TransAngels: Chanel Santini In Here Cums The Bride

Chanel Santini & Connor Maguire in Here Cums The Bride

Getting married mere minutes ago hasn’t changed blushing bride Chanel Santini’s ravenous appetite for dick. Secretly Chanel and the best man, Connor Maguire, have been fucking on the side for some time. They’ve promised to each other that the relationship stops after the wedding, but Chanel just can’t let leave without taking his big cock up her ass one last time. Connor knows he shouldn’t, but finds himself hiding under Chanel’s dress to suck her beautiful tgirl dick — right in front of her new husband! Can you blame him? Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, and Connor just can’t resist the combination of Chanel’s beautiful face, banging body, and pornstar sexual enthusiasm. It’ll be one last blast to remember… And that’s the official synopsis of the latest smoking hot scene.

I’m reminded early that with veteran Tom Moore and the Brazzers mainstream budget that I’m once again looking at the most beautifully shot trans porn around today. And with Chanel of and Connor Maguire, I’m looking at stunningly well matched pair of actors. The moment when Connor raises the hem of Chanel’s wedding gown to expose her cock is lightning caught in a bottle.

I don’t know of any other trans girl who hasn’t dreamt of being a bride at one point or another. In this case it’s sex on the outdoor wedding grounds. A plot twist moves the action indoors but the danger doesn’t end when that happens.

For a moment near the end, I thought we might be cheated out of an extra-special ending. But delivers 100% yet again. I think we’ll be hard pressed to see this team to neglect wrapping things up with a bow.

I was actually a bit sad that this update had to end. It’s like watching a scene out of a movie.

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Marissa Minx Jerks Off With Chanel Santini

The network is the company that signed some of the most incredible models on the Net to launch,, AlexaScout.XXX,, NatalieMars.XXX and now MarissaMinx.XXX!!! I love it when one contract girl helps another. After the social media flirting and behind the scenes sucking fucking between Marissa and Chanel, I almost felt like I was getting too much of a good thing. I mean I was going crazy to see them having sex together! So the first MarissaMink.XXX scene ever for me to see with my own eyes is “Marissa Minx Jerks Off With Chanel Santini”. Although I find each model to be highly sincere, I couldn’t tell if they were really dating or if their closeness was just part of a press kit like we see in porn stars and with Hollywood celebrities. I think of each model as primarily straight and man-loving trans women, but on social media and on video, they went full unadulterated lesbian in my opinion. When Chanel who’s relatively new to Las Vegas asks Australian Marissa how she likes it so far, pay close attention to the way they look into each other’s eyes. They start talking about boys but the way their flirtation builds to sex is magical. There’s more than just jerking off. There is also passionate kissing and Chanel sucks Marissa’s lovely cock. In fact, Chanel gives the full treatment with a rim job that gets reciprocated. One electrifying moment comes when Marissa and Chanel sit across from one another and rub their erections together! We get to see Marissa sucking Chanel’s cock also. There’s tittie-fucking and a climactic finish that ends with an intimate cummy kiss on the fantastic new MarissaMinx.XXX website! Network

Chanel Santini in Transsexual Gangbangers #19

MP4 Scene Trailer

The official synopsis of Chanel Santini’s write-up for her performance in Transsexual Gangbanger’s #19 is the same as the one I included with Annabelle’s Lane’s: Annabelle is tired of Chanel getting all the press and recognition in the contested world of trans adult entertainment. “Why is that bitch getting all the props when nobody can take a cock pounding like me?” Her head minion Chad Diamond suggests she call out superstar Chanel Santini in a fuck off live on the Internet to settle this for once and all.

Sample Photo Gallery

What a great idea Annabelle came up with. Bringing her boy toys to the forefront, she lays down the fuck of the century as she is mercilessly double ass pounded and pulverized by the hardest cocks in the industry! She even fucks Gabriel up the ass to show she is just as good a top as Santini is. Chanel calls in her 3 main studs – Jonah Marx, Damien Thorne and Kai Bailey. She has her fuck room set up and ready to go as the men proceed to double anal her and pound her holes. She even fucks Jonah up the ass! Welcome to the competitive world of Transsexual Gangbangers #19 on!

Flash Scene Trailer

There’s no sense in comparing Chanel and Annabelle. They’re both beautiful and brilliant and if you prefer one actress over the other, no one sould suggest you do otherwise. My role is only to encourage you to enjoy both actresses work as well as the actors. Chad Diamond, Gabriel D’Alessandro and Owen Michaels are the lucky studs who gangbang Annabelle.

