PornOCD Interview with Isabella Sorrenti

February 9, 2016


This interview was conducted during the second month of the adult industry career of Isabella Sorrenti. With her style that recalls the original Hollywood glamour girls and her stunning mix of Mediterranean heritage, I think Isabella Sorrenti is going to be a big star” no matter what language you say it in, “elle va être une grande star” (French), “lei sta per essere una grande star” (Italian), “aftí prókeitai na eínai éna megálo astéri” (Greek), or “ella va a ser una gran estrella” (Spanish).

PornOCD: Almost one month into 2016, how has the year started for you?

Isabella: My year has started off strong, but I plan on building momentum to give myself a strong finish. I’m an optimist, so I like to keep all my positive energies around in order to cancel out the negative!

PornOCD: So let’s start at the very beginning. Where did you grow up?

Isabella: I was born in Florence, Italy and came to the US when I was four years old. I grew up in a small town called Kearney, which is in Northwestern Missouri. We had about fifty acres of land and horses. I loved it and I would eventually like to live in a similar environment. Some of my best memories were at the farm.

PornOCD: So let me check. You have Italian, Greek, Spanish and French descent. How do all these Mediterranean influences make you the person you are?

Isabella: Yes that’s correct. I wouldn’t necessarily say that these ethnicities make up who I am as an individual. They may be a part of who I am and what my genetic makeup is, but I’m simply just “me”. Extroverted, sassy, kinky, sweetheart, adventurer and a good friend.

PornOCD: Do you speak all these languages?

Isabella: I speak Spanish, a little bit of French and some Italian. For the most part I’ve always spoken English as my first language. However, I do know American Sign Language.

PornOCD: The Mediterranean area is famous for its hot loving and even hotter tempers. Do you tick those two boxes? lol

Isabella: I definitely don’t like the hot weather lol. Definitely not my cup of tea. I honestly avoid the sun as much as I can to keep my porcelain colored skin.

PornOCD: So what was your first plan for your life and career?

Isabella: I was originally going to be a doctor, but when I started the hormones, I wasn’t able to tolerate blood and other things. I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I did take the MCATs and scored well, but after that, I didn’t want to go to med school. My main goal for my life is to become a bombshell supermodel and a famous pornstar. I’d also like to have my own vegan makeup line.

PornOCD: When did you feel you wanted to live as TS?

Isabella: I was about 4-5 years old and although I didn’t know that term, I was still comfortable in women’s clothing and makeup. My mom was actually the one who used to play dress up and again, I just felt comfortable. I continued dressing low-key until I joined the Marines, which is when I tried shutting out that side of me, but it didn’t work out all that well.

PornOCD: At what point did your eyes and mind switch itself onto pornography?

Isabella: Right after my birthday last month, I felt that my life was going nowhere and I made a promise to myself I’d begin my modeling and porn career at the end of December. And I always accomplish my goals. I’m very determined and dedicated.

PornOCD: Who was your role model growing up?

Isabella: I never really had a role model growing up. I kind of had to find the answers in life on my own.

PornOCD: How did your friends and family take your decision firstly to live as a TS then make career in porn?

Isabella: I don’t keep in touch with my family. We have issues with each other. That requires a very long and complex explanation. Maybe another time. 🙂 I lost 50% of my friends, but I gained a lot more. My best friend Kenisha is a big influence in my life. I love her so much and without her I’d be lost.

PornOCD: So how did your very first big break in porn come about?

Isabella: I was looking at some forums for some time and they kind of guided me in the right direction regarding where I should start off. It happened through Grooby productions. All the staff has been amazing.

PornOCD: So on the morning of your very first scene, how did you feel?

Isabella: I was nervous and a bit excited. I just didn’t know what to expect. It was supposed to be two solos, but one of those solos ended up being a POV which I was okay with. It was a really good experience that’s forsure. My video for one of my first shoots is on Shemale.XXX.

Photo Gallery provided by Shemale.XXX

PornOCD: So in December 2015 your career started. So what’s the goal? Have you set any objectives for the future?

Isabella: I’m gonna win something at the AVNs in 2017 and some TEA awards. I definitely wanna get my name out there. I wanna be known as one of America’s Sweethearts. I’m a country girl at heart and always will be.

PornOCD: I only just recently started following you on Twitter. How important do you find Twitter to your career?

Isabella: I feel that my Twitter @isabellasorrnti should always be current so my fans have an idea of what my daily life is like. I love all the support my fans give me. Love you all! Muah!

PornOCD: So you took a trip into the Sin City desert for the AVN awards. It seems you had amazing time. How much fun was it?

Isabella: Yes, I had a blast. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉 I’ll leave it up to the imagination of yourself and everyone else.

PornOCD: Did you get star struck meeting anyone at AVN?

Isabella: Not really. I see everyone as equals. It’s just refreshing to know they were chill. I really wanted to get a picture with Ron Jeremy.

PornOCD: Who is on your porn bucket list to work with?

Isabella: Trixxy Von Tease, Aubrey Kate, Kylie Maria, Venus Lux

PornOCD: Who is your dream one night stand?

Isabella: Bradjolina because I heard they’re into the whole threesome endeavor 😉

PornOCD: What music is currently playing on your iPod or in your car:

Isabella: Shades of Cool by Lana Del Rey.

PornOCD: What’s the very first thing you notice about a hot guy or girl?

Isabella: With guys, I notice their facial features. Strong prominent features are a turn on and also a monster cock. Girls are my favorite, so just anything curvy and fit. I love natural blondes and brunettes with colored eyes. If they’re class they have an in with me.

PornOCD: Do you have any great party tricks?

Isabella: I can twerk my bubble butt really good and make things disappear with my mouth.

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in top #ItalianBarbie condition?

Isabella: I’m vegan and planning on going raw vegan this year. I definitely do a lot of ballet and choreography. Definitely keeps me in shape. I’m planning on taking some pole dancing and aerial aerobic classes to get that Nicki Minaj booty.

PornOCD: What’s the very last thing you bought yourself as a treat?

Isabella: I bought a vegan cheesecake over in West Hollywood. I forget the name of the place.

PornOCD: If you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead, who would they be and why?

Isabella: That’s a tough one. I’d probably want to have dinner with Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. I guess I really look up to those icons and would love to gain their knowledge about how they became successful.

PornOCD: For those reading about you for the first time, describe yourself in five words.

Isabella: Catty, Sensual, Classy, Floral and Sweetheart

PornOCD: Let’s come up with a #HashTag name for your fans.

Isabella: For my fans #sorrentinos and for me #italianbarbie

PornOCD: Finally, what work can we look forward to seeing you in near future:

Isabella: You’re definitely going to see a lot of me everywhere. I’ve made a lot of connects and there will be plenty of upcoming shoots in the near future.

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