Jolie and Friends: Yes Mistress

30 Second Trailer

Back in the MySpace days, my tagline was, “I couldn’t find her so I became her.” I identified as a Mistress – not as a professional, but as a lifestyle domme. I delved deeply into BDSM and discovered it wasn’t just a look, but a lifestyle I could immerse myself in and not have to worry about coming up for air. I wanted to be regarded as a strong, powerful woman with a strong powerful weapon. That weapon was between my legs and I’d use it on submissive men, women and other trans woman who turned me on and who were aroused by me.

Sample Gallery 1

In “Yes Mistress” on, Camilla Jolie presents Bruna Venchy with a rather cute submissive male. But he doesn’t crawl into the frame until after she’s been posing for our pleasure for over six minutes. The gimpish subby boy is just the right type of subject I happen to love. I can’t tell if he’s a twink or a bisexual or straight male. I love both when they’re slender, cute and devoted and it doesn’t even matter.

8 Minute Trailer

He licks her boots and as his bottom is revealed, it’s got a furry plug embedded within it. Oh, how I adore furry subbies! The Mistress binds her sub to elaborate stocks and once he’s all settled in, she begins feeding him her lovely cock! I’m so envious of this powerful domme. The way she prepares her captive orally before she fucks him is superb! 29 minutes into the scene she’s pounding his slim butt with her cock in the doggy style position – the only position his bound form allows him to be in!

Sample Gallery 2

His pretty cock and balls are shaven bare I happen to notice. His legs are up when he’s removed from the stocks, getting fucked in the missionary position. They look smooth too. Smooth and creamy is the way Bruna Venchy’s cum looks at the end of this masterful update.