TransAngels: Chilled, Thrilled, and Drilled synopsis: Connor Maguire is at a Halloween party with his girlfriend, but he’s in no mood to socialize—he wants to rip off his girlfriend’s hot costume instead! Lucky for Connor, he convinces her to meet him in a secluded room in exactly 5 minutes for some not-so-sneaky fun. When Connor finds his girlfriend, she’s looking even hotter than he remembered, but that’s because the woman in the genie costume stroking his cock isn’t his girlfriend – it’s TS porn superstar Aubrey Kate! Things heat up until poor Connor gets the shock of his life when his girlfriend walks in on them just as Aubrey takes off her panties and shows him her tgirl dick. Once you see hottie Aubrey Kate decked out and begging for cock, you won’t blame Connor for choosing to ignore everyone at the party so he can pound Aubrey’s ass all night long. manages to pull off a seasonal production that can be viewed year round without giving you that annoyingly dated feeling. The combination of mega-watt hot Aubrey Kate at a Halloween party is so much fun. Handsome Connor Maguire always reminds me of the guy who can get away with stuff most guys can’t because he’s so likeable. In this case his boyish charm allows him to get away with shenanigans even he wouldn’t normally try to pull off. Aubrey Kate keeps the humor up and in fact, the entire supporting cast does a good job of rolling out the comical storyline.

The oral action and bareback fucking isn’t just good – it’s phenomenal. For a brief second I imagined non-porn stars trying to fuck in positions this pair manages to. That thought dissipated quickly because I felt like if I looked away for a moment I’d really miss something.

The direction that showcases Aubrey and Conner butt naked is a so right on time. If you’re looking for beautifully shot hardcore bareback porn at the highest level of production values, is your #1 destination.

Sister Aubrey Kate Punishes Priest Pierce Paris

Madeline Marlowe directs extraordinarily handsome and talented Pierce Paris in his second performance. It’s superstar Aubrey Kate’s 14th performance including one blazing hot one for

Before I even get to the film, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an opening interview that was such a turn on before. I usually watch them for background information although I didn’t need it for these two fine actors I’m quite familiar with. Or I might watch them for scene set-up so I know what’s supposed to be going on with the plot. This time I wanted to find out simply what Madeline conjured up in her deliciously dirty mind.

On top of that, the visuals and chemistry between Aubrey and Pierce are on fire, as is the taboo storyline. “Just keep doing the things you’ve been doing off-camera,” Madeline says half-joking before safe words and limits are established. I can’t complain about anything about this production. This is however one of those rare times when the preview is as hot to me as the full length movie before there’s any nudity exposed. Then the sex is of course out of this world. The official description reads: We start in a dilapidated room somewhere hidden in a dark and evil church.

In tight black latex pants, leather motorcycle boots, and a white priest’s collar, Father Pierce Paris kneels at a pew deep in prayer when suddenly Sister Aubrey Kate interrupts entering the scene looking dangerously sexy wearing a tight short black latex outfit looking like an evil slutty nun. Sister Kate grabs Father Paris by the harness and yanks him close and tells him she knows all the naughty things he’s been doing in his spare time. When Father Paris denies the allegations, Sister Kate chokes him with a flogger and tells him to suck her cock for lying to her. Sister Kate sits on the pew in front of him and pulls her white panties to the side. Father Paris sucks her cock deep and fast with enthusiasm in hopes to be forgiven. She turns around and buries Father Paris’ face deep in her ass. Sister Kate then wants Father Paris’ cock in her mouth so she deep throats his huge cock all the way down her throat, sucking him off while jerking her own cock. More punishment ensues for Father Paris as Sister Kate brings a lit candle over and pours hot wax all over Father Paris’ muscular chest and cock and then pours wax on her own milky white round ass.

