TGirls.Porn: Aspen Brooks & Kami Kartel

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Description: A dazzling production awaits over in our nut-busting update area this week as shapely beauty Aspen Brooks intertwines with the super-cute Kami Kartel for a white hot session of steamy TS on TS antics! Two highly sexed and in demand chicks make waves in their TGirls.Porn debut exclusives – go get some!

Aspen Brooks

Aspen:“Kami was really fun to work with. This girls got a perfect, fat ass and took this big dick like a pro. As long as she keeps doing her thing, the fans are going to love her. She’s really pretty and I had a lot of fun working with her.”

Kami Kartel

Kami: “I was excited to shoot with Aspen Brooks, but I was nervous about taking that fat cock. She started slow and the fucked me really good, so not to hurt me. Her cum all over my face felt great and was super erotic!”

How many times have I raved about beautiful Aspen Brooks? Over 20 times between here and I’ve been over the moon raving about gorgeous new star Kami since she made her adult industry debut on  in early 2017. This trend will no doubt continue because I’ve met Kami once and she’s not only even more beautiful in person but she’s sweet on the inside too! So about the TGirls.Porn video. Goodness gracious, it actually begins with the girls in a standing embrace kissing. Some naughty bits are already hanging out of panties and stuff! To go into a bit more detail, it’s the first time I’ve seen a girl with a hardon tenting her boy short undies. Kami is devouring Aspen’s big tits like she’s ravenous. Aspen then returns the breast admiration society activity. The girls pause to both become topless and the cock that’s been stiffening and begging for attention is Kami’s. Did she develop erections this fast in her solo shoots on I don’t recall but making out here with Aspen it’s no wonder she’s boning up so fast. Aspen doesn’t let Kami’s pretty dick go to long without getting the attention it deserves. She goes from looking at it for the first time to giving it a good sucking in a flash! Aspen helps get the panties down and off the blonde’s exquisite legs and off, then goes back to her skilled sucking and tea bagging. They pause to kiss passionately and the footage of this is simply divine.

They then move onto the bed when Kami gets Aspen’s dick in her mouth. At this point, both models are gloriously nude. It’s breathtaking. Aspen really gets into pulling Kami’s hair and giving her an aggressive skull fucking. Aspen is then shot giving Kami a blowjob in classic Radius Dark POV fashion. Kami is then shot in the same format. Then they’re framed in full body width. Then there’s more deep kissing and the girls cocks are rubbed together. Aspen tosses Kami’s salad before penetrating her doggy style with her big, bare cock! I didn’t even want to watch the rest of this TGirls.Porn scene alone because it’s a 15 on an arousal scale from 1 to 10. I’m better off watching it with someone special. I mentioned the site were Kami made her debut and you can find Aspen Brooks on too as well as on, and on TGirls.XXX. I’d be honored to meet and interview Aspen someday, but it’s more likely that I’ll see Kami Kartel and have that chance in Orlando, FL. I’d love to interview her this site and for TS Dreamland on YouTube! Root for me and if she’s up for it, I’m sure it will be way better than just good.  

DanniXXX – The Lake and The Fisherman

Gorgeous superstar Aspen Brooks returns with a brand new hardcore scene shot by Radius Dark! She is joined by Rick Fantana and she’s ready to pound his ass hard! Aspen calls Rick to crawl over and suck her cock. Then she walks him to the bed, eats his ass and then sucks his cock. Watch Aspen pounding Rick’s ass in multiple positions until all ends up with two hot cumshots and a messy cummy kiss!

This is Aspen’s fifth TGirls.XXX performance and her second hardcore set on the site! Rob Yaeger topped Aspen in her last hardcore scene but she’s the aggressor with her new partner, Rick Fantana. Aspen and Rick have great chemistry as performers and Aspen’s thick cock and Rick’s bubble butt are the perfect match. His masculine body might be my favorite of its kind in the industry to see getting fucked! Anyone who knows me knows I’m into more feminine forms when it comes to bottoms. Rick is one of those exceptions.

Although Aspen isn’t dressed in official dominatrix regalia, she behaves like an experienced Domme from the start with a “forced” blowjob. She towers over kneeling Rick who appropriately wears a thong. Rick is allowed to jerk off while sucking Aspen’s swollen prick. No one has stated that this is an official BDSM video. However, it closely resembles one. Rick is ordered to remove Aspen’s tall sandals and his cock sucking duties continue. The aerial view Mr. Dark manages to capture works perfectly with the on goings of this sequence.

It’s crystal clear what will eventually happen when Rick is seen kneeling face down on the bed with Aspen and her big hard dick right behind him. But what happens first is a rim job from the aggressive young beauty. It continues when Rick is on his back with his girlish, hairless legs thrust into the air.

