TGirls.Porn: Allysa Étaín & Janelle Fennec

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Radius Dark often presents brief interviews with his models, but that’s usually done when there is just one stunning babe on the set. In this case where we have two, he shows them getting it on immediately by engaging in a passionate French kiss. Brunette Allysa Étaín and blonde Janelle Fennec are not strangers to the TGirls.Porn sister sites. Allysa debuted on Buddy Wood’s, Femout.XXX and Janelle got her start on TGirls.XXX and first appeared on TGirls.Porn in a killer hardcore shoot with stunning Lianna Lawson.

Allysa and Janelle are a beautiful study in contrasts yet the chemistry between them is very strong. It’s hard to tell who will take the lead, but Allysa begins with the eventually mutual breast admiration. Allysa removes Janelle’s tall sandals and a brief bare foot fetish sequence is presented.

Janelle is first to get a mouthful of cock. Allysa returns the favor of giving head to produce a throbbing erection from Janelle. A 69 ensues in various angles including POV and then there’s a lusty cock rubbing session with more kissing! With both girls sporting raging hardons, it’s hard to tell who is going to be fucking who.

I’ll leave it for you to see who gets railed in the missionary position, doggy style, in the reverse cowgirl position with her tits jiggling and cock bouncing. There’s a lot of cum at the end of this TGirls.Porn instant classic. Somebody gets her spent cock sucked one last time before the final passionate kiss.

Sexy Tall Allysa Etain Gets Hard!

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“Allysa Etain is a sexy tall girl with hormone tits and a superb bubble butt!,” said producer Buddy Wood about his sensational new model. “I was glad she wanted to try out the Casting Couch and was not disappointed!” he added. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Allysa and I just had to see her debut because of that. When she enters the living room and takes a seat, she says she currently lives in San Diego, California but she’s originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She seems anxious to get past the opening interview process. In other words, Allysa looks as horny as she is hot to look at. She rises from the couch and begins to remove her top to reveal the most gorgeous set of breasts and a slim torso. Then she steps out of her shoes to help get out of her denim shorts. Allysa has cute feet, curvy legs and a really nice butt that’s left in skimpy animal print panties. She’s about to lower her undies until Buudy stops her. Damn! Well, that’s okay because he directs Allysa to turn around and when she does, the sight of her bottom is lovely! She lowers the garment to her butt cheeks and then gives us a front view. Then she begins playing with her cock while her panties ride down to mid-thigh. A moment late, Alyssa is standing before us completely naked. The brief moments of horniness that she flashed in the beginning are more frequent when she takes a seat and spreads her legs open widely to masturbate. I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied with the positions Mr. Wood encourages Alyssa to arrange her exquisite form into. Wait until you see her from behind bending over while pushing her cock back between her thighs! Her cock is raging hard soon and she gets a bit of help with relieving the tension just after the midway point. Then the second half of this torrid update becomes even hotter than the first half!