TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Jenna Creed

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Description: Two highly in demand ladies who just love to fuck next up on the home of all things tgirl and porn as Grooby Girls Chelsea Marie and Jenna Creed lock lips and thrust hips for an afternoon of smoldering all girl antics brought to us in a slick 4K package by Radius Dark.

The photo set from this update is one of the best I’ve ever seen. That’s why my previews of it are so minimal. I want you to sign up to TGirls.Porn to see the more explicit images. Conversely, it’s also one of the websites best updates ever. If you only make yourself cum while watching a trans porn scene this week, make it this one with these stunning veteran stars Chelsea Marie and TS Dreamland interviewee Jenna Creed. You can divide your pop shots by sequence if you want to. There’s the tremendously sexy buildup of the foreplay sequence with blowjobs shot full on and in POV fashion.

There’s intimate kissing and lots of gorgeous leg exposure when you suddenly catch the image of Jenna’s stiff cock being stroked by Chelsea within the first minute! Chelsea has her eye on Jenna’s gravity defying prick with its head pointing up toward the ceiling as she removes the brunette’s brassiere. She hefts her mate’s pierced nipples and full breasts and gets her own sucked as she jerk’s Jenna off.

Next, Chelsea sits on her heels while Jenna stretches out on the bed to give her head. They continuously take turns sucking each other off while jerking off. About 16 minutes in, Chelsea assumes the doggy style position and Jenna eases her bare cock inside the fuchsia-haired babe’s tight ass!

Watching Chelsea’s big schlong flopping around all over the place is foreshadowing to what happens as she gets fucked in multiple positions. It’s not difficult to realize when watching the time of this recording that Chelsea is going to give a bareback fucking similar to the one she just got. Find out which beauty blasts her cum first in this spectacular TGirls.Porn update!

EvilAngel: Chelsea Marie and Janelle Fennec

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“Glam TS Fucks L’il Blonde T-Doll” sufficiently sums up the 5th blazing hot scene of this production. Trans-Visions #12 is the DVD it’s on from master director Joey Silvera. The full description reads: In ‘Trans-Visions 12,’ TS porn pioneer Joey Silvera travels Brazil, Thailand and the USA to capture intriguingly femme, startlingly functional trans beauties … in intimate solo action, and in play dates with men, women or each other! Joey brings platinum blonde TS bombshell Domino Presley to horny Gabriel, who eagerly dicks her tight rectum. Domino ejaculates all over his face. Transgender beauty Natalie Mars fucks all-natural biological girl Ariel McGwire. Ariel sucks Natalie’s nylon-clad toes and uses anal toys to stretch the T-girl’s butthole. Ferociously glamorous, busty, tanned and well-hung, Brazilian trans babe Keylla Marques masturbates to climax. White stud Kai Bailey buttfucks petite, adorable Nonny as the young Thai ladyboy makes herself cum. Tattooed TS glamour girl Chelsea Marie sodomizes pale blonde T-tramp Janelle Fennec in a lewd session of cocksucking and anal fun. Kai bangs Asian trans slut Micky, making her butthole gape and her she-dick spurt in orgasm.Joey Silvera’s ‘Trans-Visions 12‘ is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.

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The Chelsea Marie and Janelle Fennec scene is my favorite by far from Trans-Visions #12. The chemistry and lust between these actresses is the most convincing to me and I shouldn’t even have to mention the caliber of eye candy. It begins with Silvera focused on and introducing Janelle with his usual hyperventilating when he’s filming a hot model. She’s fully dressed in luxurious lingerie until about the middle of the second minute. That’s when Janelle exposes her firm tits and stiff dick.

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Then comes Chelsea with her big erection placed near Janelle’s upright pecker. There’s cock head rubbing and nipple licking. After a few moments of sucking Janelle’s cock, Chelsea moves upward for a passionate French kiss. Then Janelle goes down hungrily on Chelsea’s throbbing boner. Chelsea fiercely sodomizes Janelle after giving her a rim job. She jerks the blonde’s hard dick while railing her and there are multiple position changes. After Janelle cums on her own tummy, Chelsea laps it up and shoots a wad in Janelle’s mouth. This update is fire!

