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Hung Country Girl Brooke Zanell!

This is PornOCD and in March 2015 I completed my very first interview with the amazingly sexy Indiana-native TS Pornstar Brooke Zanell.

I owe her so much for agreeing to be my very first interview. It just made perfect sense that my first blog should be about Brooke. Brooke appears on Shemale Yum in her most recent shot by Radius Dark. Brooke and Radius Dark have shot together on lots of occasions and always make the content hot… I am talking breaking the thermometer hot.

She is dressed to thrill in a little green top denim shorts and a cowboy hat and some sexy wedges that would have to stay on in the bedroom. She loses her shorts and cowboy hat very quickly and lays across the work surface and begins pleasuring herself. No doubt the viewers will be doing exactly the same. She shakes her cock for the camera, which is positioned right underneath, allowing a great view of her ass.

A full erection follows and lots of close up views of it. Slowly shaking her erection up and down while talking to the camera will send minds into overdrive. Well, it did mine.To watch and enjoy the scene, visit Shemale Yum.


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Mid-west native Brooke Zannell gives a descriptive account of her transition and detailed description of her sexual preferences in her debut Shemale Strokers video. She can be both submissive and dominant, but I knew that already. That’s because I’ve been a big fan of hers for quite some time. If you’d asked me if she’d been on this hot site before, I may have mistakenly answered yes. But after careful consideration, I would have remembered the correct answer. Gorgeous Brooke’s performances are quite memorable. In her new video, she’s filmed in slow motion at first. There’s a miraculous butt show that also exposes the low-slung set of smoothly shaven nuts and Brooke’s flaccid cock. Brooke exposes her amazing boobs next which are capped by a large, succulent set of nipples. Her dirty talk even made me blush and that’s an incredible feat in itself. You can see her balls draw up as her cock grows harder. Have you ever seen Brooke’s cock? When it’s raging hard, it’s tapered – an already big head that flares out along a thick shaft that grows wider the further you go down. When Brooke squeezes her nipples, a little milk oozes out. If you have a lactation fetish, your milk made is right here with a special delivery. I was tempted to show you Brooke’s mammoth prick here, but you can see it when you get to Shemale Strokers. She also has a tiny waist that flares out to an ass that I can only describe as perfection at the moment. I just watched Brooke squeezing a load of sticky cum out of her big dick with both hands and so should you!

Brooke Zanell on Shemale Yum

If you’ve ever seen a video with Brooke Zanell, just the thought of seeing a new one might make you horny as hell. You can almost always count on dirty talk to get you going while she takes her clothes off and while she masturbates. Brooke’s low-slung balls can bring teabagging to someone’s mind who rarely even thinks about it. It might be a good idea to use your tongue on them if you need a break while trying to deep throat her huge cock. Brooke’s ass is one I just think of as a perfect 10. Plus, she possesses a sweet set of hormone breasts with big pink nipples that stand out like pencil erasers. In her new Shemale Yum video filmed by Radius Dark, Brooke thanks the fans who’ve supported her for five years. Then she begins to remove her ensemble, stripping down to her black halter top and panties and heels. She smacks her pretty ass and literally kicks off her panties before giving a dazzling rear view. A white bra is under her top and that comes off, too. Once Brooke is well into her fap session, she pauses to let her big dick go and makes it swing up and down in the air. It’s pretty amazing to see how she makes that large, heavy tool stand up so high. Near the end of this heated solo scene, she takes off her tall sandals and exposes her super sexy high-arched feet for her fans who would love to worship them. Brooke points her pink-painted toes toward the camera in an invitation to suck on them. She does the same with her swollen cock. 110 photos compliment this ShemaleYum video! Enjoy the preview gallery: