TS Playground: Bruninha Almeida & Spencer Fox

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Spencer Fox tells us that Bruninha Almeida is going to get fucked by his big dick at the beginning of this TS Playground video. I already knew that, but it’s fun hearing him say it outloud anyway. He whips it out and she looks like she cannot wait to suck on it first. When she does, it’s pretty amazing how much she can take in her mouth. When she pauses to sit up and stroke on his thick meat, Spencer feasts on her big tits and Spencer fishes her semi-erect cock out of her shorts. Spencer alternates between sucking Bruninha’s big schlong and giving her a rim job. She jacks her now fully erect prick while Spencer tosses her salad again. There’s more oral action in a variety of positions until Bruninha straddles Spencer and sinks down on his bare cock for a cowgirl ride. The rear view is breathtaking, yet so is the profile footage with Bruninha’s tits jiggling and her swollen dick bouncing against Spencer’s abs. She stays hard during her doggystyle railing and missionary position pounding. Bruninha jerks off while getting fucked hard and a big blast of creamy white cum blasts out of her erection. When she rides Spencer in the reverse cowgirl position, her large prick is still hard! Finally, Spencer shoots his spunk across Brunina’s cock, thighs and tummy as he lies beneath her. The hung Brazilian beauty gives Spencer a kiss, rises from the bed and strikes a few more poses for us to close out this fantastic TS Playground exclusive scene. I highly recommend that you stream or download this torrid new set.

Brazilian Transsexuals Rafaella Ferrari & Bruninha Almeida



Bruninha Almeida might not be as experienced or popular as Rafaella Ferrari. But considering that she’s a relatively new performer, she did an amazing job keeping up with trans adult icon Rafaella the more busty blonde Sao Paulo babe. This scene starts out almost as fierce as it ends! They undress each other quickly and although Rafaella can be both dominant and submissive, it’s uncertain who will take the lead. Both girls as rock hard and Bruninha pins Rafaella on her back to suck her big cock. She’s also stiff and stroking while getting skull fucked. Then Rafaella slides around to suck on Bru’s long, thick joint. They switch again and again and I’m thinking that Rafaella is going to get porked after getting her salad tossed. But she turns the tables and begins ramming in and out of Bru’s hot little ass. Rafaella’s butt cheeks flex while Bru jacks her cock. Apparently Brunnha needed a good fucking before she was ready to deliver one of her own. Props to Bru for delivering the same kind of jackhammer drilling she took from Rafaella. Watch the full scene on Brazilian Transsexuals!