Two Tgirls: Gaze Into My Crystal Balls

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The official description reads: Down and out, TS Chelsea Marie thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her. Taking the advice of her friends, she goes to meet with a local psychic to get some advice. Upon arriving, Madam Aspen Brooks invites her in to sit down. You won’t believe what happens next!

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Well, I can’t believe how funny gorgeous Aspen Brooks is. I’d never seen her do anything comedic before and it fits right in with the typically humorous Two Tgirls scene openings. It’s a wonder that the beguiling Chelsea Maria manages to keep a straight face.

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The sexual chemistry is off the chain and this might be the first time I’ve seen tittie fucking on It comes after torrid exchanges of oral sex. Things really get fast and furious and I really had no idea which of these babes would have a hardon aiming at her fine ass. I’m not going to spoil it for you but it comes in the form of a tremendous bareback railing!

Wait until you see all the cum spurting out of both girl’s big dicks at the end! “Gaze Into My Crystal Balls” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Kellie Shaw

Chelsea: “Kellie was really hot, tall, and blonde with long legs. She had a huge, uncut cock that I could suck for hours. I really enjoyed sucking her and jacking her off at the same time. She got rock hard without me even touching it and stayed that way for the entire shoot. I loved how eager she was to take my load in the face.”

Kellie: “Working with Chelsea was a great change of pace. Working with men is a raw, primal experience. Working with another girl brings a level of sensuality that I don’t experience with men. My favorite part of the scene was all the foreplay, kissing, and yes, the blow jobs.”

This Tuesday’s TGirls.Porn update perfectly exemplifies why I look forward to weekly updates so intently from this incredible site. veteran Chelsea Marie gives gorgeous newbie Kellie Shaw a damn good dicking down in yet another popping production from Mr. Radius Dark.

There are few adult industry performers I’ve raved about as often as former Floridian Chelsea who now resides in Las Vegas. It’s in Phoenix, Arizona stunner Kellie Shaw to enjoy a hugely successful career in this business as well. But they’re different types of performers. For example, I knew previously that Kellie was strictly a bottom.

I know from seeing how hard her huge cock gets when she’s aroused, Kellie could top but why ask someone to go out of their comfort zone knowing what their preferences are? She doesn’t ever need to top to build a long-running, successful career in my opinion.

I love the way this update opens up with passionate kissing in lingerie. Chelsea is on top and she devours Kellie’s breasts orally when they pause from making out. Kellie returns the favor while exposing Chelsea’s cock from her panties. But Kellie is first to receive a blowjob and it’s an incredible thing to witness. As a matter of fact, Mr. Dark’s back and forth footage of the girls exchanging oral is breathtaking.

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We’re over 18 minutes into this explosive TGirls.Porn update before Chelsea eases her big bare erection inside Kellie’s tight ass. It’s almost a full half hour movie! Without revealing too much of the action that follows, let me just assure you that it’s astounding! If Kellie Shaw seems familiar to you and you just can’t place her, she was incredible in her debut and encore performances, hardcore scene with Mike Panic and her November 1, 2017 solo update on Shemale.XXX. Iconic Chelsea’s industry dominating scenes can be found on a plethora of websites including Frank’s T-Girl World,, and Shemale.XXX.

Chelsea Marie Cums!

I’ll take a cum shot any day of the week, but Monday’s are extra special on Shemale Yum. Steven Grooby recently said, “As requested by the members, we’re trying to get more cum shots into the sites. Because of the large array of trans girls models we work with – and the difficulties some models seem to have in cumming, it’s difficult to know how scenes are always going to play out – but we also recognize that a large section of fans, are looking for cum shot scenes. In May we introduced ‘Cum Shot Mondays’ to Shemale Yum. Instead of shooting our usual two sets per shoot (with the second being a cum shot) we’re investing in having these scenes shot as a one shoot solo – and choosing models that we know can deliver the money shot.”

