Black TGirls Hardcore: Chyna Tops Jaxxx!

Description: Gorgeous Chyna returns on with a banging hardcore scene brought to you by KilaKali! She’s definitely ready for action! Chyna has a taste for some ass (literally). She contacts Jaxxx who is more than able to help her out! Watch Chyna pounding Jaxxx’ tight ass hard!

Producer Remy who first filmed Chyna way back in 2011 said, “I met Chyna the Blasian Barbie through a friend and member of the site who knew her personally from their hometown of Detroit. When she moved out here to Virginia we didn’t waste any time and immediately met up for this shoot. This Chyna doll is 100% TOP and is ready to put her hard cock to work! Pretty face, slim body, and fully functional she will leave you in awe, so lube up and enjoy all you can take. She has a great personality and oozes sex appeal. She is very interested in coming back for a hardcore shoot in the future.”

This Black TGirls Hardcore update rolls out like a good looking couple making out after settling into a nice hotel room. Jaxxx kisses and straddles Chyna when she lays back on the bed and begins sucking her huge cock.

After receiving the remainder of this worshipful blowjob while she’s standing, Chyna decides to explore her man’s cute bubble butt. She gives him a rimjob and penetrates his tight ass with her big dick in the doggy style position.

Chyna is fucking Jaxxx before the midway point of this instant classic! She then drills him in the side saddle position. Chyna closes the connection in the missionary position with a huge creamy white cumshot in this riveting scene. Also, check out the latest updates on the sister site!

Chyna Struts Her Huge Cock!

KilaKali presents Chyna on sitting with her long sexy legs crossed as she sits on a sofa for the first time in three years. She’s in Kansas City, Missouri for this solo shoot and her producer hinted at some hardcore action soon to come.

But today, Chyna aka The Blasian Barbie will be stripping and stroking her big cock all by herself. She exposes her firm breasts after standing up from the sofa. She slides her top down her taut physique and the skirt goes down next.

This gorgeous fox isn’t wearing panties today so you’re hit immediately by the sight of her killer bare ass. Then she faces the camera and twists her hips to make her cock swing from side to side. It’s not even fully erect yet but it looks absolutely huge.

Chyna gives it a few strokes and slaps it against her tight tummy before turning around again. She cups her asscheeks and makes them jiggle before giving one of them a good hard slap. Chyna poses on the chair next for awhile and the focus of this sequence is on her incredible bottom.

When she rises to her feet to make her big dick slap against each thigh with her hip swaying, it looks like if someone might get slapped with it if they were standing right next to her. It would probably hurt, too!

But it’s not all about Chyna’s enormous cock. She’s totally naked also in her 11th performance! You can watch her Free Video Trailer on the website.

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