Grooby Girls: Addi Fucks Herself And Cums!

The description of this update reads: Addi is back! She has been one of our hottest models for some time already and we are always excited to have her back! Ever since she made her debut on Femout.XXX back in 2016, her progress to the superstar status was amazing!

This Monday, she returns in front of Omar’s camera to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series! She brought her huge dildo with her and she is ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice hard fucking! Watch her playing with her toy and stroking her cock until she cums just for you! Addi is stunning!

Addi is blazing hot in her 8th performance. Addi has been one of the most prolific live trans performers on my favorite webcam site this year. It’s hard to say which way to enjoy her better is, but she’s incredible outside of the major studio arena on!

But back to this Omar Wax shoot, Addi enters the bedroom dressed like an erotic version of a princess. She sits down on the bed and caresses her breasts and rubs her center through her outfit. Addi introduces herself and presents her perfectly rounded ass before standing up on the mattress.

Addi continues to move through a series of tantalizing positions. She then exposes and wiggles her cock, having you consider seeing it wiggle around while you’re fucking her. Or perhaps you’d like sucking on it until it gets hard instead. She turns around, bends over and shows you exactly what her flexing rosebud would look like before you invade it.

She wears a white strapless brassiere beneath her corset. But it comes off fast and her lovely breasts and nipples are completely bared. She then finds a plastic phallus and smacks her fine ass with it. Addi makes her love button flex again and then she begins fucking it after rendering herself completely nude!

Do not have a foot fetish if you expect to get through this entire update without shooting your load. Addi fucks the dildo with her soft soles. It’s also not going to be easy when she fucks herself with the huge toy in this exquisite update!

Addi Is Beautiful!

I like the following description of Addi so much, I’m not changing a word: Ever since she graduated from Femout, gorgeous Addi continues to amazes us by dropping one hot scene after another and looking more and more beautiful! This has it all: a pretty face, an amazing body, long legs and long blonde hair… She’s perfect! Omar brings her back once again for you. She arrived dressed casually as a girl next door and we don’t even have to mention that she looked beautiful! Watch her as she strips down and starts showing off her perfect body and her sexy ass! Perfect set-up.

Addi reintroduce herself and asks the rhetorical yet enticing question as to if you’re ready to see her take off her clothes and play with herself again. She pulls together the cutest outdoorsy look with her little hat, boots and flannel because that’s the type of lifestyle she leads. Her striptease is so tortuously teasing. That’s a good thing though because she gives us plenty of time to get aroused to a fever pitch.

With this beautiful face and hot body, I’m always reading descriptions of The-Girl-Next-Door. That came with her debut and encore scenes on Femout.XXX. I see that also but damn. These fans must live in some wonderful neighborhoods! Addi is still wearing her form-fitting tube top when she gives us a peek at her ding-a-ling adding, “You’ll have to wait to see the rest.” Then she flashes her healthy lifestyle firm butt. Her black panties are still on and I told you this was tortuous!

If you think that’s bad, wait until she’s rocking while bent over on the chair with her curvy bottom facing you. Eventually her sports bra and panties come off. I’ve never seen a hotter model on before and it’s been online for what…20 years? Addi’s next butt show involves a deep finger banging and the winking of her tender rosebud to show you what it would feel like squeezing your stiff cock.

If you think you can handle seeing Addi in LIVE solo and hardcore action, register free on my favorite webcam site and head on over to!

Addi Eve on Chaturbate

Chaturbate: addibabeee

When I saw 22 year old Addi Eve on Chaturbate the other night, I immediately remembered where I’d last seen her. Omar Wax presented her debut and followup sets on Femout.XXX in January and February of 2016. “I’m Addi, MTF transgender recently coming out to the world, I told my parents and friends. I love feel feminine it is relaxing. im currently 22 in the south and struggling with trying to make to commitment to be a full-time girl,” reads her profile. On Tumblr, Addi recently stated, “I don’t even know when the transition began but I started hrt in march and I haven’t lost a single friend yet , I just told more friends n these days I have a small tight knit circle full of awesome ppl from 6-60 years old (6 y.o. is my nephew my niece is 11) , but what I realized tonight is to just take my time… I have nothing to prove to anyone and what ever happens happens. Also I wanna take time with my transition and just keep being me… like no denying I’m transgender but I’m still awesome so that’s all that matters. 🙂 even tho I didn’t get to start when I was 17 I still feel like I’m back in high school and I am so thankful for everyone, like I can’t stress enough how thankful I am fot every one showing love and support, I don’t take it for granted. And she’s killing it on She looks hotter than ever with longer hair and more confidence than I remember from her major studio debut. To be more specific, I didn’t know she had such a sweet, high-pitched voice until I heard it on Chaturbate in Thursday and Friday night. She looks gorgeous in a lime green bra and knee socks and in Calvins with little else on. Addi masturbates with a pleasant pretty smile on her face, moving all over her bed that I think you’ll crave joining her in. Last night, although Addi’s cock was hard enough to cut diamonds with, she was having just a bit of trouble cumming. So she played some porn on her Android and showed us what she was fapping to, a world famous mixed-race porn and mainstream trans star with a huge dick getting railed by a hot Italian stud. Addi was wearing just a chocker and a bracelet with a big dildo embedded in her phenomenal ass. She got all worked and blasted big jets of creamy white cum shortly after. That’s addibabeee on Chaturbate and don’t forget about her stupendous Femout.XXX performances.

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