Enter the fabulous Chelsea Marie with her cumtastic June 12, 2017 photo and video set. Get to to see a teaser video trailer if you think you can stand it. I didn’t have to because whenever Chelsea Marie and Radius Dark do a new shoot, I’m always absolutely certain it’s going to be an explosive, savage update.

Their best model/producer chemistry is one of the finest I’ve seen in porn ever. Before Grooby rolled out collaborative individual model websites with ModelCentro, there was a site that was all about Chelsea and it’s

It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it’s still available for subscribers who don’t want to miss out on a precious body of work from this phenomenal adult industry star.

Chelsea’s 9th Shemale Yum shoot reminds me of the way her individual website was launched, in a new apartment, only now she’s in Sin City.

She was a Florida resident when she first entered the adult industry. Her vocal teasing and striptease are scorching hot with a tremendous build-up. After Chelsea releases her promised cum shot, she moans, “It’s your turn to cum now.”

It makes me wonder how many fans were able to hold off for that long. Get to and you’ll see what I mean.

TS Pussy Hunters: Chelsea Marie & Kelli Provocateur

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“Long Lean Super Model” refers to gorgeous Chelsea Marie vs “Strong Powerful Body Builder” Kelli Provocateur in a TS Pussy Hunters production that bridges the gap between Ultimate Surrender and one of the two trans websites, the other being TS Seduction with male actors.

The co-branding of these two brilliant Kink sites is a pretty frequent occurrence that I’ve never missed over the years. Chelsea and Kelli are two of my all-time favorites and after revealing the official synopsis, I will just close with a few thoughts. It reads: Chelsea Marie is one bad ass sexy lady and she wants to show the world she isn’t afraid of getting her hair wet doing a little exercise in a sex fight.

Her opponent today is a sexy ebony muscle babe, Kelli Provocateur. These girls go one long round of wrestling, trying to sexually destroy each other using their strength and skill to over power and dominate each other. Today is back and forth action and its only up to the final seconds of the buzzer where a winner is determined.

The winner makes the loser worship her muscles. Loser is fucked hard in the ass and any which way you can think of fucking a sweet sexy loser. Kelli gets a nice big hot load of white cum all over her chocolate titties. Kelli gets her hot giant clit sucked until she cums all over the mats. I’ve seen Kelli on several times before as well as on, and I’ve seen Chelsea on three times before, on six times before and I’ve raved multiple times before about her before on a plethora of other sites. The contrast of about five inches in height amongst others between Chelsea and Kelli had me wondering with an extreme erotic thrill about how this match would turn out. Chelsea intends to pound Kelli with her “big hard cock” if she wins and Kelli means pound dominate Chelsea with her strap-on if things go her way.

While stunning referee Ariel X sets up the match, I have the feeling all this will happen and the winner is me! I think the sight of Chelsea’s big raging hardon penetrating Kelli’s pretty pussy down to her deliciously large clit is permanently etched in my brain.

The sex is in the range of performance skills that only true professionals can accomplish. But I see this and hyper-physical bareback update as something to live up to. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of these incredible stars, head on over to and

TS Seduction: Hot Tattooed Barber TS Chelsea Marie

Our exclusive TS Dreamland $39.99 reduction from $50 USD for continues with “Hot Tattooed Barber TS Chelsea Marie Serves It Hard To Horny Patron” That’s the full title of this TS Seduction film. I just shorted it because Goggle isn’t fond of long titles. Zane Anders has been on multiple Kink network sites before. As for his previous Male/Trans scenes, he’s also worked with TS Foxxy and Jessica Fox.

Beautiful Chelsea Marie is no stranger to either with updates from partner sites and killer performances on TS Pussy Hunters with Bella Wilde, Lilith Luxe, Mia Li, and on TS Seduction with Sebastian Keys, Corbin Dallas, Ruckus and Will Havoc. In this new scene with Zane Anders, it’s a slow night at the Armory Speakeasy and hot tattooed bartender TS Chelsea Marie is serving it hard. Horny patron Zane Anders has no idea what he is getting his eager ass into.

