TGirls.Porn: Candy Marie & Chloe Wilcox

Description: Gorgeous Grooby Girls Candy Marie and Chloe Wilcox are no strangers to a little girl on girl heat having both smashed previous scenes here on the home of the hottest. Today, our eagle eyed lensman Mr. Radius Dark brings them together under his lights as we sit back and watch the magic happen…..

I really admire both of these actresses. Putting them together in a hardcore scene is like capturing lightening in a bottle. The kissing with these gorgeous young ladies alone bring the action to a fever pitch! The foreplay consists of Candy sucking Chloe’s cock fully erect and then they continue with hot and sweet kisses.

Chloe then goes down on Candy and produces a raging erection. Candy strokes their stiff cocks together, which happens to be one of my favorite activities. Then Chloe sucks Candy’s bone yet again! Candy returns the favor and Mr. Dark captures outstanding angles of this process.

From what I can see, I’ve never fucked anyone better than the way Chloe fucks Candy in this scene and I’ve never been fucked better. I’m not ashamed to admit that because this is high level porn boning. When Candy rides Chloe’s cock in the reverse cowgirl position, you can hear her pleasure and Chloe’s reaction to the tightness around her bare hardon.

Candy’s dick, balls and tits flop around all over the place and then they fuck while facing each other. The doggy style position follows next causing Candy too bury her face into the pillow and scream!

Next comes a tremendously fast and hard missionary position railing. I’m going to end my description of this TGirls.Porn masterpiece here. But you can also find Candy Marie on in solo and hardcore action and with Kayleigh Coxx on TGirls.Porn. You can find Chloe Wilcox on this site with Nicolette Phoenix, on Grooby Girls and on Femout.XXX where she made her debut!

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TGirls.Porn: Candy Marie & Kayleigh Coxx

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The general description reads: A real superstar edition of an update for our lucky members to unwrap as the countdown to Christmas begins here on TGirls.Porn! Enter stunning models Candy Marie and Kayleigh Coxx, two gorgeous and in-demand ladies who just couldn’t keep their hands off each other from the word “action” and thereafter in yet another popping production from Radius Dark.

Candy: “Kayleigh is one of the girls I followed, so when Radius asked me if I thought I could top her, I said “should” be able to, but he knew I was would definitely be able to. I am a bit of a screamer when I’m getting fucked, but remember, I’ve only had three dicks in me so I’m really, really tight. I loved Kayleigh’s big seven inch cock going in my ass. It was a huge turn on, so when I got my chance, I fucked the shit out of her and ate her ass! Then we ate each other’s cum. It was hot!”

Kayleigh: “I wanted to do my first topping scene, and although I want to get a guy, a cutie like Candy Marie was just fine. One of the things that surprised me was how big her dick is. I thought it was going to be small, but it grew and grew as I sucked it. I wasn’t supposed to bottom, but we switched anyway and she did a great job. Fucking someone when they’re face down should be her position. She really fucked me good especially in that position.”

With these enticing and lurid quotes I just had to see what went down for myself! I wanted to see if I could tell that Candy was practically a bottoming virgin. Oh, hell yes we can! After Kayleigh sucks Candy’s big cock, the girls knee across from one another having an erotic swordfight. Candy assumes the doggystyle position and Kayleigh eases her lovely prick inside Candy’s tight butt bareback.

We can definitely tell by Candy’s loud moans and screams that she’s knew to getting fucked but she loves it! Candy strokes her huge boner while getting railed in the missionary position. When it’s Candy’s turn to fuck Kayleigh, she delivers one of the most powerful drillings we’ve yet to see on!