One big wow factors are that both actresses top, obviously not what we usually get in mainstream scenes with gangbangs unless the girl does it with a strap-on. It’s effective but not quite the same as seeing a trans girl fucking with her real cock. After seeing Annabelle top, it’s an unspoken porn fans demand that Chanel bring it. She does just that. This is why it seems silly to judge one actress against the other. Their combined performances are what makes this DVD a memorable force to be reckoned with. Take a close look at to browse their list of remarkable movies. 

Transsexual Gangbangers #19

Chanel Santini With Pigtails In Bathroom

“Chanel Santini With Pigtails In Bathroom” actually begins from the ground level – a view of her tall semi-clear platform heeled feet entering a marble furnished bathroom. The erotic introduction provides an immediate turn on for foot lovers and build-up for everyone else. The approximately minute long bare foot show then focuses on her incredible ass in a string bikini with a peek at her big new boobs from behind.

She smacks her ass hard, removes her mesh thong bottom and faces us in bare breasted glory. The camera briefly pans down to her now naked cock and balls but as the art of the striptease dictates, Chanel presents more of her bottom again. Well, so much for the striptease! Chanel is gloriously nude now and her cock is expanding in length and girth. She lowers her incredible body on the marble floor and wantonly begins to masturbate.

The intensity of Chanel’s jack off session comes when she has one leg and foot inside the tub and the rest of her body fully exposed. There are no mysterious teasing camera angles at this point and this stunning model is just letting it all hang out, literally. Her playful naughty dialogue is replaced with the deep moaning and gasping that informs us that a climax is approaching.

She’s inside the tub on her back jerking off furiously and there’s no water to obscure the view. Chanel is filmed coming closer and closer to achieving orgasm for quite some time until her big dick releases a cum shot that’s as white as her surroundings. Her erection and formerly stroking hand is just covered with cream and she tastes a bit before the scene fades out.

The network delivers sheer perfection once again with!

Chanel Santini In: Chanel’s Breathtaking Foursome Action!

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“Some hardcore gangbang fucking is about to happen and it involves this one hot tgirl star Chanel Santini. She comes in wearing a sexy shiny red skirt paired with a revealing black top and she is so fired up and cant wait to get fucked. All the boys in the name of Soldier Boi, Drake Ford and Rico get in on the action and they are so ready for Chanel’s hard fucking scene.”

Just slip this scene into your file of all-time favorites if you’re a die-hard Chanel Santini fan. That’s what I always do but this Shemale.XXX scene is extra special (as if her other 11 performances on this scorching hot website aren’t?). Well c’mon now, it’s a freaking foursome for goodness sake! Soldier Boi has arranged some live adult entertainment to surprise his buddies with as an alternative to drinking beer and watching TV all night. Drake already knows the girl and Rico is excited about seeing someone other than his baby mama.

7pm rolls up fast and the girl is on her way. She lets herself into the apartment, clicking inside on her red bottoms, and introduces herself. Taking a seat, Chanel invites the guys to move in closer. Following a brief upskirt tease, Chanel asks if the boys would like to see more of her.

She then rises from the couch and begins a striptease close enough to be touched. This isn’t going to be a typical dancing stripper scenario. Chanel whips her cock out of her panties and begins stroking before the eyes of these sex hungry men. Soldier Boi is first to stand up and move in for a closer look and he gives Chanel a brisk slap on her shapely ass. She lays across Drake and her panties are lowered as Rico join in the butt slapping.

Chanel’s downstairs goodies are out in the open and Rico moves in to give her a rimjob while she sits back on the sofa with her lovely legs spread wide open. She’s kicked her pricey heels off already knowing a lot more will happen to her aside from being eaten. In fact, Chanel’s glorious form is soon completely naked and her cock is stiff by the time she has it sucked on. She sucks cock while getting blown and has her salad tossed again. The penetration of her tight ass occurs first in the doggy style position and not only does she get spitroasted, she gets double penetrated in her incredible ass!

You’ve got to see how hard beautiful Chanel’s cock is at this point. Also see how hard (and wet) she cums before getting spunk facials from these three lucky bastards on Shemale.XXX! Instant classic.

Chanel can also be found on and in sizzling trans lesbian action on TGirls.Porn. For even more content from Chanel you can also subscribe to and in conjunction with

Alexa Scout Launches Her Official Site on TransErotica

MP4 Scene Trailer
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On March 1, 2017, TransErotica announced the addition of, the official site of TS star Alexa Scout, to its growing network.

