TS Pussy Hunters: Freya Wynn & Angel Allwood

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Freya Wynn and Angel Allwood perform in a competitive erotic wrestling bout! No matter when you join through the links in this post, you’ll get the sale subscription price.

Long and Lean, TS Freya Wynn has challenged beautiful, blonde, Angel Allwood to an erotic sex fight. These girls must put it all on the line as they prove who is better at erotic wrestling. Orgasm on the mat!! Winner gets to tie up the loser and do what ever she wants. Blow jobs, pussy pounding and anal! That’s the official synopsis and I’ve got a few things to say about this exquisite bareback bout.

First off, I’m so glad that Kink.com is now offered as a network package because now I get all the non-trans websites along with TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. This one for example is a crossover of Ultimate Surrender with the incredible director/performer Ariel X. Ariel’s introduction of the foxy fighters includes the revelation that it’s not Angel’s first time on TSPH, but it’s Freya’s and her first official hardcore scene. Limits and safe words are established on the wresting stage and director Ariel is also the referee of this Ultimate Sex Fight. There are never any “real” losers in these types of matches, especially in this one where Angel gets her pretty pussy pleasured. Freya gets her big cock sucked and drills Angel’s quim before the action is moved from the mat to a private room. That’s where Angel also gets her tight ass fucked bareback!

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Kelly Klaymour and Angel Allwood

I am terribly upset about something I saw on one of the sister sites of TS Seduction. While watching the superb hardcore video on TS Pussy Hunters with Kelly Klaymour and Angel Allwood, I learned that Kelly is going into retirement. I guess that means we ought to grab her fantastic content from Klaymour.XXX while we can. I respect her undisclosed decision to leave the porn world. It’s personal and that’s good enough for me. I have no information about how long it will be running. At any rate, in her last of several great performances on TS Pussy Hunters, Kelly and Angel play two hot maids who find their clients messy bedroom cluttered with sex toys. Angel is totally unfamiliar with fake penises, but experienced with real ones. This is when Kelly’s cock comes into play. While the two domestics are engaging in horseplay on the bed, Kelly shows unsuspecting Angel the stiff cock between her sexy legs. Kelly was turned on from the moment she saw her co-worker bending over near the bed. I can’t believe how much of Kelly’s huge cock she managed into her mouth (or should I say throat?). There was some gagging one she neared the base of the shaft, but that’s to be expected, at least from what I’m used to with dicks that long and thick. There’s a lot of intimacy in this scene and Angel Allwood’s first performance with a transsexual is a joy to watch. In what I consider a switch for TS Pussy Hunters scenes, Angel is the more unexpectedly dominant partner asid from Kelly’s back scratching. I think you’re going to love seeing her rubbing Kelly’s prick against her clit before sinking down on it bareback. If you love cisgender females also, the thought of banging Angel’s luscious ass while she’s getting her bald quim pounded might cross your mind a few times. Kelly’s ass is so tight-looking and well-rounded you might be dreaming of a daisy chain. I hope this isn’t the last big creamy white cumshot from Kelly I’ll ever see. Wait a minute, Kelly is known for multiple orgasms and Angel gets two eruptions in her pretty mouth. I felt so bad for Kelly in the opening inteview of her announcement that she was parting ways with the adult industry. She was clearly emotional. There’s a lot of completely original great content on Klaymour.XXX as well as scenes from major website performances. Kelly, if you’re reading this, thank you for all of your incredible work. You’re an absolute doll and a phenomenal young lady.