After a seducing striptease behind the bar, Chelsea leads her new play toy into the back room for some private action. Tattoo worship, face smothering, ass licking and deep throat TS cock sucking are all being served strong tonight. Zane loves a hard cock in his ass and Chelsea knows just how to deliver a deep hard fucking before shooting her thick load all over his face. Zane gets his release with a little bit of TS foot worship before spraying his load all over her perfect arches, which Chelsea licks all up.

That’s how the official synopsis reads and I can’t do any better than that. But to add a few of my own thoughts, the casting is perfect, first off. Chelsea Maria is ultra-convincing as the badass bartender and Zane’s innocent qualities play off her character very well. If Zane’s high school peers know that he’s a porn star now, they must still be in shock. As attractive as he is, I can easily see him as a mainstream film actor or the nice guy protagonist in a film noire production.

Devout Chelsea Marie fans who’ve loved witnessing her powerful fucking skills with no doubt be pleased with this performance. There’s some intense foot fetish content near the end so foot fans cannot complain that they didn’t get to see a display of one of the things she’s well known for. It wouldn’t be proper to have a Chelsea Marie scene with no foot sex.

If you’re wondering why I’m offering the discount to instead of just TS Seduction, it’s because is now a complete network for all 30 channels known as Kink Unlimited. This is perfect fans who love supreme trans content, fetish and BDSM work from a variety of genres, and want to get it all from one amazing network.

Chelsea Marie in Hot For Transsexuals #03

Official synopsis: Kinky director and scene player Aiden Starr’s friends from the TS world show us the alluring, mysterious reality of gender-bent dating — in each scene of ‘Hot For Transsexuals 3,’ a feminine, horny T-girl hooks up with a bold male adventurer for forbidden fun. Tattooed Chelsea Marie’s huge bulge expands her bikini panties. Chad Diamond deep-throats her big boner. She fellates him ass-to-mouth and they trade hard-slamming butt fucks. Exotically pretty Tori Mayes and Chad share passionate mouth kissing and 69. Tori’s little dicklet twirls as she rides the man’s meat. Gorgeous Alexa Scout has pretty tits, long legs, a big butt and a gaping bunghole. She tickles Lance Hart’s taint and laps his balls; skin-slamming sodomy makes her grip the bed. With a butt plug lodged in his sphincter, she strokes him to orgasm and they French kiss. Slim natural redhead Mandy Mitchell totally swallows tattooed, pierced Mike Panic’s erection. She deeply rims his rectum, massages his prostate and feeds him the anal flavor; Mandy sits on his face so he can taste hers. She spits his jism into his mouth!

Review: The color saturation of Chelsea Marie’s Scene #01 with Chad Diamond in Hot For Transsexual’s #03 enhances her natural beauty and would make her talented tattoo artist proud. It also reminds me of the other intensely high production values many of us take for granted with productions. Chelsea poses standing with a cool soundtrack playing in the background and then moves gracefully on a bed. She bares and fondles her luscious breasts and writhes about with her goodies escaping her panties. Next thing you know, she’s stroking her cock that’s almost as hard as in can get, and that’s mighty hard! Withing 2 minutes, the filming evolves into more traditional film qualities and Chad enters the frame, joining Chelsea on the bed. He’s obviously been having fun watching as he’s already got a raging hardon as he dives in between Chelsea’s legs face first. Chad gives Chelsea deep blowjob, jacking of while she squeezes her big tits.

Eventually, Chelsea’s brassiere is discarded and Chad moves upward to devour each breast and nipple. He bobs his head up and down on her rock hard pecker next and by this time, his hung beautiful partner is totally nude. Chelsea scoots up on the bed on all fours next and gives Chad’s long dick a good sucking with her own hard spike swinging between her thighs. This is a different sort of porn scene that I’m used to for Chad. His brilliant sense of humor isn’t utilized this time, but I totally understand why. There’s so much intense foreplay and switching bareback sex with leaves no time for being funny! His job here is to fuck Chelsea like a machine and hers is to take it like a champ. Chad rails Chelsea in the doggy style position, withdraws and jacks her off while she’s kneeling and sucks her cock yet again. Chelsea’s arousal is plain as day and she’s primed to give Chad a fucking of a lifetime! At this point where Chelsea is fucking Chad silly, we’re only at the midway point of the scene. I’m going to leave the rest for you to enjoy for yourself on with just a couple of things to look forward to. The volume of both actor’s cum shots is porn star perfection and gorgeous Chelsea is wet in four ways; sweat from furious bareback fucking, lactating breasts, and creamy white cum from her own powerful cock and Chad’s too!