Sample Photo Gallery

“Alexa is such a beautiful, fresh-faced teen with a great attitude and spunky personality,” TransErotica President, JC says. “We knew the first time we saw her perform that we wanted her to join the TransErotica Network. She has already come a long way as a performer and her ever growing fan base adores her”.

Sample Photo Gallery

“I’m totally thrilled about the site coming out,” exclaims Scout. “My fans have been waiting for it, and we are finally about to show all the hard work (pun intended) I’ve been putting into it as a performer. It will be great being able to interact with fans on my site.”

Sample Photo Gallery

Her site will include exclusive HD videos and hi-res photo sets featuring Scout, plus access to her live cam shows which she states are one of the features that most excites her about the site.

MP4 Scene Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery

Membership to her site will also include ACCESS TO ALL OTHER SITES within the network which include, the official site of TS teen star Chanel Santini,, the official site of Tyra Scott, and award winner Jessy Dubai’s official site,

MP4 Scene Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery

Some of my personal favorite scenes with Alexa are those with Lena Jade, Natalie Mars, and Chanel Santini and Alexa has phenomenal solo sets as well. Sometimes you just want to see your favorite models jacking off and cumming just for you and Alexa is well aware of that fact.

MP4 Scene Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery

It’s been a fascinating journey watching the producers develop one of the finest networks on the Internet. With the addition of they’re unstoppable!

Review written by Twitter: @tscaramel

Chanel Santini in Chanel’s Hot One-Two Punch!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax presents another killer photo and video set with blazing hot Chanel Santini – Chanel’s Hot One-Two Punch! The tastefully furnished bedroom enhances Chanel’s beauty as she touches up her makeup in a colorful bikini and clear lucite platform heels. She checks her emails with her phone and comes across one she’d forgotten about concerning the prospect of a gangbang with a bunch of hot guys. She’s a bit nervous about it since she’s never before had so much cock at once. But the thought of it turns her on so much that she bares her lovely breasts and begins tweaking her nipples.

“Just the thought of two huge cocks in my tight little hole. Ahhh, it would be like a dream come true,” she considers while getting more an more aroused. With her breasts fully exposed above her bikini top, Chanel lowers and removes her panties, then proceeds to stroke her cock. Then she arranges her exquisite form on the little love seat at the foot of the bed and raises her butt in the air. She then sits back and focuses on her dick again, amazed at how many men want it. Chanel rubs her tiny wrinkled rosebud and fingers it deeply.

“Oh, my cock is getting so hard,” she moans while jacking off with both feet on the floor. She’s thinking of all those boys taking advantage of every inch of her body. Once her shiny cock is fully erect, she sits back and crosses her legs then uses her cell phone again. In the next sequence she’s sitting at the vanity doing her makeup again in a different skimpy bikini.

It’s a new day and she’s decided to go through with the gangbang. She checks the time and realizes she has a few moments to please herself before the lucky guys arrive at her place. With one leg perched on a chair, she checks out her perky ass in the mirror. She bares it completely and sits down to masturbate.

The only article of clothing she has on this time around is her skimpy bikini top as this fap session gets underway. Chanel renders herself totally naked and heads toward the shower to retrieve a clear butt plug and some lube. She primes her gorgeous ass, props one bare foot on the chair and proceeds to fuck herself with the sexy toy. The butt naked Vegas babe then crouches on the floor to continue stroking her cock while ramming the plug in and out of her tight ass.

I strongly urge you to enjoy the full scene for yourself on Shemale.XXX. Also be sure to check out this stellar fox on and!

Chanel & Isabella: Two Hot Trans Girls To Squirt Up Your World!

Does this scene even need a review? We’re talking about Chanel of and and Isabella Sorrenti who’s a fixture at TS Dreamland with Part I and Part II interviews with Scott aka PornOCD. No scene in several years has even mentioned here unless Scott and I have seen them for ourselves, but I must add that this particular one gets an A+ from me. The official synopsis reads: Sexy Chanel Santini is auditioning to be a dancer at pin-up girl Isabella Sorrenti’s club….

… Chanel seems like just the perfect fit for the open position, until she expresses apprehension about performing on the weekends, when the girls are required to show full frontal nudity. See, Chanel has a not-so-little secret hidden beneath her tiny black thong, and she’s afraid that the customers wouldn’t want to see her completely naked…

… Well, it turns out that they’ve already had a girl like her work the pole, and all the patrons loved her! In fact, that stripper was Isabella, herself, and now she is the manager. So, for the final part of the audition, Isabella teaches Chanel how to suck trans girl cock. She holds Chanel’s pretty face down on her love stick, causing her to choke and spit….

