Cumshot Thursday: Ariel Smith!

“Beautiful Ariel Smith returns to star in the latest episode of our exclusive “Cumshot Thursday” series! One of our cutest models ever, Ariel has been with for four years and it’s such a pleasure watching this girl getting more and more gorgeous! Looking super hot as usual, horny Ariel is ready to show that stunning body and that round booty of hers! Then, just for you, she strokes her cock until she shoots a hot creamy load!”

February 2017 Model of the Month made her debut back in December of 2013. She was originally introduced by Omar Wax and as a team they’re like fine wine. They just get better with age.

If you haven’t cum with Ariel before I can’t think of a better time to. Aren’t you curious to see how she reacts when an orgasm hits her incredible body? I don’t know about you but my big black she-cock is circumcized. I’m alway curious to see what it looks like when streams of spunk fly out of an uncut cock.

Mr. Wax presents Ariel closing the blinds and posing quietly yet boldly while standing in sheer lingerie. He moves in for some tight closeups when she takes a seat and begins caressing her boobs. Ariel pinches her nipples firmly and sits back deeply into her chair. She then parts her thighs and reaches inside her panties.

It’s crystal clear that Ariel is already aroused. Her big shiny cock is fully erect when she withdraws it from her undies! She strips completely naked for some explicit frontal and rear poses. I’m wondering if this hung babe is going to require the use of any sex toys to fulfill the promise of this Cumshot Thursday update. Nope. A few beads of pre-cum emerge from the swollen head of the cock she’s stroking.

Then she increases the rhythm of her jerking hand furiously trying to nut. Ariel finally hits her climax and fires strong jets of creamy white cum right into her stomach piercing! That wraps up this torrid update with an extraordinary performer and producer.