TS Pussy Hunters: Tori Mayes & Arabelle Raphael

30% off Kink.com Monthly for Life is our exclusive subscription price for Kink Unlimited – All 30 Channels from Kink.com. Today’s update features “Sauna Perverts” with TS Tori Mays and Arabelle Raphael.

“This Sauna is a known pick up spot for hot ladies to go to and discretely fuck each other. Today Arabelle Raphael and Tori Mayes have hit the jack pot! Both Ladies love feet so when they see each other’s feet, there is an immediate attraction. One added bonus for Arabelle is that Tori Mayes as cock. Arabelle gets right to sucking and fucking the TS cock. Arabelle gives Tori a foot job. Tori licks Arabelle’s pussy. This is a hot and heavy passionate scene between two extra horny girls who came here just to fuck.”

Tori and Arabelle have been on TS Pussy Hunters before, but this is their first time here together or anywhere else for that matter. Safe words are established and each girl’s turn ons are revealed in the opening interview. This sets up anticipation of things to come magnificently. The acting is superb you’ll find even if you could care less about acting in porn. The evolution of a friendship turning into something more is highly erotic and even romantic! The intimacy is en pointe and there are plenty of kinks to wet your whistle including rampant foot sex. The foreplay is cock stiffening and pussy wetting brilliance.

Although I’m the type of kinkster who adores seeing whips and chains utilized across the 30 Kink.com channels, I didn’t miss them at all in this incredible hardcore blowout. Arabelle’s violent orgasms are amazing to witness as are Tori’s obvious live for hot TS/GG sex. On top of every other bell and whistle included in this torrid tryst, the sex is bareback. If you couldn’t see the MP4 preview here for any reason, check it out on Kink Unlimited! 

Mandy Mitchell – Taboo TS & Female 4 Way

“I had this nasty fantasy about having a 4 way with my friend Arabelle Raphael and her hot TS mom Delia DeLions,” said Mandy about this killer update on Mandy-Mitchell.com and on DeliaTS.com. “The fantasy turned into reality and then there was all the fucking and sucking and nasty taboo role-play I could handle. Bareback anal, face, and pussy fucking.” I was wondering what was taboo about it! This is pretty damn kinky and I love it!

I’ll never forget one of the first hardcore movies I’ve ever seen named “Taboo” starring British actress Kay Parker who shares my August 28th birthday. Originally filmed in 1979, this 1980 release broke through many barriers and has been a perennial best seller in the video world. Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and her son to fend for themselves.

In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee’s role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion. The strong incestuous theme was what caught me by surprise and from that moment on, I knew that just about anything could be done with porn.

Drawing from the “Taboo” theme, Mandy is sitting around with her wife Bianca Stone who is stroking her thick and raging hard cock. Mandy develops the idea after jerking off while fantasizing about Arabelle’s mom, Delia. They both agree that both Arabelle and Delia are really hot. When she continues stroking her erection, she tells Bianca that not only does she want to fuck each of them, but that she wants to fuck the mother and daughter together!

Bianca is surprised by Mandy’s fantasy of having a taboo 4 way. She’s also turned on by the erection she’s looking at and takes Mandy’s cock inside her mouth. The next thing you know, we’re transported into Mandy’s fantasy. Arabelle is all cuddly with her “Mommy” and asks if Bianca and and Mandy would like to play with them. Arabelle introduces Delia to the wives and the mommy’s big a cock is as stiff as Mandy’s is already. As the cis girls begin to kiss, Mandy crawls toward Delia to take her stiff cock inside her mouth. Arabelle is so excited seeing Mandy take her mommy’s dick down her throat to the base. Then the two of them take turns sucking the hot MILF’s hardon. Meanwhile, Bianca scoots behind Delia to kiss her neck and fondle her large breasts while she gets blown. Arabelle switches back and forth between Mandy and her mom’s throbbing dicks and Bianca fondles Arabelle’s big tits and helps her undress further.

This incredibly hot taboo scene is also now available for DeliaTS.com members! Just like the original “Taboo” film broke barriers, so does this naughty and extravagant production. I hope to see it win some awards too!