Aspens grinds their erections in her grasp and gives Rick head while jerking herself off. The moment of truth finally comes with Rick in the doggy style position with his thong pulled just below the shelf of his curvaceous ass. Aspen eases her bare cock inside him slowly. She thrusts faster and faster while grabbing Rick by the hair. Then she fucks Rick while he’s on his back. Then Rick straddles Aspen to ride her cock from above! This is not the last position they find themselves in before Aspen shoots her creamy load across Ricks face in this Domination/submission masterpiece on TGirls.XXX!

Two Tgirls: Gaze Into My Crystal Balls

Scene Trailer

The official description reads: Down and out, TS Chelsea Marie thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her. Taking the advice of her friends, she goes to meet with a local psychic to get some advice. Upon arriving, Madam Aspen Brooks invites her in to sit down. You won’t believe what happens next!

Performers Page

Well, I can’t believe how funny gorgeous Aspen Brooks is. I’d never seen her do anything comedic before and it fits right in with the typically humorous Two Tgirls scene openings. It’s a wonder that the beguiling Chelsea Maria manages to keep a straight face.

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The sexual chemistry is off the chain and this might be the first time I’ve seen tittie fucking on It comes after torrid exchanges of oral sex. Things really get fast and furious and I really had no idea which of these babes would have a hardon aiming at her fine ass. I’m not going to spoil it for you but it comes in the form of a tremendous bareback railing!

Wait until you see all the cum spurting out of both girl’s big dicks at the end! “Gaze Into My Crystal Balls” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TransSensual – Aspen Brooks & Andrew Fitch – TS Beauties Vol. 2

28 year old porn star Andrew Fitch says he’s an ass and tits guy who’s good at establishing chemistry with TS girls. It’s his lucky day with beautiful 19 year old “It Girl” Aspen Brooks in TS Beauties Vol. 2 on TransSensual.

Andrew talks about how he likes to get to know something about his co-star before the sex goes down. He and Aspen go through a sexy photo shoot where resulting in hundreds of enormous XXX images that compliment the video. He also mentions a trick he uses to seduces trans girls. He really loves huge tits and you’ll see just how much he adores Aspen’s. He also discovered that she has a great personality before the shoot. All this information plays out in the first 2 minutes of the scene before Nica Noelle’s plot for the scene begins to unfold.

Telling you all about the storyline would kill all the fun so I’ll leave out those details. But I will say that Aspen looks amazing sucking Andrew’s big cock and having her clothing removed. Your cock will probably be as hard as Andrew’s during this sequence. I think it’s such a wise choice to have Aspen completely naked while she gets fucked powerfully in a variety of positions. Both cumshots at the end of this TS Beauties Vol. 2 scene are quite strong and I suspect that yours will be, too.

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You can watch more scene trailers on 

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Aspen Brooks on Bob’s Tgirls

One of the best things about The Aspen Brooks video on Bob’s Tgirls is the fact that she doesn’t shoot pool. This allows you more time to watch her masturbating. The scene opens with Aspen sitting on the pool table barefoot in a blue print dress and bra. You can catch a glimpse of the bulge in her panty and something threatening to slip out. But the first actual exposure is of one of her pierced nipples. As she tweaks one of them, Bob zooms in for a close up. Then she releases the other pierced tip. There’s some good heavy metal playing in the background, but Bob always knows when to stop the music. The track ends when Aspen is standing on the floor stroking her stiff cock and approaching her climax. I don’t want to spoil the way she shoots a blast of creamy white cum. I know I could have shown you Aspen’s delectable cock and balls, but if you visit Bob’s Tgirls, you can see them in the sample photos the famed photographer and webmaster has provided. Taking notice of the Andy Warhol painting on Bob’s wall reminds me of his high standards for art, photography and stunning models like Aspen. We have pretty high standards at TS Dreamland too. For example, you can click here to read the exclusive PornOCD interview with Aspen Brooks.