With Sister Kate’s dick rock hard, she gets naked and bends Father Paris over. She fucks his ass deep and hard sending pounding echoes of skin-slapping-skin throughout the church as a warning to those that dare lie to the Reverend Mother. Sister Kate then gets comfortable and lays on a chaise lounge and makes Father Paris get on top of her to ride her dick. Wearing only a leather harness, Father Paris bounces on her cock enjoying every inch. Sister Kate then flips him over, grabs onto the leather harness on his chest and furiously fucks the cum right out of him. It’s all happening now on

TS Seduction: The Many Faces of Aubrey Kate

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Barbie bitch Aubrey Kate is a Latex Goddess being served by male slave Tony Orlando. Aubrey lets Tony worship her latex, heels, legs, ass, gorgeous tits, and her cock. Next, Aubrey takes a bath while Tony licks her beautiful feet and toes. Pleased, Aubrey lets her slave feast on her ass and suck on her cock. Finally Audrey gives her slave a good anal pounding until they both cum hard! This TS Seduction set’s photos are spectacular also – not just the video. There are 12 of some of the best images I’ve ever seen on this killer website. I’ve come to expect this studio to pull out all the stops whenever Aubrey Kate drops by and they’ve done it yet again. Tony Orlando’s great performance is partially due to being a fan of Aubrey although he’s never worked with her before, plus he’s a lover of latex. He also has a foot fetish so what better model to work with could he have been presented with?

“The Many Faces of Aubrey Kate” begins with the actress using her slave as a foot stool so the Domination/submission element appears as if it’s already in progress. Tony is bent over in skimpy undies that I’d almost swear are panties and with that body, this is one of my initial loves for this scene from the start. I love it anytime a video includes Feminization and Tony rocks a pedicure also. He’s smothered with Aubrey Kate’s latex dress after worshiping her high heeled feet. He gets to devour her tits and must thanks her when he finally gets to suck her cock. Tony gets his world-class bottom spanked hard and beads of pre-cum stroked into the fabric of his skivvies by Aubrey’s deft hand.

Her cock is raging hard at this point but naturally she keeps her cool. A bit of frottage follows with dual boner rubbing before we’re transported to Aubrey Kate laying in the bath still in her latex. The foot worship is bare this time around and when Aubrey Kate has her cock sucked again, it’s evident this time how much she’s loving this situation. Then comes some rimming and the chemistry between the actors is magical right before Tony gets his tight ass soundly fucked in the next room. This is one truly great Kink Unlimited – and erotic hardcore art film.

TS Seduction: Aubrey Kate & Ruckus

Our exclusive TS Dreamland $39.99 reduction from $50 USD for all 30 channels offer is here with 2017 XBIZ Transsexual Performer Of The Year and AVN 2017 Transsexual Performer of the Year Aubrey Kate and Non Binary, Pansexual Ruckus on TS Seduction! In “Aubrey Kate is home alone and horny for some hot local anal!”, Aubrey Kate is home alone and horny for some hot local anal. Using her KDate App, she finds Ruckus, aka ASSDUDE42. When Ruckus arrives and learns that its Aubrey who wants to do the ass fucking, while at first reluctant, Ruckus was more than pleased to spread his ass and be pounded by Aubrey’s rock hard cock until she makes him eat his own cum and hers.

Aubrey Kate and Ruckus have both been on TS Seduction before and have worked together, but it’s their first time together here. Chemistry is the last thing you have to worry about. In fact, I found no worries or missed opportunities in this scene whatsoever. The acting is natural when they meet on screen and it provides plenty of warm-up time for those who don’t want to see actors just jumping right into having sex. There’s also intimacy with the foreplay in case BDSM isn’t always your go-to porn content. Aubrey Kate’s dominance kicks in after she’s given Ruckus a blowjob and while he’s sucking her cock.

The Domination/submission content includes foot worship and fucking, tantalizing frottage, salad tossing and hard spanking before Aubrey Kate gives Ruckus the fucking of a lifetime! $39.99 for all 30 channels is the deal of a lifetime.

Aubrey Kate Pounds Rick Fantana!

West Coast producer Blackula presents Aubrey Kate in a kinky bareback hardcore and electroplay update on Shemale.XXX with Rick Fantana! She summons Rick to her dungeon/workplace to punish him for not picking her up. She had to take an Uber home and although he explains that he had to work, that’s not an acceptable excuse. She binds him to a St. Mary’s cross and makes him admit that he likes it. Rick doesn’t remember saying he’s into pain however. But he finds out what it’s like to be shocked with electricity straight down his torso.

