Black TGirls: Stunning Aurora Jade Has A Firm Grip!

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August 2016 Model of the Month Aurora Jade is back with a firm grip on her big cock and more naughty fun. My partner conducted his in-depth pornocd-interview-with-aurora-jade exclusively on TS Dreamland for you to learn more about her. I’m here to tell you about her latest scene today. The teen dream re-introduces herself to producer Radius Dark and tell us she misses California, but likes living in Portland now. She chose the name “Jade” from Mortal Combat as she’s a big gamer. She exposes and tweaks her nipples and discusses how she likes them slapped with big dicks. Miss Jade says she’s a little kinky and definitely submissive. She likes being spanked, choked, gagged and having her hair pulled. Being tied up is cool, but she prefers handcuff. She really likes having her hands behind her back while getting her tight ass pounded hard. I could go on with more details, but you’ll hear more when you stream or download her four Black TGirls scenes. Radius encourages Aurora Jade to show us her nice butt and she eagerly complies and spanks it. She asks if that gets us rock hard. By the way, you can scratch her ass and bite her nipples. This girl is a dominant’s dream. With the help of some lubricant, she gets her big cock raging hard pretty fast. She makes her hard cock bounce a lot and she likes standing above a man. Aurora Jade describes herself as a power bottom. I like that she’s a complex individual with so many dynamic facets to explore. One of her scenes you will not want to miss is the hardcore with Robert Axel where she produced a legendary cum shot.

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Aurora Jade Takes Robert Axel’s Big Cock!

Hi, from PornOCD. Aurora Jade appears once again on Black-TGirls. Fresh from my first blog about Aurora’s poolside solo, I was really excited to view this movie and to get my thoughts across to all TS Dreamland viewers.

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Standing at the window looking out at the world outside, Aurora wears a very sexy sleek slender outfit. Buddy Wood direct Aurora to move over to the bed and she opens her legs and begins running her hands over her bulge. A cheeky smile appears across her face as her hands delves inside her tight bulge hugging underwear feeling her cock. Rob enters the room and walks straight over to the bed as Aurora still slowly strokes her underwear bulge. They begin kissing and he slowly runs his hands up and down her thigh, reaches for her underwear and takes out her cock and slowly begins playing with it. Slowly moving closer and closer towards her cock, he licks her erection then begins slowly sucking her now fully erect cock. He teases her slowly, moving his lips and throat further down her erection. She does not take her eyes from his oral skills and her little pleasure moans begin as you can feel the pleasure and lust rising deep within her.

He takes off her underwear and continues his oral examination of her cock. The slow sensual head of her now wet cock slides down his throat as he takes her deeper down all the way. They kiss so Aurora can taste her own juices – taste her own pleasure and taste her own cock. Robert stands up and you can see every definition of his muscular sculpted body. He takes down his shorts and his erection cannot be missed, standing proud in his underwear, just wanting and needing to be released. Aurora knows she has caused this erection and now wants to take her turn to taste his cock. He places her hand on his erection and lets her feel his excitement and feel his lust. He then pulls down his underwear and she gets to play with it. Aurora sucks his erection and it’s a great viewing. She is turned around with her ass to the camera and Rob opens her ass wide and lubes up her hole with his tongue. Aurora is sent into ecstasy and her moans show her pleasure. He takes his time to introduce his tongue to every single bit of her ass.

The camera now facing straight at Aurora and you can see Robert in the background, still pleasuring her ass and slowly stroking her cock. Their sex starts in missionary while Aurora slowly strokes her erection while Rob starts his penetrations long and slow, yet precise. The speed and power of his cock sliding into her increases. Her turns her onto her side raising her leg and begins to work over her ass now faster. The sounds of the penetration of his condom covered cock can now be heard with each penetration. Aurora is rock solidly erect and your eyes will move between her erect cock and the penetration taking place in her ass. She wants her ass spanked and her cock played with. Aurora now begins riding his erection and talks dirty to the camera that only heats up the viewing further. Great camera work by Buddy Wood shows up and close and personal, her ass being smashed.

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Sexy Slim Aurora Jade By The Pool!

PornOCD here. Sexy Aurora Jade graces the lineup of Black-TGirls and caught my attention straight away. The scene is shot by Buddy Wood.

Her long hair is dyed a dark blue and her tall toned body in a bikini draws your eyes toward her bulge. 21 year old Aurora describes herself as a mix of Puerto Rican and black and she loves playing video games. I know this will get so many loving her already… She likes to “Geek it up.” Aurora loves it when a guy rubs her thighs, so guys get some work done on those massaging skills. She turns around and shakes her ass then slides her hands slowly into her bikini bottoms.

Then she’s slowly rubbing her hands against her bulge which brings the camera in closer. When Aurora gets naked, her body look amazing and she has confidence in her body. She takes a seat and slowly begins stroking her cock, letting out little pleasure moans as she touches it. She asks the camera “You guys like what you see?” I am sure that will be so many answers of “yes” have been said back to the camera from the viewers.

Turning around, she opens her ass wide for the camera as the camera get a closer shot. I loved it when she spread her legs and begins stroking on her now erect cock. Aurora just teases the camera to the max showing off her ass and positioning her cock just below her own ass from behind. She continues to play with her cock and show off her incredible ass. I love this scene on Black-TGirls and you will also.