Carol Penelope & Eveline Moura & Tallyta Garcia

This Brazilian Transsexuals update from May 2017 almost got past me. There are so many shoots from this site I love but some are absolute must rave about scenes and my trans lesbian radar must have scanned the Net back a month to find this masterpiece. Carol Penelope, Eveline Moura and Tallyta Garcia are extraordinary model/performers in their own right. Together they’re almost painful to watch.

Eveline pictured in the middle is a newbie with two solo shoots and this was the seventh scene for platinum blonde Carol Penelope and there are currently eight. Last but not least is Tallyta on the left with a total of five scenes. In this killer threeway shoot produced by Khan, the girls are playing with each other in be wearing lingerie when the scene opens.

In addition to the contrast of each model’s stunning looks, the gradually get down to different stages of dress. More specifically, Carol gets completely naked first, Tallyta next and then Eveline who gets down to her pink stockings and then begins sucking Carol off. Tallyta takes advantage of being right behind Eveline by giving her head. Eveline sucks Tallyta off next and Carol gives her a blowjob. If you’re like me you’ll lose track of who’s sucking who and just enjoy it until as well as when the fucking begins.

Eveline takes a ride on Carol’s erection while she sucks Tallyta’s hardon in a cowgirl spitroast. Carol then sits and jacks off and feeds Tallyta her stiffness while the brunette takes a doggy style drilling from Eveline!

While I’m trying to decide who the best top is, Carol gets to riding Tallyta’s tight ass and I realize there’s no weak link here. Somewhere around the 27th minute, all three beauties are exhausted from their feats of jackhammer pounding. They sit beside each other to jack off until all three of them cum!

Carol shoots her load first and squeezes her spunk across her thigh. Tallyta’s cream shoots across her own tight tummy and thigh. Then Evelin blows her creamy white load just below her pierced belly button. You can tell how happy each babe is at the end of this scene by the way they kiss each other and smile before the scene fades out. This incredible site is now a 3 WEBSITES FOR 1 deal!  

Deborah Mastronelly & Carol Penelope

I must have missed a meeting or something (or a video). I’ve never seen the aggressive side of blonde Carol Penelope before. As for Deborah, I already knew how great she is as a top. Both of these beautiful Brazilian-Transsexuals seem equally frisky when getting each other undressed. But Carol is the first to get a mouthful of cock. As you might suspect, she gets Deborah’s big dick hard in no time and makes lots of eye contact with us while doing it. Carol’s cock is already rock hard when Deborah begins giving her fellatio in return. The brunette jerks off while sucking her horny partner’s hardon. When Carol stands up, Deborah rises to her knees to continue with her blowjob. Then they switch positions and eventually they can no longer stand up because they’re obviously too turned on. Next comes the moment I see Carol fucking someone for my first time. She gives her raven-haired partner a powerful railing, too. This is not some “mailed in” transbian porn. Deborah jacks her erection furiously while getting pounded for quite some time. When it’s time for her to return the favor, she fucks Carol doggy style and there’s even more action I haven’t even mentioned yet. I know it’ll be much more fun to see it for yourself on Brazilian-Transsexuals.

Brazilian Transsexuals Geane Peron and Carol Penelope

You can watch a short video preview of this scene and more on Brazilian Transsexuals. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen strawberry blonde Geane Peron in solo performances and fucking on this long-running, incredible website. As for the platinum blonde, Carol Penelope, I’m not surprised that she was the bottom with Geane. She also took a railing on Shemales From Hell. That was with a guy, but she was just as passive with Geane. actually don’t think she had much of a choice in the matter. The video begins with mutual breast loving and Carol sucks Geane’s big cock fully erect. Geane actually gives Carol a wet and messy skull fucking when she stands up on the bed. But Geane loves cock, too. She jacks her hard prick while sucking Carol in return, who gets a raging boner as well. They switch again and it’s Carols turn to jerk off while sucking. Just after the midway point, Geane begins fucking Carol doggystyle. Both of their undulating asses look incredible as they screw and I think you’ll like the frontal side saddle banging and cowgirl riding as well. There’s a lot of intimacy in this scene and the chemistry between these girls is magical. Carol is so turned on by her lover’s pounding that she ends up shooting her cum on her tummy while taking Geane’s big dick in the missionary position. Geane pulls out when her climax is about to hit. She strokes her massive cock until she spurts a big of cum to mingle with Carol’s cream. She then seals their torrid lovemaking with a sweet kiss. Watch the full video on Brazilian Transsexuals. You can also see the pansexual princess of Rio de Janeiro on Shemale.XXX!