Poor Rick apologizes for not picking her up, but she’s just getting started. After pulling his pants down she grasps his bare cock and draws the shocker close to his balls. “Are you a little pain slut?” she asks while buzzing his balls. He shouts and writhes to try to get away, but there’s no way that his wrists can be freed. So he experiences the mixture of pleasure and pain as she zaps his nuts and sucks his cock.

Aubrey continuously buzzes Ricks growing erection between giving him head. She uses verbal humiliation while recalling the humiliation she felt while waiting for him to pick her up. She then has so much fun sucking his erection, she eventually drops the shocker.

Next, she uncuffs his wrists and leads him to a cushioned cage. His raging hard cock is standing straight out from his loins. Aubrey Kate’s cock stands out rock hard from her thighs as she makes her slave bend over the table to flog his bubble butt. She strokes her hardon while flogging him with the expertise of a professional dominatrix. Then she toys with his ass with both hands and gives him a finger banging. She forced him inside the cage next and resumes zapping his naked form.

There’s a hole at the top of the cage wide enough for the slave to stick his head through. This way he’s able to suck Aubrey’s cock and worship her fine ass the way she wants him to – with maximum discomfort! Her throbbing hard cock bounces and swings wildly every time it pops out of Rick’s mouth.

How far is she going to take this torment? Well, she going to fuck the hell out of him from behind with her full breasts jiggling as she humps away! Her initial thrust inside him when he’s on his back is going to hurt. But Rick’s cock is swollen stiff when she rams in and out of his ass, slapping it at the same time! Every moment of Aubrey Kate’s performance is remarkable to the last emotional moment. Rick is fantastic as her helpless submissive.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

TS Seduction: Aubrey Kate is SO FUCKING HOT!!

Before the hardcore action begins in this spectacular TS Seduction update on, handsome Sebastian Keys introduces himself and beautiful Aubrey Kate does the same. It’s only been a month since they shot that blazing hot gangbang scene together. That was one of her number one fantasies and one of mine I never knew I had before. Neither superb porn star has any limits for this scene which builds the anticipation of what’s to come.

When the scene unfolds, Sebastian is laying in bed stroking his big, well-lubricated cock in his dark hotel room. Suddenly the light switches on and he’s shocked at being caught jerking off. He forgot to put the Do Not Disturb sign on and informs maid Aubrey Kate of his oversight when she surmises the state of the room. Dressed in a demure French maid outfit, Aubrey Kate states that although it’s against hotel policy to clean with a guest present, but she gets to tidying up anyway. When she bends over while beginning to work her feather duster, Sebastian relaxes and drinks in the gorgeous maid at work. Sebastian can’t help squeezing his erection through the covers when she’s not looking.

The maid exits briefly and returns with some fresh towels which she places on the sofa she bends over to dust. As he gazes lustfully at her firm round ass, she turns to him coquettishly and asks, “Do you like what you see?” This is clearly an invitation which is reinforced when she asks him to come closer while stretching out on the sofa like a cat.

Sebastian crawls across the floor naked and Aubrey Kate suddenly stops him in his tracks by holding his forehead. She rises to walk around him and it’s obvious who’s going to be running the show here. “I hope you’re not as dirty as this room, she comments while dusting his well-built physique. Sebastian is positioned just below Aubrey Kate’s short skirt and this allows him to move his face beneath it. He deeply inhales the scent of the bulge in her panties while rubbing his face against it. He now knows this beautiful young woman has a cock and he’s obviously anxious to see it, yet she lowers her sexy ass upon his face instead. His tongue displays how excited he is about that, too. His mouth is just waiting for the growing cock she releases from her panties.

The hot maid fucks the hotel guest’s face and later stands him up to rub their stiff cocks together. He moves in for a kiss, but it’s not romance that she’s interested in. The only thing she wants her lips on at this point is his raging hard erection. She sinks down while grasping her own hardon to take the swollen head of his dick inside her pretty mouth.

