Shemale Yum: Redhead Beauty Ashlee Alespia!

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I can’t believe this is only Ashlee Alespia’s 3rd Shemale Yum appearance. I’ve been a fan for so long. So when Radius Dark films her reminding us that she was previously known as Ashlee Nova, I knew that already. I became a fan through her amazing webcam performances. She’s still very active on Chaturbate but more about that later. It’s time to tell you about her latest studio shoot.

While sitting in a little black dress and sandals on the bed, Ash tells us about some of the good clean fun things she likes to do. She’s recently moved to Seattle, Washington and finds no problem getting sex. In fact it might be too much sex if there’s such a thing! “I can either ride a dick or eat a pussy,” she says adding that it’s fantastic. I couldn’t agree more!

Ashlee proceeds to tell us about what happened when she moved to her new location. Her roommate as it turns out is named Alexia and she has a massive dick. Way to turn us on without even removing a stitch of clothing yet! I’m not going to spoil this trans lesbian first time encounter for you but things turn out differently than you might expect. But it turned to be 100% successful. So does the striptease that follows when Ashlee rises from the bed. It doesn’t take long before she exposes one of what I’d call one of the prettiest sets of tits in the adult industry. After playing with them for a bit Ashlee hops up on the bed with her cock shaft projecting from her panties. It has a “turtleneck” on by the way. One of the things that makes Ashlee a great webcam and studio performer is her skill in taking about sex. Combine that talent with her turning around and spreading her wide butt cheeks and you might have all you need to cum before this scene comes to an end!

She still goes by her former name for webcam and you can find her on Also, Anya The Blushing Rocker & Ashlee Nova on TGirls.Porn is an amazing hardcore not to be missed.

TGirls.Porn: Anya The Blushing Rocker & Ashlee Nova

I love that the action begins with a little cute dialogue, but things begin to get hot and heavy here in under two minutes. The kissing is fun and playful, but things get more and more intense by the minute. TS Starlets Anya The Blushing Rocker and Ashlee Nova intertwine to make sparks fly in this week’s ass tapping, girl on girl fuck-fest brought to you by Omar Wax and TGirls.Porn! A super charged scene packed to the rafters with chemistry, mischief and pure passion; Anya and Ashlee just couldn’t get enough of each others smoking bodies and rock hard she-shafts. We caught up with the lustful duo post-shoot to hear on their experience:

Ashlee: “Dicks are fun to joke about, but when Anya claimed how big her cock is, I didn’t believe her. Even when she demanded I get a taste of it’s size, I wouldn’t give her the upper hand; so she pulled me over and gave it to me – right in my ass. By the end, she’d made me swallow my words…and her cum!”

Anya: “If anyone knows me, I’ve always had a thing for girls taller than me. I like looking up to people. So when I realized how much taller than me she was, it was a nice plus. She was cute, with soft lips and a fiery attitude. Performing with her was rather enjoyable. She had healthy skin, very soft in texture, hair that was fun to pull, and I cannot express in words how tight she was. It’s a wonder I could even manage to top her! All in all though, it was a fun time.”

Anya first stole our hearts on TGirls.Porn as her partner Robin Thorn did in her debut performance. Next, she tore up the scenery with adorable Scarlette Winters. This is Ashlee’s debut here and she smashed it! Anya The Blushing Rocker and Ashlee Nova can also be seen on

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You can also watch them LIVE on and! Please tip generously. Webcam is fun for everyone, but it’s also hard work for these incredible models. 

Ashlee Nova Is A Sexy Debutante

19 year old Ashlee Nova is someone I know a lot about. Thanks to the extraordinary TEA nominated adult actress who’s added director/producer to her resume, I now know more about Ashlee. In her Shemale Yum debut, Ashlee enters a tastefully decorated home, kicks off her shoes and delivers a funny incident that happened at the eye doctor’s office. While holding up the hem of her dress, Ashlee says one thing I don’t agree with – that she’s horrible at doing video. I’ve seen her performing solo and with friends on and I think she’s a natural in front of the camera. What I love about this scene is that River allows her model to talk freely while stripping. If you’re just here to fap, there’s plenty of eye candy for you. Ashlee looks gorgeous exposing one luscious breast which is capped with a puffy nipple. Then she reveals the cock that was previously hidden in her Batman panties. The personal accounts she shares become more overtly sexual and as Ashlee sits on the couch manipulating her dick, you’ll learn how extreme her fantasies can be and with how many partners. After the mid point of the scene, Ashlee is talking about fucking and completely nude at this point. I’m sure that a lot of people could get their rocks off just listing to her speaking, let alone watching her masturbate. She holds a favored breast and begins jerking off furiously. Ashlee eventually begins to talk a bit less because she’s concentrating on making her cock feel good and her ass, too. But I loved the dialogue and I’m a fan all things River Stark so I highly recommend that you stream or download this Shemale Yum debut. You can also watch a trailer on the website!