’re now fucking bareback in a daisy chain that evolves into a side saddle three-way fuck! All this occurs until just after the midway point of the scene. There’s a long sequence with both guys jerking Danni off and finger banging her. They’re doing everything they can think of to make her climax. Then the guy she fucked twice straddles her and pounds her tight ass doggystyle while she jerks off and sucks muscle man’s big dick.

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Danni Daniels and The Bellhop’s Surprise

I’ll have what beautiful Danni Daniels of Danni XXX is having – her bellhop Jonathan Morgan’s magnificent bubble butt. I’ve fantasized about banging it almost as much as I’ve lusted after Danni over the years.

I’d been waiting for Danni’s official website to June launch for quite some time. Take the stunning homepage tour and you might get an idea of why it’s even hotter than I expected it would be. I’m so glad she went with SMC Productions for DanniXXX!