After taking in the pleasure of sucking that big hard man-cock, Aubrey Kate rises and rubs her backside against his boner. She squeezed his erection between her creamy thighs and jerks herself off a bit. When she releases her thick cock, it springs up in the air like it’s attached to a spring and hinge.

Sebastian doesn’t seem to know what’s next to come when she turns him around, but he complies when she encourages him to straddle the sofa on his hands and knees. The lucky hotel guest gets treated to a rim job while the stunning top beats herself off. He moans deeply as the ravishing maid begins to work her bare cock in and out of his tight ass. Take advantage of my exclusive TS Dreamland Kink Unlimited 30% off For Life Back To School Slavings offer and join This is one incredible multi-genre network.

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TS Seduction: Aubrey Kate Mile High Gangbang

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TS Aubrey Kate gangbanged and covered in cum by three guys after she blows a huge load of her own! Performers of shoot here: Lance Hart, Will Havoc, Sebastian Keys, and Aubrey Kate. For the FIRST TIME EVER, TS Seduction brings you the much anticipated film, Mile High Gangbang! Aubrey Kate has her gangbang fantasies come true by getting fucked hard by three studly pilots! None of the fine actors here are new to TS Seduction, but this site’s first gang bang conceived by Aubrey Kate. She’s topped both Will and Sebastian before, but they’ve never fucked her before. The men all magnificent but I must confess that I’m a little biased about my home state of Florida’s Pervout network producer / porn star Lance Hart. While having cocktails after a flight, the pilots are recalling past exploits with hot stewardesses and they all want the new one, Aubrey Kate. She walks in on their conversation all the sudden and decides to join them for a drink. In the middle of conversation, Aubrey Kate whip out her cock while sitting in her stewardess uniform. All three guys move in and do the same thing she just did. Aubrey Kate develops an erection while getting stroked as she sucks the pilot’s dicks hard. If there’s not a cock n her mouth, there’s one in each jerking fist. As more clothing is shed, Aubrey Kate gets rimmed while performing blowjobs and she gets her boner sucked, too! Since Aubrey Kate is one of my all-time favorite adult actresses, she can do no wrong to me, so I can’t even rate her performance without being biased either! At least I’m admitting it. She checked off yet another sex act on my bucket list – sucking three cocks at once! All the spitroast footage is out of this world. In the third quarter of the scene, Lance Hart brings foot sex into the mix, using one of Aubrey Kate’s bare soles to jerk his cock against. Watching Aubrey Kate blast her cum into her belly button while getting pummeled bareback takes the cake. Or perhaps it’s the threeway facial she gets at the end. Even the closing interview with Aubrey Kate looking beautiful stretched across all three guys in this groundbreaking trans gangbang scene is a keeper.

Aspen Brooks in TS Blondes Have More Fun

Video Preview
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Video Preview
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When beautiful blonde BFFs Laura (Aubrey Kate) and Marilyn (Aspen Brooks) set their sights on football stars Troy (Jaxton Wheeler) and Tommy (Alexander Gustavo), the two gorgeous TS sex queens will stop at nothing to seduce the hunky, well-hung studs. The girls take a room at the hotel where the guys are staying, and begin a slow seduction that will leave viewers both charmed and deliciously turned on. A surprise ending brings together this fun-loving romp, starring four of the industries sexiest and brightest stars. Written and directed by Nica Noelle. With a set-up like this, how could I resist? Well, I never miss anything directed by Nica Noelle. Transsensual films feature ensembles that emphasize the interconnectivity of the Nica Noelle’s characters. All four of the stars of TS Blondes Have More Fun are fine actors and each of their characters share equal importance in the narrative, successfully balancing the ensemble cast. That’s pretty much all I can say without revealing too much of the plot. But I must add that you should allow me to mislead you into thinking that this is softcore sex. What begins as an intimate first time experiences evolves into deep fucking with multiple position changes and artful direction. The unification of different plot lines and character arcs continues as the plot of TS Blondes Have More Fun unfolds. This Transsensual production is indeed packed with fun, but it’s also a celebration of true talent.

