Freija Ase, Alexandra Vexx & Cassie Woods

Loyal TGirls.Porn fans will remember only too fondly the antics which Freija Ase and Alexandra Vexx indulged in when they last featured on the site together way back in January 2016. Now we’re seeing the lovely Cassie Woods get into the mix!

Cassie: “Freija and I were talking to each other about how Alexandra is constantly teasing me and how I’m owed an apology. Alexandra is pissed about this! She doesn’t want to apologize for anything, but she reluctantly gives a half-hearted “sorry” which frankly isn’t accepted! Freija and I take it upon ourselves to get the apology we want, pushing Alexandra to the bed and taking turns having our way with her!”

Alexandra: “I am not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous to shoot this scene because I normally don’t bottom. On top of that Cassy and my wife left me completely out of the picture on what they had planned for the scene. I had a good laugh when they made me “apologize” to Cassie because I kept being a little mean to her and had been teasing her for a long time. Whelp! Guess I deserved it! It was hella fun though! And I’m sure it turned out great. Omar was cool as usual.”

Freija: “Making Alexandra play the role of the submissive little kitten, and topping her with our friend Cassie was a blast, and totally HOT! Just watching Alexandra take Cassie’s big cock inside of her as she moaned and whimpered had me quivering throughout. This was one of those great instances of art imitating real life, and I’m really excited for everyone to see it.”

It’s easy as pie for me to decide what I love most about this threesome. Cassie is treated like an equal partner when this could easily have become the Freija and Alexandra Show with Special Guest Cassie. If you’ve ever been involved in a threesome before, especially with a real life couple, you know how you could be made to feel like you’re just the third wheel.

I don’t know if it was the girls who strove to achieve this balance or it was also producer Omar Wax who desired it but it’s crystal clear that this was a goal. It’s a brilliantly achieved goal! Without giving away too much about the action, you’ve got to hand it to Alexandra for going out of her comfort zone, Freija for being so cool with it and to Cassie for her amazing performance as a top. Cassie is also incredible on

The 33.3% balance of each girl being satisfied equally and doing their part is what drives this TGirls.Porn update. Another must see on TGirls Porn is the torrid Cassie Woods and Trixxy Von Tease photo and video set! Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOD Interview with Freija Asa and the PornOCD Interview with Alexandra Vexx.

TGirls.Porn Alexandra Vexx & Sasha Hail

Sample Photo Gallery

After watching the 2:45 minute trailer with Alexandra Vexx and Sasha Hail in the new TGirls.Porn update, I just had to download the full-length video on this Transgender Film Festival 2016 Best Membership Clips Website” winner. Alexandra is just about to start fucking Sasha Hail and I’ve never seen this gorgeous Irish newcomer getting railed before. The TS Dreamland exclusive PornOCD Interview with Alexandra Vexx informed me of how great she is as a top. What I like most about the beinning of this scene is the way Alexandra suddenly pushes Sasha on the bed after their sweet kiss ends. This would be unexpected if I hadn’t seen Alexandra in action before. Apparently she doesn’t like things to get too mushy. It’s so sweet when she says that Sasha is so pretty and Sasha replies, “Not as pretty as you.” But I like it even better when Alexandra tells her to shut her mouth. I don’t know if Sasha is more aroused by Alexandra rubbing her foot across her panty bulge or the rough way she’s being handled. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two because when Alexandra pulls Sasha’s panties down, her large uncut cock is already almost as hard as it can possibly get! Both girls are circumsized and stiff uncut cocks always mesmerize me. So does Alexandra’s magnificent cock sucking skill. Sasha’s talent at giving head is great too and the frottage footage is extra special. Watching these two big veiny dicks rubbing against each other with oozong pre-cum is everything. Actually, everything to me is the fucking footage that ends in the most complimentary way Sasha could have made it even if she hadn’t said anything. Check out the video preview on TGirls.Porn of this tremendous hardcore scene shot by Kalin in London to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Wait until you see what happens in the photo gallery, too!

Watch The Trailer on TGirls.Porn

Sinful Sister Alexandra Vexx

Sample Photo Set

It’s time to atone and suffer the penalty for your sins. Alexandra Vexx is going to administer your punishment. This is her 7th solo performance (her hardcore scenes brings that to a total of 9 movies) on UK-TGirls. If watching her strip out of her habit is wrong, you won’t wanna be right. While revealing more and more of the body she trains daily, the dominant nun asks if you want to be frisky take a look. She’s about to lower her panties. Sister Alexandra gives you a peek at her un-cut cock which is beginning to stiffen. She takes a seat to remove her panties and lays back to jack off and give her naughty ass a hard spank. Sister Alexandra’s cock head is flushed bluish-purple while she strokes her raging hard shaft. This horny nun is a grower. In other words, if you’ve seen her for the first time flaccid, you might never guess that her dick would expand to such large proportions. Yet somehow, Alexandra manages to make her organ point up towards the ceiling in this video. When she turns around to present her bare, curvy ass, you might lose your nut before this scene ends. But if you can hold out, watch the nun fuck herself with a big black dildo. I don’t want to tell you too much more because I want you to stream or download this video and grab the full photo set shot by Kalin. At the end of this taboo UK-TGirls video, Alexandra orders you not to forget to go to church on Sunday. If you can’t manage to behave yourself, don’t worry about it. Obviously, I didn’t either. There are also three explosive hardcore scenes featuring Alexandra Vexx on TGirls.Porn.