… Chanel looks up at Isabella in between deep throating and gagging on her thick prick. Next, Isabella takes a turn swallowing lady dick as Chanel pound her face hard and good. All this hot oral action has the girls wanting to fuck…

… “You must really want to work here,” Isabella teases to Chanel as she rams her tight asshole doggy style. Chanel’s affirmative response cums in the form of deeper and deeper moaning. Then, Chanel sits atop the queening chair so she can bounce up and down on Isabella’s chick dick. Isabella’s balls continue to slap loudly against Chanel’s ass cheeks as she bangs her against the stripper pole. Finally, Isabella towers above Chanel and strokes out a serving of lady jizz all over her chest and chin…

I can’t top a scene description better than the job than what you get on It’s a waste of my time and yours to even try it. If there’s a scene I’m raving about that needs a set-up, I’ll provide one. This is simply a must-see, cumstaticly creative foreplay and bareback fucking production by two phenomenal stars filmed beautifully.

Stunning Chanel Santini Takes A Bath!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Here we go with the strikingly beautiful and prolific Chanel Santini again. It’s an exquisite, don’t wanna miss it 9th photo and video set of Chanel filmed by Omar Wax. If there’s any possible way you’ve never seen this top ten model in action before, she has her own website,, performs live on and she’s also been featured on and in hardcore action that will blow your mind on TGirls.Porn. In her new bath scene there’s no need for any sort of story. Chanel draws a bubble bath while dressed in a bra and panties. She bands over to test the water’s heat while bent over with her undies halfway down as you can see in the free video trailer on Shemale.XXX. Her dialogue with you begins after all she has on is her bra while sitting at the edge of the tub. The first half of this scene features Chanel posing in a variety of tantalizing positions, blowing bubbles, fingering, breast fondling and moaning softly. She develops an erection about halfway through. Chanel is a grower with a small peen when it’s flaccid, but it’s surprisingly big when it gets hard. If for any reason you haven’t seen her performances since she entered the adult industry with a big bang at 18, her boobs have grown much bigger than they were back then. That’s important to some trans porn fans and not to others. But what chick isn’t proud of her tittie growth? The focus of the second half of this scene is mainly the growth of her big dick. Although this is a straight up furious stroking video, it sort of plays like art porn because of the high production values. Omar captures Chanel jerking her cock like mad from head to toe with mainly just suds and a little water by the end. Chanel’s orgasm is loud and powerful and her big cock shoots a tremendous creamy white cum shot. While coming back down to earth, she squeezes out every last drop before waving goodbye. “Chanel Santini Gets Bubble Bath Boner!” is the title of the sample photo gallery. Treat yourself by streaming or downloading the full video with its cumtastic conclusion.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX
You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Chanel Santini: Hot Trans Girl with Sexy Feet and Juicy Meat Is Such A Treat!

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

This is a solo scene that blows my mind. Check out the MP4 trailer of Chanel Santini undressing before taking a bath with her sex toys.

Visit for a longer preview.

In her second Shemale Strokers scene, Chanel kicks her panties away and poses completely nude. It’s basically upskirt footage without the skirt from the front and then the rear. If she’s your favorite new adult industry star, watching Chanel sitting at the edge of the tub stroking her cock to a full erection might be devastating for you. If she’s not your favorite or if you’ve never seen her before in action, she might become your new one. Chanel wags her long, thick sex organ around and it rises higher and higher in the air next.

Chanel raises her feet by the ankles for a leg show, then swivels around on her knees with her erection squeezed firmly between her thighs. There’s a little leg and foot show from the back that evolves into an explicit butt show.

About 11 to 12 minutes in, Chanel begins to play in the water. She gets soaking wet from head to toe and moves gracefully through too many poses to list. She shakes her ass like a stripper and there’s slow motion footage before the scene resumes to normal speed. Chanel simulates sucking cock with a clear dildo before fucking herself with it. She then strokes her stiff cock with a pink toy.

Chanel is making high-pitched moans and talking dirty when her climax hits. This scene runs just under a half hour on A big blast of creamy white cum blasts from the head of her cock while she uses the clear toy again to fuck herself. She sits up after tasting a bit of her own cum and her lovely dick is still standing up.

You can also catch this stunning beauty on which is her official website powered by the Transerotica team. As of now, her last LIVE performance was just over 7 hours ago on