Adele Starr on UK TGirls

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I thought the only UK entertainment I’d be watching on Sunday night would be one of the final episodes of Downton Abbey, but a highly-anticipated photo and video by Kalin of London has just been released on UK TGirls. It’s the debut of Adele Starr from Birmingham, England. She’s been on HRT for over a year and has three piercings (ears, tongue and tummy) with no tattoos. Her favorite sex positions are; cowgirl, doggy and missionary. She’s versatile with males, genetic females and other trans girls and she has a few kinks and fetishes here and there (a girl after my own heart). Adele looks stunning while masturbating topless with her garterbelt, stockings and black pumps on. I couldn’t help noticing that she’s a lefty like me while she was stroking her stiff, uncut cock. Adele does some finger banging while beating off. Within 13 minutes of her debut, she’s penetrating herself with a purple sex toy fashioned after anal beads. Her ass looks irresistable and virtually flawless, especially when she’s bent over on the chair, fucking herself with the toy. Adele’s trim waist accentuates her curves to perfection and her soft, sexy voice is an additional turn on in her first video performance you can stream or download on UK TGirls.