Video Preview
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Video Preview
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I’ve gone on about the iconic Aubrey Kate so many times before, I’m going to focus on Aspen Brooks first this time when raving about TS Blondes Have More Fun. Imagine being one of the most promising new stars in the adult industry at only 18 years old. Aspen plays the gorgeous yet nerdy friend of the star of TS Blondes Have More Fun, Aubrey Kate. Her acting chops and sexual prowess are best displayed when you consider the first kiss with Gustavo that leads to a tremendous railing ending with Aspen’s powerful teen cumshot. Now consider the contrast of that performance with her scene with Jaxton. When “closing the deal” as Aubrey Kate’s character suggested, Aspen is much more aggressive even though she’s the passive partner again. She delivers another creamy climax at the end of this Transsensual scene. She also shows that her acting skills have range. Once again, Jaxton Wheeler reminds us of why he’s repeatedly chosen as a leading man. Alexander Gustavo never lets us down. Up next, more about the mind-blowing Aubrey Kate.

Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel in TS Fantasies

In another brilliant Nica Noelle story driven hardcore scene, beautiful Aubrey Kate describes one of her TS Fantasies. While describing the action to come, she’s dressed as a reserved young student who tells of how much it turns her on that Robert Axel plays a therapist who is so tall and muscular while she’s so petite in contrast. When the TransSensual scene begins, what’s bothering her in today’s therapy session is her intense feelings for someone older who doesn’t know how much she wants him. She describes the professional man she’s talking about, yet Mr. Axel doesn’t know that he’s the object of her attraction. He tells her it’s okay to have inappropriate thoughs and that everyone has them. Aubrey Kate summons the courage to ask if the therapist has ever had any inappropriate thoughts about her and he abruptly ends the therapy session. He’s afraid of being unprofessional, but he can’t resist her kisses. This 34 minute TransSensual scene’s temperature rises to boiling before it’s megastar actors even get their clothes off. The therapist gives in to his arousal and has his beautiful client on the office sofa, kissing her passionately kissing her. Aubrey Kate unbuttons his shirt and he removes it to reveal his shredded torso. The blonde beauty gives him access to her large, firm breasts and Mr. Axel feasts on the them. Aubrey Kate is wearing panties beneath her dress, but her cock has slipped out of the sideof them. The therapist swoops down face first to suck on Aubrey Kate’s lovely penis until it’s fully erect. Then he removes every stitch of her clothing and resumes sucking her stiff cock again. While Mr. Axel kneels up on the couch, Abrey Kate helps him get his pants off and exposes his erection. She rubs it against her own rigid member and proceeds to take his hardon inside her mouth. Obviously I’ve streamed this video myself because as soon as I saw who the stars were, I simply couldn’t resist. TransSensual superstars Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel make one of the most amazing couples in adult entertainment ever.

TransSensual: Aubrey Kate and Wolf in TS Massage

Trans-erotica studio TransSensual’s new series “TS Massage” is now available on DVD. Famed director Nica Noelle selected some of the adult industry’s most beautiful TS women, Aubrey Kate, Nina Lawless and Vixxen Goddess to star in an incredibly erotic massage movie. Their gorgeous bodies prove too much to deny for Magdalene St. Michaels, Robert Axel, Connor Maguire and Wolf Hudson. Nica Noelle commented on the release saying, “Massage themed movies are among my favorite to shoot because I can really focus on the sensuality, tension and build up leading into the actual sex scene. I had fun tying a few of the scenes together here, so it has a bit of a ‘feature’ feel even though the scenes can also stand on their own. The cast is beautiful, and the sex is on point all the way through. The fans are going to love it!” In this special massage house, professional masseuses are powerless to resist their gorgeous TS clients. In Scene #02, “Vagina does nothing for me,” Wolf confesses and Aubrey Kate offers her masseuse a pleasant surprise when she places his hand under the sheet covering her amazing body. Passionate lovemaking evolves into furious a fucking from Hudson in a variety of positions. As for Aubrey Kate, she looks as beautiful as ever and this could be her best performance to date. The chemistry between both TransSensual stars is magical right down to the cumtastic ending.