TS Pussy Hunters: Sami Price & Bella Rossi

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“Sami Price and Bella Rossi Collide in The Ultimate Sex Fight Championship” bridges the gap between two extraordinary Kink.com websites – TS Pussy Hunters and Ultimate Surrender. I know that Sami Price isn’t crazy about wearing glam makeup, but she looks amazing in the opening Ariel X interview and beyond. She’s a fox with or without it and you can read her two exclusive TS Dreamland interviews with Sami Price beginning here. This is her first time with stunning Bella Rossi who’s no stranger to the network, including TSPH. Sami and Bella introduce themselves wearing string bikinis and give us their fight stats when the scene opens, each boasting about what they’ll do to the other when they win. Referee Ariel X starts the match and it’s really not an easy win. I think that anyone getting their cock stroked and sucked by Bella during a match would be seriously distracted. Bella gets her pussy finger banged and eaten during the competition and there’s really no way to lose a match like this. After the winner is announced, the sight of Sami and Bella on the mat together just standing there and then kissing is simply mind blowing. I love the bareback fucking on the mat as much as I do in the private room! Bella loves creampies and Sami gives her a great one. Sami loved eating her own sperm out of Bella’s pussy and if you read that interview, you already know why it tastes so good. This is one of Sami’s benefits of healthy living. I could not have just streamed this TS Pussy Hunters scene from Kink.com. I had to download it for keeps.

Venus Lux, Bella Rossi and Sam Solo – Sexual Identity Experiment

Venus Lux Entertainment hostess stars with Bella Rossi and Sam Solo in Hospital Threesome Feature on TsSeduction! The interview about the scene with director Tomcat reveals that newbie Sam has been submissive before, but doesn’t have much experience getting fucked. There’s no bondage in this video, but he’s about to submit to the big dick of hot ass Chinese/Cambodian Venus. He originally thought that he’d be “topping” gorgeous Bella, but she’s always in control of the situation. He gets to pummel her pretty pussy with his nice 7″ cock, but she’s not his bottom girl. Venus of course gets to fuck Bella, too! Who shot more creamy white cum at the end? I’m not sure if Sam doused Bella with as much spunk as Sam did, but I do know that he got to lick it up! What a horny cocktail.

Venus and Bella pretend to be lab technicians in a sexual arousal study. The goal of the research is to determine sexual identity in males. With electrodes hooked to his penis, Sam sits in front of a monitor playing porn. When he starts to get turned on, the electrodes measure his erection. When a scene from TsSeduction plays, his cock starts to perk up. He’s said he only likes sex where he sticks his penis in a vagina, but his cock is saying otherwise. Every time the on screen male gets his ass fucked, Sam’s penis gets harder. This is just the results Venus and Bella were hoping for, not because of the study, but because they can now fake a set up for “part two” of the trial and have him use his now hard cock on Bella before Venus gets in there with her own cock.

Brenda Von Tease and Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters

Brenda Von Tease is a gorgeous 5’8″ 34DD-26-36 trans woman with a juicy 7″ cock who has made her mark in the webcam world. But this is her first actual porn scene and her performance is fantastic! She’s paired with major porn star Bella Rossi on TS Pussy Hunters from Kink.com, whose 5’5″, 34DD-24-34 petite frame molds wonderfully to Brenda’s svelte, taller one. Their chemistry is quite refreshing and erotic to witness.

In this 41 minute bareback TS Pussy Hunters film on Kink Unlimited, Brenda and Bella sneak into their boss’s office late at night to snoop through his desk and sit in his expensive leather chair. When Bella finds the rope and a ball gag, Brenda’s face lights up and the innocent snooping leads to Bella being tied to the desk, her nylons ripped open and her pussy being licked and finger banged.

The naughty interns become frantic with the possibility of cumming in the boss’s office and Brenda can barely contain her growing hard-on that is pressing against her own panties. When her cock bursts out, Bella is eager for her to shove it in her pussy and Brenda does not disappoint!

They fuck bareback all over the office, with Brenda dominating Bella and using her hot body in all kinds of sexy positions. Bella shows off her perfect tits and ass and her incredible cock sucking skills. These two are made for each! Join TS Pussy Hunters through our exclusive Kink.com 30% off package.