TGirls.Porn Launches!

Judging from the feedback I get about transbian sex, there is rarely ever any middle ground. Either it doesn’t do much for someone or it drives porn fans absolutely mad with lust. Since I love it and I’ve seen all of the TGirls.Porn scenes and photo sets already, I can assure you that this is the best of the best 100% #GroobyGirls hardcore content filmed by US photographers Radius Dark and Omar Wax and Kalin of the UK. That’s just with the big launch and these guys are some of the best in the industry. Some of the exquisite models on TGirls.Porn so far include German Alexandra Vexx, Alicia Snow of Southampton, UK, Maisie Le Fay of Sheffield, Taryn Elizabeth of Colorado, Natalie Mars of Little Rock, Arkansas, Treasure Barbie of Sacramento, CA, the hostess of of West Palm Beach, Florida, Chryssie Steele of Vancouver, Sasha Skyes of Sacramento, Emy Amethyst of Seattle, WA. New Orleans, LA native Athena Addams of, Kaylee Kuddlez of Raleigh, NC. Cherry Mavrik and Sabina Sinn are both from Seattle. This is a mix of all relatively new performers, veteran bombshells and stunning comeback performers. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the fantastic new TGirls.Porn website from me in the very near future.

UK TGirls Alexandra Vexx & Alicia Snow

Alexandra Vexx of Cologne, Germany is the Mistress in black PVC who tells Alicia Snow from Southampton, England in white that she has a surprise for her. It’s a collar and innocent Alicia doesn’t know what it’s for. Alexandra leads her with the leash to the bed and forces her down on her back. Passionate kissing leads to Alicia’s cock getting stiff and flushed red. Alexandra develops an erection as well and after she’s given Alicia a brief sucking, the submissive attends to her cock in return. Both girls are seriously hung as you can see in the sample photo gallery. The BDSM element is 100% real and Alicia performs like the perfect sub girl who’s only desire is to please. Alexandra is a forceful, yet loving Domme who makes Alicia do things that would make most experienced old guard D/s aficionados proud. Their faces are pretty to look at and their slender bodies are to die for. It looks to me as if Alicia got the fucking of a lifetime. I love the 25:30 minute length of this video. This hardcore video has all the real dynamics of some the best BDSM videos I’ve ever seen. This is my favorite niche, so you can trust me on that. Watch or download this instant classic on UK TGirls.

Alexandra Vexx on UK TGirls

When 23 year old Alexandra Vexx of Cologne, Germany, introduced herself and got straight to down to business in her UK TGirls debut, my first impression was that she’s got a seriously pretty face and a figure that’s obviously well-exercised. She was wearing a collar and if you read the profile on her sample photo gallery, you’ll get some idea of how much of a kinkster she is. The video was shot in the kitchen, but I’m thinking a dungeon setting in the future would also be incredible. Alexandra has great hormone breasts capped by pronounced pink nipples and when she’s masturbating while standing, a turgid erection developed. The head of her cock is blue-ish pink when it’s swollen. I noticed that she bruises pretty easily when she slapped her sexy ass begans pumping a purple sexy toy in and out of it a few moments later. One minute she was standing with the dildo firmly embedded, and then she was on the floor, fucking herself with it again. In her follow-up video, Alexandra is in the living area of the same place. Her top comes off quickly and she gives us a glimpse of her lovely hormone breasts, hides them and exposes them again. She does a little bare foot modeling and peels her tight jeans off next. An incredibly shapely ass rests above her long legs encased in footless leggings. Her g-string and panties come off next and Alexandra begins stroking her beautiful uncut cock. You’ll hear the buzzing of her black vibrator when she begins fucking herself with it. Then she rubs her cockhead with the blunt end of a magic wand vibe before jacking her erection again. Then she gives us a gaping view of her hot spot. Alexandra’s legs go on forever and I think she’s probably driven several foot lovers bananas. Also, when she gets into masturbating she gets the right kind of sex look. It’s not the kind that says, “Look at how sexy I am,” but the one that tells you she really enjoys what she’s doing. This hardcore metal fans favorite bands are: Lamb of God, Eskimo Callboy and Heaven Shall Burn, to name a few. “Liebe Gruesse aus dem Vaterland,” (Greetings from the Fatherland) says gorgeous Alexandra Vexx on UK TGirls.