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Before her scorching hot solo and hardcore performances on Shemale Yum, Amira Garcia made her Femout.XXX debut on October 16, 2016 and follow-up set on November 11th. She made her Shemale Yum debut on January 31, 2016 and I raved about Amira’s April 9th scene shot by Radius Dark here. Photographer Omar Wax does the honors this time around for her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi who did and exclusive TS Dreamland interview with PornOCD. In the new Shemale Yum update, Soldier Boi is frustrated with the 5’6″ midwestern beauty of Peruvian decent who’s twerking in the backroom when she’s supposed to be shaking her fine ass on the dance floor for his customers. Amira is frustrated too but it’s because she’s horny. She gives Soldier Boi a lap dance that takes his mind off business and he follows her to his private room. Following some torrid rimming and cock sucking, one of the highlights of this scene is Amira riding Soldier Boi’s prick in the reverse cowgirl position. Beads of pre-cum ooze out of Amira’s erection as her petite, lovely frame gets powerfully railed.

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Award-winning photographer Radius Dark encourages his gorgeous model to move into the room with the bright lights and to get up on that big bed in “Amira Garcia Strokes Her Big Hard Cock!” and she does just that. This is her Shemale Yum encore performance. It’s magnificent and so is Mr. Dark’s ability to get Amira to talk about herself. This way you get to learn what turns Amira on the most sexually. I’ve lost count of how many times she says “daddy” and “papi” so I imagine if you’re a lucky guy, you’ll hear that a lot coming from her. Amira says she gets the most compliments on her booty and her legs. When Amira says she hopes you like cocktails, she doesn’t mean alcohol. She’s referring to that lovely protrusion peeking out of her pink panties. You’ll see how horny this petite Peruvian is when she sits up on the bed with her dick expanding in girth and length before your very eyes. All this sexy talk is making it grow, but Dark asks her to display more of her “fun box” and she eagerly complies. Amira also exposes her pretty hormone boobs and lies back to masturbate But she needs to get more comfortable and pulls off her black booties. If you have a weakness for small, high-arched feet, you might lose it before Amira gets her panties all the way off. Mr. Dark zooms in for some great close-up footage of his subject and there are subtitles to describe Amira’s original preferred method of masturbation. I’ve seen Amira come this way before on another great site. I also love seeing her doing it again for Shemale Yum. After Amira’s climax, she tells us why she loves making herself cum this way.

Amira Garcia

Gorgeous Peruvian Amira Garcia walks over to a folding chair outdoors in a scorching hot Shemale Strokers video and takes a seat. She’s wearing a black dress and matching booties. When she parts her thighs, Amira reveals that she’s wearing pink panties beneath her dress. She flips her hair, crosses and uncrosses her legs and sits up on the chair to present you with a rear view. Her ass is incredible and her panties are like dental floss. She tells us that she’s 23 years old and a Seattle, Washington native once she’s captured and held your interest. She likes long walks on the beach, hot guys with muscles, tattoos and hard cocks. Amira is not shy and just modeling for a few moments and mentioning what she likes causes a wet spot to form in her undies at the head of her cock. When she withdraws it, she’s not fully erect yet. It gets harder after she gives you a rather explicit outdoor ass show. Amira barely touches her dick while moving around gracefully, yet she soon develops a full erection. Next thing you know, you’re in her bedroom. “Would you like to be with me, Daddy?” she asks wearing the same panties, but this time with a matching nightie as she crawls upon the bed. Then she begins her striptease with some dance music playing in the background. As Amira sheds more clothing, her poses cater mostly to admirers of perky hormone breasts, ass men, leg lovers and foot fetishists. About three quarters into the scene, it’s obvious that Amira wants you to pay close attention to her rock hard cock. When she’s not stroking it, primarily with her left hand, it points almost straight up toward the ceiling at times. Amira employs what most people would consider an unconvential method of achieving orgasm. Then a clear load of cum coats her flat tummy. There’s a slow motion instant replay of the cum spurting out Amira’s powerful pecker. There’s no goodbye in this exclusive Shemale Strokers video, just the intense post-orgasmic look on Amira’s beautiful face before the scene fades to black.