Aspen Brooks in TS Blondes Have More Fun

Video Preview

Photo Gallery

Video Preview

Photo Gallery

When beautiful blonde BFFs Laura (Aubrey Kate) and Marilyn (Aspen Brooks) set their sights on football stars Troy (Jaxton Wheeler) and Tommy (Alexander Gustavo), the two gorgeous TS sex queens will stop at nothing to seduce the hunky, well-hung studs. The girls take a room at the hotel where the guys are staying, and begin a slow seduction that will leave viewers both charmed and deliciously turned on. A surprise ending brings together this fun-loving romp, starring four of the industries sexiest and brightest stars. Written and directed by Nica Noelle. With a set-up like this, how could I resist? Well, I never miss anything directed by Nica Noelle. Transsensual films feature ensembles that emphasize the interconnectivity of the Nica Noelle’s characters. All four of the stars of TS Blondes Have More Fun are fine actors and each of their characters share equal importance in the narrative, successfully balancing the ensemble cast. That’s pretty much all I can say without revealing too much of the plot. But I must add that you should allow me to mislead you into thinking that this is softcore sex. What begins as an intimate first time experiences evolves into deep fucking with multiple position changes and artful direction. The unification of different plot lines and character arcs continues as the plot of TS Blondes Have More Fun unfolds. This Transsensual production is indeed packed with fun, but it’s also a celebration of true talent.

Video Preview

Photo Gallery

Video Preview

Photo Gallery

I’ve gone on about the iconic Aubrey Kate so many times before, I’m going to focus on Aspen Brooks first this time when raving about TS Blondes Have More Fun. Imagine being one of the most promising new stars in the adult industry at only 18 years old. Aspen plays the gorgeous yet nerdy friend of the star of TS Blondes Have More Fun, Aubrey Kate. Her acting chops and sexual prowess are best displayed when you consider the first kiss with Gustavo that leads to a tremendous railing ending with Aspen’s powerful teen cumshot. Now consider the contrast of that performance with her scene with Jaxton. When “closing the deal” as Aubrey Kate’s character suggested, Aspen is much more aggressive even though she’s the passive partner again. She delivers another creamy climax at the end of this Transsensual scene. She also shows that her acting skills have range. Once again, Jaxton Wheeler reminds us of why he’s repeatedly chosen as a leading man. Alexander Gustavo never lets us down. Up next, more about the mind-blowing Aubrey Kate.

Aspen Brooks on Shemale Strokers

Stunning 18 year old Aspen Brooks goes into detail about her background when her debut video on Shemale Strokers begins. She was raised in Zurich, Switzerland but relocated to Dayton, Ohio with her family where she finished high school. She’s a licensed Cosmetologyst of three years. Aspen began her transition at 14 years old and started HRT (hormone replacement therapy at 15). Then she goes into detail about what she like sexually. Aspen can be totally dominant, but she really loves to be submissive. She loves the lingering feeling in her throat after deep throating. About 4 minutes after Aspen’s introduction, her striptease begins. She has an incredible set of hormone breasts and pierced nipples and pierce belly button, too. After removing her brassiere, Aspen lowers her panties. I know she’s only 18, but her skin is virtually flawless. Her cock is in a flaccid state with a bulbous head resting upon a plump set of hairless balls. She wastes no time stroking it firmly to develop an erection. Once it’s fully hard, Aspen makes it bounce up and down like it’s attached to her pelvis by a hinge. She’s quite flexible and throws her pretty legs over her head with ease to show off her fun spot while leaning back in the sofa. Earlier in the opening interview, Aspen mentioned that she likes rimming guys. That leaves little doubt in my mind that she loves having her salad tossed as well. About 17 minutes into the scene, Aspen removes her pumps. She has a curvy set of legs and dainty, high arched feet. If you have a foot fetish, you might lose it before her video ends. But if you continue, and you’re more of an ass lover, wait until Aspen is on all fours on the sofa. She simulates being fucked both orally and with the movements of her incredible body with a rapturous epression on her pretty face. The parting footage leaves you with tight closeups and a creamy white cumshot that land across Aspen’s trim tummy. It’s followed by a slow motion, instant replay. Aspen Brooks is a natural, gifted new star and her Shemale Strokers debut is absolutely magnificent.

Transsensual: Aspen Brooks and Jaxton Wheeler in My TS Teacher

Video Preview

Photo Gallery

Video Preview

Photo Gallery


Without giving away too much of the storyline of this superb film, I can tell you a little bit about the scene with beautiful Aspen Brooks and the specimen of male pulchritude, Jaxton Wheeler in My TS Teacher on Transsensual. On January 20, I wrote about gorgeous River Stark here, hopefully without to many spoilers. So let’s just jump to the part where Aspen is in bed with Jaxton on top of her. After paying oral attention to her puffy nipples, he glides down her body face first and withdraws a lengthy, stiff cock from her black panties. He gives Aspen what looks like an amazing blowjob. After a passionate kiss, Aspen returns the favor. After arranging themselves into a 69 position, Aspen lowers her exquisite ass on Jaxton’s big cock. Famed director Nica Noelle captures romantic lovemaking and the scene evolves into a powerful fucking from Jaxton with position changes I’ll save for you to see for yourself. Their chemistry is a pleasure to watch in My TS Teacher on Transsensual.