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Twitter: tscaramel

Sunshyne Monroe & Chelsea Marie

Gorgeous Sunshyne Monroe of goes with the primary colors of her Sunshyneland website for her “Purple” photo and video set. “Walk on the Wild Side which is a blazing hot hardcore scene with Chelsea of But first, in her latest solo video, Sunshyne moves gracefully through a tantalizing striptease on a chaise lounge. She moves her ass in ways most people can’t and faces the camera to expose and play with her full breasts and taut nipples.

While watching the hardcore transbian sizzler with Sunshyne and Chelsea, you’ll probably recognize the cityscape and when this scene was filmed. If not, it’s Las Vegas. Chelsea and Sunshyne sit out on the highrise balcony just talking as friends at first about the weather and sip champagne. When the conversation turns to sex, Sunshyne confesses how she was originally into just straight vanilla sex. But lately, she’s found herself attracted to other trans girls. Chelsea reveals her verse lifestyle and they eventually trade compliments. Then comes the first kiss.

This hardcore video has everything in it I didn’t expect to see and everything I wanted to see happen, happened! Get it on

TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Morena Black

You can watch a Video Preview of Chelsea Marie and Morena Black from their scene sucking and fucking each other on the landing page of TGirls.Porn! This is what they had to say about it: “Hey, this is Morena Black and Chelsea Marie and we just had the most electric time together! But what is it really that gets us two going? Morena: “I say that I’ve always had a passion and a lust for girls. Even since before I was one! I absolutely love women, but tgirls? Now that’s uncharted territory for me and still new, so I was nervous and excited when Chelsea and I were paired for TGirls.Porn. I mean, THE Chelsea Marie? Oh gosh! I instantly felt comfortable with her, and I absolutely thought we had this girl on girl vibe that I had been lusting after for so long…I became instantly hard! I made love to her ass like it was an oasis in my sexual desert. And those lips! So kissable, I lost myself in them, by the time we were getting into it I knew she needed my big cock inside her, and give it to her I did! All wasn’t done, though, because she wanted to eat my ass and fuck me too! She blew me away and made me her little passion slut as I moaned for more and was dying to shoot one of the biggest cum shots I have ever shot in my life!” Chelsea: “Well, I have a special place in my heart for girls, but you know I have a hunger for cock, so imagine my surprise when I seen the inches Morena had! I got so hard from sucking her big cock that I became just as big! After pounding my ass with her tongue, I knew I couldn’t waste anymore time getting that big cock inside me, and my moans are authentic! I could barely hold myself together until I had a feeling that I knew I had to return the favor. I turned things around and made her my little slut! She was almost begging for me to stop but I just gave it to her harder and harder, I felt like I was falling in love omg. I’ll tell you, though, when we came next to one another and one look in her eyes and I exploded! My eyes went wide when I saw her cock cream so much I felt greedy having it all to myself!” Wow! As you can see, we had great chemistry together, and we hope you enjoy our new scene on TGirls.Porn as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Chelsea Marie & Morena Black on Chaturbate

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Sometimes unpredictable things happen in porn that are as hot as anything you could have thought about requesting yourself. The last time this happened to me was last week when I was on Chaturbate browsing the Transsexuals room. Since I’m one of Chelsea Marie’s biggest fans on the planet, I was erotically surprised to see her performing live, and on top of that, with one of my favorite new girls, Morena Black. They were jacking off side by side in room=chelseamarie1morenablack! I logged in in time to see Chelsea spanking Morena’s sexy bare ass hard and claiming her as her bitch. In perhaps what some might call a turn of the tables, Chelsea dropped to her knees and began sucking Morena’s huge cock. She managed to suck down all the way to the base, which made me wonder if the Morena’s schlong was fully erect. It sure looked that way to me, especially when they sat back down to jerk off again. There was a lot of passionate kissing and a penis pump was also whipped out. Last week has been the hottest transbian week of January 2016 for me. I’ll be tuned into room=chelseamarie1morenablack to see what happens next.

TGirls.Porn Beach Babes Chelsea Marie & Treasure Barbie

I could have flipped a coin to pick a set from TGirls.Porn to go into a little detail about first. They’re all magnificent I adore all of the models on this brand new website. I decided to describe the hardcore scene with Chelsea Marie and Treasure Barbie first because it’s the one that happens to be playing on my tablet right now. The photo set has some beautiful beach shots, but the video action is filmed by Radius Dark indoors in the 26 minute video. Both girls look stunning of course as they make out on the bed. “What a big dick,” Treasure Barbie exclaims before leaning down to suck on it. The HD quality is so sharp, you might get the feeling you can transport yourself right into the bedroom. Chelsea’s boobs were pretty much visible from the time this scene started. Treasure Barbie gets completely naked, except for her tall strappy sandals to get more comfortable while sucking. But the heels come off and Chelsea removes hers also as they discuss what’s gong to happen next. Chelsea is going to fuck her TGirls.Porn co-star. “Oh my God,” the brunette whimpers. “Your dick feels so big.” I’m sure that Chelsea hears that a lot. I don’t think there’s a scene these two gorgeous girls have been in that I haven’t seen. But I haven’t seen them like this before. I love TGirls.Porn!

TGirls.Porn Launches!

Judging from the feedback I get about transbian sex, there is rarely ever any middle ground. Either it doesn’t do much for someone or it drives porn fans absolutely mad with lust. Since I love it and I’ve seen all of the TGirls.Porn scenes and photo sets already, I can assure you that this is the best of the best 100% #GroobyGirls hardcore content filmed by US photographers Radius Dark and Omar Wax and Kalin of the UK. That’s just with the big launch and these guys are some of the best in the industry. Some of the exquisite models on TGirls.Porn so far include German Alexandra Vexx, Alicia Snow of Southampton, UK, Maisie Le Fay of Sheffield, Taryn Elizabeth of Colorado, Natalie Mars of Little Rock, Arkansas, Treasure Barbie of Sacramento, CA, the hostess of of West Palm Beach, Florida, Chryssie Steele of Vancouver, Sasha Skyes of Sacramento, Emy Amethyst of Seattle, WA. New Orleans, LA native Athena Addams of, Kaylee Kuddlez of Raleigh, NC. Cherry Mavrik and Sabina Sinn are both from Seattle. This is a mix of all relatively new performers, veteran bombshells and stunning comeback performers. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the fantastic new TGirls.Porn website from me in the very near future.

Chelsea Marie Works Out & Cums

Chelsea Marie who debuted on Shemale Yum in 2011 and photographer Radius Dark make one of the most dynamic partnerships in trans adult entertainment history. If you’ve never been a member of before, the Shemale Yum video that comes with this sample photo gallery might convince you to seriously consider her website for the first time. Chelsea is in workout mode as she strips out of her Nike sneakers and socks and practically does full split on the carpeted floor. Her bare midriff is trim and oiled and her figure looks like my idea of fitness trainer perfection. She moves through a workout in a sexy two-piece body-conscious Nike black and gray outfit with the sun pouring into the tastefully decorated room. It’s a hard routine that has her moaning almost like she’s having sex. While sitting on her huge exercise ball, she actually is having sex – with herself. This is when she begins to concentrate on stroking her big cock fully erect. Her toned body is covered with a sheen of perspiration and except for the top pulled over her tits, she’s completely naked. Sometimes she uses two hands to beat her meat. Dark films her full frontal and from ground level. Near the end of the scene, Chelsea squirts oil on her huge erection and masturbates furiously on the floor. Her rock hard dick is and red as her nipples when she works out clear beads of pre-cum. She’s totally nude at this point, flexing her toes and tight abs. Chelsea releases a torrent of creamy cum on the towel beneath her glorious figure. I think you’ll be astounded by this performance and many more on Shemale Yum.